Friday, October 18, 2019

Sun Transit In Libra, These 5 Signs Must Remain Prepared!

With the Sun transiting in Libra, these five signs must remain alert! Read about the planetary transit of Sun in Libra on 18 October and its effects.

What will happen in 2023 astrology

Planet Sun in Astrology

The Sun represents energy, light, and passion, and is considered the best among all Navagrahas. It leads the nine planets and emits life and light. If it is strongly posited in one’s kundli, then it makes the native royal, filled with regal skills. It also develops leadership and administrative qualities within the individual. Natives under the positive influence of the Sun are idolized, and respected by society. In Vedic Astrology, Sun rules the Leo sign. Therefore, its effect is clearly visible on the Leo natives.

The Sun stays in a zodiac sign for a month, i.e. it moves from one sign to another in one month. Aries is its exalted sign, whereas it debilitates in the Libra sign. This means that the planet Sun will enter its debilitated sign Libra during this transit, and hence, become weak. 

Duration Of Transit

Sun makes its transit from Virgo to Libra on 18 October 2019, Friday at 00:41 and will remain put until 00:30 on 17 November 2019, Sunday in the same sign. This planetary movement will affect all zodiac signs differently. Let’s know its impact.


Sun is transiting in the seventh house of your Kundali. This house is the significator of marriage as well. As a result, there may occur some problems in your married life. It may affect your family life in a negative way as well, and you may get into some kind of verbal fight with your.….Read More


Sun is transiting in the sixth house of your kundali. According to the Kaal Purush Kundali, this house is ruled by Virgo zodiac sign, and signifies enemies, health issues and legal battles, etc. This transit is likely to garner you good results. During this time, you will remain focused….Read More


During this transit, the Sun will be posited in the fifth house of your kundali. On the basis of Vedic astrology, this house is the significator of child, education, and knowledge. The transit of the Sun will be beneficial for employed people. You may get a promotion if…...Read More


Your fourth house will get active when the Sun transits in Libra. The fourth house of the kundali is the significator of happiness, mother, reputation in the society, and property. This transit may affect the health of your mother and lead you to depression, which will reflect…...Read More

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The transit of the Sun is taking place in the third house of your kundali. According to Kaal Purush Kundali, third house is the significator of courage, feat, strength and the relationship status with siblings and ruled by Gemini. During this period of transit, you will feel more energetic…..Read More


Transit of Sun in your second house may affect your speech. As a result, you may notice a harshness in your tone. Your way of talking may affect the relationship with your close buddies. This is why you are advised to think twice before you speak. You have to understand the fact …..Read More


Since Sun is transiting in this zodiac sign only, it will be posited in the first house or ascendant house of your kundali. According to the Kaal Purush Kundali, the first house of the kundali is ruled by Aries and represents nature, health and enlightenment. Sun transit may affect your…..Read More


For the natives of Scorpio, Sun is transiting into your twelfth house. The twelfth house of the kundali is the significator of expenditure, loss and salvation. Natives involved in some business may visit foreign countries or go for a long distance trip during this transit. If you…..Read More


Within this period, Sun is transiting into the eleventh house of your kundali. The Eleventh house is also known as the house of benefit and is the significator of great success in life, elder siblings etc. The Sun transit into this house is likely to be beneficial for you. At the workplace…..Read More


For the natives of Capricorn, Sun is transiting into the tenth house of their kundali. According to the Kal Purush Kundali, the tenth house is governed by Cancer zodiac sign. Apart from this, it is the significator of karma and indicates your relationship with your father and status…..Read More


Transit of the Sun is taking place into the Ninth house of your kundali. Sagittarius zodiac sign is the ruling lord of this house, and depicts your luck, a long distance journey and your preceptor or Guru. Your father may face some health issues during this period of transit. Along with it, you…..Read More


Sun is transiting to the eighth house of your kundali. This house is the significator of age and indicates ups and downs along with the sudden happenings of life. You may deviate from your path during the period of transit and as a result, face problems in achieving the goals. In the…..Read More

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Karwa Chauth 2019: Know Moonrise Timing & Puja Muhurat

Karwa Chauth in 2019 marks a special occasion for married couples! Know when this day will be observed and what is the significance of Sargi on this day.

In Hinduism, numerous fasts and festivals are observed and celebrated respectively. Karwa Chauth is a special day for married women who fast the whole day for the longevity of their husbands and to attain a blissful marital life. It is observed on the Chaturthi during Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik. This festival is prominently celebrated in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh etc. Women fast throughout the day, listen to the Katha, see the Moon through the sieve and then consume light food and water from the hands of their husbands.

Know When The Moon Will Rise: Moon Rise Calculator

Karwa Chauth Puja Muhurat

Karva Chauth Muhurat
Karwa Chauth Puja Muhurat17:50:03 to 18:58:47
Duration1 Hour 8 Minute
Karva Chauth Moonrise Time20:15:59

Note: This time duration is applicable for New Delhi. Click here to know yours.

Importance of Karva Chauth

The word Karwa Chauth is made up of two words, 'Karwa' i.e. 'earthenware' and 'Chauth' i.e. 'Chaturthi'. Earthenware, i.e Karve, is considered to be of special importance on this festival. All married women wait for this festival throughout the year and fulfill all the rituals with great reverence. The festival of Karva Chauth symbolizes strong relationship, love and trust between the husband and wife.

Importance of Henna or Mehandi

Henna or Mehandi is considered to be a sign of good luck. In India, there is a belief that the dark color acquired after applying Henna on the hands symbolizes more love from her husband/lover and in-laws. Another belief is that a dark-colored Mehndi represents longevity and good health of the husband. Mehandi is a part of the eternal “Shringaar” of a woman, and enhances the beauty and charm of a girl/woman. 

Offering Arghya To The Moon

When the Moon appears in the sky, all married women who have observed the fast come out to the open area/terrace to perform the ritual. They worship the Moon by lighting the Diya and offering the Arghya through the Karwa. Then, they look at the Moon first through a sieve and then at their husbands’ faces. Then the husbands feed them some sweets or Matthi and water. 

In this way, they open their fast and promise to support their husbands at every turn of life. Along with it, Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Lord Kartikeya are also worshiped along with the Moon. It is believed that worshipping them helps to attain the blessings of Goddess Parvati and bring all kinds of happiness in life.

Rules To Follow During Karva Chauth 

  • Lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati must be venerated before moonrise.
  • The woman who is observing the fast must wake up before sunrise, take a bath and eat something which can help them sustain throughout the day.
  • The idols of the deities must be kept facing the West, and the person who is performing the rituals must face the East.

Mantras To Chant During Karwa Chauth Puja

  • To venerate Maa Parvati: 'ॐ शिवायै नमः'/ 'oṃ śivāyai namaḥ
  • To venerate Lord Shiva: 'ॐ नमः शिवाय'/ 'oṃ namaḥ śivāya
  • To venerate Swami Kartikeya: 'ॐ षण्मुखाय नमः'/ 'oṃ ṣaṇmukhāya namaḥ
  • To venerate Lord Ganesha: 'ॐ गणेशाय नमः'/ 'oṃ gaṇeśāya namaḥ
  • To venerate the Moon: 'ॐ सोमाय नमः'/ 'oṃ somāya namaḥ

Happy Karwa Chauth To You All!

Monday, October 14, 2019

Weekly Horoscope 14-20 October 2019

Know natives of which zodiac sign will become lucky this week! Also, read about the progress you’ll make in your life, and how it will affect your life and its multiple aspects.

Click here to know about your Horoscope 2023 Predictions from our experts

Like every week, AstroSage has brought your horoscope for you this week. This horoscope has been created by our astrologers by observing the movements of planets and nakshatras. Along with this, you can also know about the important dates, festivals and planetary events taking place this week. Our main motive through this horoscope is to help you prepare for the future challenges and golden opportunities. In our weekly horoscope, you can know in detail about your family, health, marriage, career and love life.

So let's know in detail how this second week of October is going to be for the natives of 12 zodiac signs. But before that, let’s shed light on Share Market Predictions, Upcoming Celebrity Birthdays and Hindu Panchang.

This Week’s Hindu Panchang and Astrological Facts 

Hindu Panchang says that this week of October begins on the Pratipada tithi of the Krishna Paksha and will end on the Shashti tithi. Adding on to it, the planet Moon will make its transit through Pisces, Aries, Taurus and Gemini this week, whereas Sun will change its placement and enter Libra. Sankashti Chaturthi fast will also be observed on 17 October this week. People fasting on this day get rid of various troubles and obstacles in life. On October 18, Tula Sankranti is observed, as on this day, Sun transits from Virgo to Libra.

Planetary Transits This Week

This week, the planet Moon will transit from Pisces to Aries, Taurus and Gemini respectively. Besides this, Sun will also change its placement from one zodiac sign to another. The transit of Sun will take place in Libra from Virgo this week, which will majorly impact all the other signs. Sun is considered to be the significator of father, state-related work and leadership. Hence, those working in the government sector may face some changes. Along with it, your father may also observe some transformations in his life. 

Share Market Predictions

The third week of this month is indicating better situations for the Share Market, beginning from Monday, 14 October. The same will continue for Tuesday, 15 October and will progress with some rises and falls on Wednesday, 16 October 2019. However, Thursday, 17 October will bring some ups and downs in this field, which will persist until the next day, Friday, 18 October. This entire week, the shares of companies associated with Government, Energy, F.M.C.G., Technical, Real Estate, Steel, Chemicals, and Services Areas will boom with inflation. On the other hand, Sugar, Entertainment, Vehicles, and Investment fields will have to struggle with pressure. Simultaneously, businesses connected with Banking, Cement, and Pharmaceuticals will have mixed results.

Birthday Special

During this week of October, numerous prominent and well-known celebrities will be celebrating their birthdays. Below is a quick list of some names who we want to wish a very happy birthday! 

  • 16 October: Hema Malini, A Renowned Name in Indian Film Industry and Politics 
  • 17 October: Sanjay Kapoor, Famous Hindi Actor & Brother of Anil Kapoor
  • 18 October: Om Puri, A Celebrated Artist and Actor 
  • 19 October: Sunny Deol, A Screen-Breaking Actor, Director, Politician

Let's move ahead and read the weekly horoscope for the natives of all zodiac signs:

Predictions are based on the Moon Sign. To know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


Twelfth, first, second and third houses of Aries natives will be occupied by the son of sage Atri, Moon during the third week of October. While the planet remains posited in the house of expenditures, you may undertake a journey to fulfill the requirements at work. The motive behind.….Read More

Love Predictions

This week will prove to be average for matters related to love. Some conflicting situations may arise between lovebirds and it will create trouble in paradise. However, they can be resolved with…Read More


As the week begins, the presence of the luminary planet Moon will be noticed in your eleventh house. It will then move ahead to take nest in the twelfth, first and second house of your sign. As the Moon settles in the eleventh house, you may receive a promotion….Read More

Love Predictions

This week is expected to remain propitious for love related matters. Positions occupied by the planets will make you lucky in love. You will be able to spend some pleasant moments of life with your loved….Read More


In the third week of October, the son of sage Atri, the planet Moon will reside in the tenth, eleventh, twelfth and first house of Gemini natives. The week will begin on a slightly inactive note for you. While at the workstation, you may feel uneasy and also experience the dearth.….Read More

Love Predictions

For love related matters and relationships, this week will not prove to be quite propitious. Due to the prevalence of your own personal tensions, you will not be able to give sufficient time to your partner and.…..Read More


During the third week of October, the planet Moon will take residence in the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth houses of Cancer natives. The week’s beginning will be splendid for you as there are many good things in store for you. When the Moon enters your ninth house, you may take a…..Read More

Love Predictions

For love affairs, the mid days of October will prove to be excellent. You will be provided multiple opportunities to romance your beloved and plans may also be hatched to go on a trip with him/her. If such….Read More.

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Eighth, ninth, tenth and eleventh are houses of your Kundli, which will be occupied by the planet Moon during the time of this week. As the week commences, you will come across an unfavourable time. Talking about your financial life, this time period will prove to be somewhat burdensome.….Read More

Love Predictions

For matters related to love, this week may remain average. Certain mental tensions prevalent in your life may hamper your love life. You will be so preoccupied with your own issues that you will completely….Read More


While you set foot on the third week of October, you will witness the impacts of Chandrama’s transit in the seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth houses of your Kundli. The week’s induction will be splendid for the natives who are into business. This will happen as the Moon takes residence.….Read More

Love Predictions

This week will not prove to be much beneficial for love affairs. There are quite a few chances of disputes taking house in your relationship. Clashes occurring at your house may add negative contributions….Read More


The cardinal zodiac sign under the symbol of scales will host the transit of the Moon in its sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth house. The week will start on a heavy note for you as your expenditures are likely to remain on the higher side. Devise an appropriate budget to avoid any kind of financial..…Read More

Love Predictions

The third week of October 2019 will not prove to be much propitious for matters related to love affairs. Due to an increase in your personal ego, clashes may occur between you and your beloved….Read More


This week, Jupiter’s disciple or Chandra Dev will take position in your fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth house. The week’s beginning will be splendid as the significator of the mind, the Moon will contribute to your happiness. Prosperity in job as well as business is guaranteed. Success will….Read More

Love Predictions

Talking about love affairs, this week will bring mundane results for love affairs. Beloved may remain upset with you because of a certain reason. Plan a lunch or a movie date to convince….Read More


The luminary planet Moon will take house in your fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh house during the third week of October. The week may begin on an unhappy note for you as your mother’s health may remain unstable. Take proper care of her and seek the guidance…Read More

Love Predictions

The love lives of Sagittarius natives will remain jubilant during this week’s time. Chances are that your love life will hit the refresh button. There will be depth in your relationship and...Read More


The third, fourth, fifth and sixth house of your sign will be occupied by Lord Chandra during the third week of October 2019. As soon as the luminary planet steps into the third house of your sign, you may win opportunities to take a short distance trip. Although this.….Read More

Love Predictions

The third week of October 2019 will prove to be favorable for love related matters. You will get the necessary time to spend some peaceful moments of love and romance with your beloved. However, your partner….Read More


At the beginning of this week, the luminary planet will remain posited in the second house of Capricorn natives. However as the week progresses, it will take nest in the third, fourth, and fifth house of your sign. As the moon takes nest in your second house, you will remain under the influence.….Read More

Love Predictions

This week is expected to remain regular for love related matters. During this while, you should not force your partner to do anything as any such act on your part can corrupt your image. You can….Read More


During the third week of October, the transit of the Luminary planet will take place in your first, second, third and fourth house. The beginning of the week will be positive for you as the Moon makes its transit in the first or ascendant house of your sign. At this point of time, most of your…Read More

Love Predictions

For the natives who are in love, this week will not prove to be much profitable. Your involvement in the thoughts of self may create distance between you and your partner. Try to acknowledge the feelings.…Read More

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Sharad Purnima 2019 Date & Auspicious Muhurat

Fasting on Sharad Purnima blesses mothers and unmarried girls. Know the auspicious muhurat for Sharad Purnima 2019 and know its astrological importance.

Sharad Purnima holds great importance in Hinduism. It is believed that the rays of the Moon on the day of Sharad Purnima is considered therapeutic and beneficial for health. Every Poornima that falls every month is important, but it is believed that on the night of Sharad Purnima, the Moon exhibits 16 phases and its rays are said to be an equivalent to Nectar of Life. Along with that, the Moonlight on the night of Sharad Purnima seems brighter than usual.

Sharad Purnima Muhurat

Sharad Purnima in 2019
Purnima BeginsOn October 13, 2019 from 00:39
Purnima EndsOn October 14, 2019 till 02:40

Note: The above timings are mentioned as for New Delhi, India.

According to the Hindu Panchang, Sharad Purnima will fall on 13 October in the year 2019. Let us tell you that according to Hindu calendar, the month ends on the day of Purnima. It is said that on the night of Sharad Purnima, Lord Krishna created Maha-Raas, a confluence of love and dance in Vrindavan. This is the reason why people in the Braj region hails this Purnima as Ras Purnima. 

As per the astrologers, the Moon rays are said to be beneficial on the day of Sharad Purnima and capable of curing many diseases. On this day, people prepare Kheer or Sweetened Rice Pudding using cow milk and keep it under the moonlight. It is believed that keeping Kheer under the moonlight enhances its medicinal properties.

Sharad Purnima Fast & Puja Rituals

Fasting is also performed by the devotees on Sharad Purnima. Along with this, people following spiritualism also consider this day important and perform meditation. Hindu natives worship Mata Lakshmi and Moon on Sharad Purnima. Before worshiping Goddess Lakshmi, her image or idol is bathed with Gangajal and then installed on a platform covered by a red cloth. After this, the Goddess is worshiped by burning incense, lamps or diyas and offering flowers.

Worshiping Lord Vishnu along with Mata Laxmi is also considered auspicious on this day. Devotees should serve Kheer or Sweetened Rice Pudding to the Brahmins. If you are fasting, then see the Moon and offer it Arghya before opening your fast. Bathing in holy rivers on the day of Purnima is also considered auspicious.

Click here to know Sharad Purnima Fasting Rituals

Importance of Sharad Poornima

Although every Purnima that falls every month holds great significance, but Sharad Purnima is considered the most special of all. Fasting on this auspicious day is believed to be significant. It is believed that married women, who are not yet blessed with child or facing troubles regarding childbirth, must observe the fast to attain desired results. Adding to it, unmarried girls fasting on this day get blessed with a suitable groom. Moonlight falling on this day increases your spiritual and physical strength.

Valmiki Jayanti Celebrated On Sharad Purnima

Maharishi Valmiki, who composed the epic Ramayana, was born on the Purnima tithi in the month of Ashwin. Hence Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated every year on Sharad Purnima.

Friday, October 11, 2019

State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019: Maharashtra And Haryana

Surveying The Maharashtra And Haryana Assembly Elections 2019

The assembly elections in two states of India, Haryana and Maharashtra, have commenced from October 2019. According to the details released by the Election Commission, the people of Maharashtra and Haryana will vote for the 14th State Legislative Assembly on 21 October. The counting of votes will take place 3 days later, i.e., 24 October 2019. Come evening, everyone will know clearly which political party will come into power in these states and who will have to face defeat. 

According to Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora, the term of the 288-member Maharashtra assembly ends on 9 November, while that of the 90-member Haryana assembly will come to an end on 2 November. Therefore, the elections in both the states will be held on time.

In the 2014 Maharashtra Assembly elections, Congress suffered defeat and the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power with its ally Shiv Sena. As a result, Mr Devendra Fadnavis of the Bharatiya Janata Party became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra. This year, Congress has tied up with the Nationalist Congress Party or NCP, led by Sharad Pawar. However, it is worth noting that the ED has its eyes set on Sharad Pawar and the noose seems to be tightening as the day passes. 

Coming to Haryana, Bharatiya Janata Party had formed the government last time there as well and did its best in demarcating Congress and the Omprakash Chautala-led-INLD. Presently, Mr Manohar Lal Khattar of BJP is the Chief Minister of Haryana. The Akali Dal of Mr Parkash Singh Badal that supported BJP in the Punjab elections, has decided to contest on its own this time.

This time the Bharatiya Janata Party is ready as a strong contender in the Vidhan Sabha elections and the opposition seems to be divided into different camps. Even Aam Aadmi Party, led by Arvind Kejriwal has also mentioned about being a part of these elections. 

In such a scenario, the contest will be enthralling because on the one hand, BJP's credibility is at stake and it will try to grab all the seats. On the other is the question that will the divided opposition be able to pose a challenge to BJP by becoming united.

Keeping all these things in mind, we are attempting to find out which party will wear the crown of success in the upcoming assembly elections, and who will have to face defeat. We have taken the help of Vedic astrology to come to a conclusion, and based on the planetary movements and nakshatra, we have uncovered some interesting things, which we are discussing below.

Planetary Transits This October

Venus will make its transit through the zodiac sign Libra on 4 October, which is its own sign. The Sun will also enter the same sign, i.e., Libra on 18 October. Simultaneously, Mercury will remain posited in this sign from the beginning of the month, and will then move on to Scorpio on 23 October. Soon afterwards, Venus will also enter Scorpio on 28 October. 

Let us now use Vedic Astrology to analyze the kundalis of the main parties, BJP and Congress, and take a look at the influence of the planets on them:

Bharatiya Janata Party

BJP: (6-4-1980; 11:40:00; New Delhi)

BJP Natal Chart

Major Points:

  • The ascendant sign of BJP is Gemini, while its moon sign is Scorpio. 
  • The three major planets, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are all in retrograde motion.
  • In the third house of the kundali, i.e., in zodiac sign Leo, the planets Rahu, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are in conjunction.
  • The Shani Sadesati is coming to an end.
  • The lord of the ascendant, Mercury and Ketu are in conjunction in the ninth house. 

Planetary Positions During Elections 2019

During the State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019, BJP’s kundali will have:

  • Dasha of Moon-Mars-Moon till 9 October 2019.
  • After this, dasha of Moon-Rahu-Rahu will begin, and persist until 1 January 2020.

Planetary Transits During Elections 2019

During the State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019, BJP’s kundali will have:

  • Saturn will transit to the second house from the natal Moon.
  • Jupiter is already posited in the natal moon sign, and will move towards the second house. 
  • Rahu will transit to the eighth house from the natal Moon.
  • Mars will be posited in the eleventh house from the natal Moon and will exhibit its influence.

BJP’s Performance & Status in The State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019

At the time of assembly elections 2019 in Maharashtra and Haryana, when they are being held and counted, in the kundali of BJP the major period of Moon and sub-period of Rahu will prevail. Moon is in the Jyeshta nakshatra which is a Gandmool nakshatra. However, the Lord of the Ascendant is Mercury that is posited in the ninth house forming a Raj Yoga, and the Moon is posited in the nakshatra of that very planet Mercury, the Lord of the fourth house and the Ascendant. Rahu is posited in the Magha nakshatra, over which Ketu has lordship, and is forming the Raj Yoga once again, while posited in the ninth house. On the other hand, Rahu is getting influenced while posited with Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter. 

In such a situation, it can be said that this election can help BJP achieve success and come into power. Yet, while its ally Shiv Sena will support BJP openly on one hand; on the other, it can also keep certain demands in front of the latter which may cause some problems for BJP. Saturn transiting in the second house from the moon sign and Jupiter already posited there are creating conditions that indicate a return to power for the party, however, they still need to be cautious in certain situations. BJP, with the help of its allies may return to power, yet, there can be a drop in its vote percentage, and they may even lose some seats as compared to previous elections.


Congress: (02-01-1978; 11:59:00; New Delhi)

(Congress Natal Chart)

Major Points:

  • The ascendant sign of Congress is Pisces, while its moon sign is Virgo. 
  • The three major planets, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mars are all in retrograde motion.
  • A combust Venus is posited in the tenth house of Sagittarius, with the Sun.
  • Mars is posited in the fifth house of Cancer, which is its debilitated sign.
  • The conjunction of Rahu and Moon is in the seventh house.

Planetary Positions During Elections 2019

During the State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019, Congress’s kundali will have:

  • Major period of Jupiter, sub-period of Saturn, and sub-sub period of Venus, which will persist until 1 January 2020.

Planetary Transits During Elections 2019

During the State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019, Congress’s kundali will have:

  • Saturn will transit to the fourth house from the natal Moon, over the natal Sun and Venus.
  • Jupiter will transit from the third house from the natal moon sign, and will move towards the fourth house. 
  • Rahu will transit to the tenth house from the natal Moon, over the natal Jupiter.
  • Mars will be posited in the natal Moon sign and will exhibit its influence.

Congress’s Performance & Status in The State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019

During the Maharashtra and Haryana assembly elections, the Congress party will be going through the Major period of Jupiter, sub-period of Saturn, and sub-sub-period of Venus. Jupiter, lord of the ascendant and tenth house in the kundli, occupies the fourth house and is completely aspecting the tenth house. Simultaneously, Saturn the lord of the eleventh and twelfth houses, is posited in the sixth house; while Venus, the lord of the third and eighth houses, is occupying in the tenth house. Jupiter is in the nakshatra of Mars, which is the lord of the ninth house in the kundali and is posited in its exalted sign, in the fifth house.

On the other hand, Saturn is in the nakshatra of Ketu which is in the ascendant, while a combust Venus is posited in the nakshatra of Ketu as well. Due to the transit of Saturn in the fourth house from the natal sign, there is a possibility that Congress may reap some benefits of its manipulation policy. However, its chances of success in forming a government are unlikely. There may be some discord in the party, and some Congress leaders may even join another party. The way the Congress has tried to align with Sharad Pawar's NCP, they may benefit from it in certain ways, yet it seems more unlikely that they will come into power.

Devendra Fadnavis

Many challenges in the assembly elections 2019 may cause obstacles in the path of Devendra Fadnavis, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and the main contender of BJP-Shiv Sena. Coordinating with the Shiv Sena on the topic of sharing seats will be the first challenge for him. 

Devendra Fadnavis: (22-07-1970; 6:00; Nagpur)

Devendra Fadnavis Birth Chart

Major Points:

  • The ascendant sign of Devendra Fadnavis is Cancer, while its moon sign is Aquarius. 
  • Mars is posited in the ascendant, its debilitated sign, along with Sun and Mercury.
  • The conjunction of Venus and Ketu is in the second house.
  • Jupiter is posited in the fourth house.
  • The conjunction of the Moon and Rahu is in the eighth house.
  • Saturn is posited in the tenth house of Aries, which is its debilitated sign.

Planetary Positions During Elections 2019

During the State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019, Devendra Fadnavis’s kundali will have:

  • The Dasha of Mercury-Jupiter-Rahu, which will continue till 12 October.
  • After that, dasha of Mercury-Saturn-Saturn will begin, which will persist until 15 March 2020.

Planetary Transits During Elections 2019

During the State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019, Devendra Fadnavis’s kundali will have:

  • Saturn will be posited in the eleventh house from the natal Moon.
  • Jupiter will transit from the tenth house from the natal moon sign, and will move towards the eleventh house. 
  • Rahu will transit to the fifth house from the natal Moon.
  • Mars will be posited in the eighth house from the natal Moon sign.

Kundali Analysis For The State Legislative Assembly Elections 2019

In the kundali of Mr Devendra Fadnavis, during the assembly elections and when the result will be announced, the major period of Mercury, sub-period of Saturn, and sub-sub-period of Saturn will prevail. In his birth chart, Saturn is the lord of the seventh and eighth house, and is posited in the tenth house; while Mercury is the lord of the third and twelfth house, and is occupying the ascendant. The transits of Saturn and Jupiter from the natal moon sign, Aquarius are forming situations that are in his favor.

Devendra Fadnavis will have to make several efforts on a personal level and at the same time will have to make efforts so that his plans and schemes reach the public, effectively. Based on the planetary positions in his birth chart, it can be concluded that the upcoming times will be in his favor and he may be successful in continuing being in power. However, some problems will continue with the allies. In the coming time, when Saturn will transit in January, Shani Sadesati will begin for him. The Sadesati will bring him mental stress as well as some opponents, who may be associated with his allied parties. 

Manohar Lal Khattar: Short Analysis of Name Kundli 

Due to a lack of comprehensive birth details, we cannot discuss the birth chart of the present Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar. However, according to his name, the birth chart of zodiac sign Leo forms, where Saturn is transiting in the fifth house and Jupiter in the fourth house. It seems that a lot of people dislike him as Chief Minister, yet he will definitely get the benefit of having BJP in power in the Central Government and the state being close to the Central Government. Thus, there are good chances of him returning to power.


In addition to the aforementioned individuals and parties, we took a look at the other parties including the Aam Aadmi Party, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, and some other major parties and contenders. From all this data, it can be concluded that the present ruling party of Maharashtra and Haryana, the Bharatiya Janata Party may benefit from the fact that the opposition is not united and they may return to power. Despite that, they are still likely to lose some seats and there are also indications that they can come up short on some traditional seats as well. 

Chances are, there will be a decline in the vote percentage for BJP, however, in HAryana specially the impact of BJP in the Central Government will be apparent. Moreover, keeping their recent policies concerning Pakistan in mind it can easily be said that the Bharatiya Janata Party may return to power, yet lose some seats. As a matter of fact, the ruling party will face defeat in some seat quite unexpectedly. 

On the contrary, Sharad Pawar's difficulties may only increase further, and the Congress will also suffer due to its weak strategies.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

#HappyBirthday10thOctober Exclusive Disclosure For Those Born On 10 October By AstroSage

Bollywood actresses Rekha and Rakul Preet Singh can rejoice that the highest number of people in India are born on their birthday, i.e., 10 October. India’s biggest astrological website, has just released this new fact. 

According to the founder of AstroSage, Punit Pandey, “ is the largest astrological website in India with access to data of more than 3 crore people. These users have submitted their birth details to enjoy the various services offered by the site and app. After the analysis of this data, we have come to the conclusion that most people in India are born on 10 October.”

Further expanding on the analysis process of the data, AstroLabs employee, Software Engineer Mohit Garg says, “At AstroLabs, we examined the data from 2 crores, 81 lakhs, 76 thousands, and 320 people. This is the information and birth details we received from natives who wished to create their birth charts or get kundali matching for marriage, and such. Post assessment we were able to conclude that 1,40,091 people were born on 10 October, while the second biggest number was for 15 August on which, 1,28,958 natives were born. The sample of almost 3 crores is colossal, and on this basis, we can conclude that the highest number of people in India were born on 10 October. 

All astrology related services at are available free of cost, for the users. Punit Pandey explained, “This data is from the people who registered their information on AstroSage, in the last 10 years. While creating their kundali, people would majorly enter their correct birth details, and most people entered 10 October as their birth date.” 

According to research, 10 October ranks at number one, in the highest number of people born. After that, 15 August falls on second place, and respectively after that are: 11 November, 8 August, 9 September, 2 October, 7 July, and 28 August.

Let us now take a look at how these people born on 10 October are:

People Born On 10 October: Characteristics

Every year, on 10 October, the Sun is posited in the zodiac sign Virgo, and in the zodiac sign Cancer in Navamsa. As per the Kalpurush Kundli, Sun is the lord of the fifth house which signifies childbirth, and Cancer is the zodiac sign of the fourth house which indicates the pleasures of life. Sun’s position in Virgo becomes the cause of changes in the weather. October-born natives often have to struggle a little less, as compared to others, and they are the apple of the eye of everyone around them. In that vein, the Root or Radical number of those born on 10 October is 1. The Sun is the lord of this number as well, and it makes them highly progressive with significant desires, and they reach great heights in life. On this day, even nature seems confused as the hours are neither too cold, nor too hot. As a result of this, newborns do not succumb to any illnesses and soon grow and develop like they are supposed to. 

As per Vedic Astrology, the Vedic sun sign of those born on 10 October is Virgo, and the Sun’s position in their sixth house, i.e., Virgo is considered Life-giving. Thus, the Sun is posited in the nakshatra Hasta of its friendly planet Moon, and the zodiac sign of Mercury. Hence, the natives is emotional, as well as diligent, hardworking, and intelligent. Such people attain many conveniences in life, as well as opportunities to advance. They easily and quickly leave an imprint on the hearts and minds of the people they meet. Natives born on 10 October attain more popularity in whichever field they step forward in, as compared to their colleagues. Not only the natives born on this day, but their parents also reap the benefits of their good fate. 

In this way, we can easily conclude that the day, 10 October, is very significant and the natives born on this day are also very special. If you too are born on this very date, then you are one of these extraordinary individuals, and most importantly you were also born on the day when most people in our country were born. You should undoubtedly feel proud of this fact. 

AstroSage Wishes You All The Best For Your Future!

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