Thursday, October 11, 2018

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Know the astrological effects of Jupiter transit in Scorpio today.

Jupiter transit in Scorpio Today

These 5 signs will get benefited from Jupiter in 11 October! Read Jupiter transit in Scorpio and its effect on other zodiac signs.

Jupiter or Guru is considered to be a benefic planet in Vedic Astrology. Being the guru of Gods, it is also hailed as Devguru Brihaspati. It represents religion, knowledge, children and marriage. 

On 11 October 2018 around 08:39 PM in the evening, Jupiter planet will transit in Scorpio and remain until 3:11 AM on Saturday, 30 March 2019.

The transit of Jupiter in Scorpio will also mark its impact on the country's economy. During this period, there will be a decrease in agricultural production along with high-rise inflation in the month of November. Prices of gold, silver, jaggery, white garments etc. will increase. In addition, this phenomenon will bring many results for other zodiac signs. Let's know how will this transit affect all 12 zodiac signs.

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Devguru Jupiter transiting in Scorpio doesn’t seems to be much favorable for natives of Aries sign. Jupiter will transit in the eighth house in your horoscope. In Vedic Astrology, eighth house represents age, humiliation and sorrow. With Jupiter posited in the eighth house, Aries natives might have to face financial troubles. During this period, your income will be less, expenses will be more and there will be a constant fear of debt hovering above you. From health point of view, this transit may not be effective. There are chances of you becoming ill. Guru in eighth house represents troubles in family life as well, which means issues within the family.

Remedy: Apply kesar tilak on your forehead everyday.


Known to be the representative of religion, knowledge, children and marriage, Devguru Jupiter will transit from your sign in seventh house. In the birth chart, seventh house represents life partner, marital life, business and respect. Guru positioning itself in seventh house seems beneficial for Taurus natives. After all the hassle and hard work, you will attain success by the grace of Jupiter in this period. This time is also going to be better for financial matters. There will be a tremendous chances of money gains during this time. Destiny will also favor you in this period and you will grow. In this time period, you can also go on a pilgrimage.

Remedy: Donate turmeric (haldi) and Chana Dal to a Brahmin on Thursday.


Jupiter will transit from your zodiac sign to the sixth house in your kundli. In astrology, sixth house represents trouble, enemy, debt, sorrow, competition etc. This house usually indicates the sufferings, therefore the transit of Jupiter appears to be unfavorable. As a result, Gemini natives may suffer from diseases or any illness. In this period, opponents and enemies can also cause troubles for you, which is why you may fear them. Differences may arise between members in the family, so be patient. Being in the sixth house, your economic situation may worsen a little. Expenditures are likely to be high during this time, so maintain a budget.

Remedy: Feed satvik food to a Brahmin if possible.


Dev Guru will transit from your zodiac sign in fifth house. Fifth house in a horoscope represents first child, happiness, social life, past karma etc. Jupiter being in fifth house can prove to be beneficial for you. There is a strong possibility of acquiring land and buying a new vehicle within this period, so you can buy a land and a new vehicle. Natives who are gaining higher education can attain great success. Those who are unmarried might get married during this period. During this time period of Jupiter’s transit, you will establish relationships with dignitaries of the society and due to this, you will be benefitted.

Remedy: Fast on Thursday and consume yellow-colored meal once throughout the day.


Jupiter will transit in the fourth house from your zodiac sign. In the horoscope, fourth house is considered as a factor for vehicle, real estate, mother and comfort. Jupiter in fourth house doesn’t seem to be more favorable for Leo natives. There might be unnecessary tensions and hassles during this period. Due to increasing expenditure, your economic status may get weaker. Hence, keep your expenses in control. There is also a possibility of money loss. During this time, drive carefully as there are chances of you meeting with an accident, getting hurt or injured. Hence, be careful.

Remedy: Worship your ancestors and forefathers and donate something for them occasionally.


Jupiter will transit from your zodiac sign into third house. In the horoscope, third house represents brothers, sisters, long distance travel, neighbors, relatives and writing etc. Jupiter in third house doesn’t seem to be more favorable for Virgo natives. During this time, income will decrease and big expenses will come into light all of a sudden. Hence, try to balance out your financial life. There are chances of you suffering from physical pain during this time, so take care of yourself. Tension can increase in family life, so be patient. 

Remedy: Offer water to Peepal tree without touching it on Thursday.


Jupiter will transit from your zodiac sign into second house. In a birth chart, second house stands for wealth, property, family and elementary education. Jupiter posited in second house will prove to be very auspicious for Libra natives. In this period, you might go on long distance trips which will prove to be beneficial for you. This transit will also benefit you financially. There will be major chances of money gains during this time. Your interest towards religious activities will rise during this period and you will spend money on auspicious items and activities. With the influence of Jupiter, you will meet respected people of the society and you’ll be benefited because of them.

Remedy: Donate yellow-colored clothes, bananas and turmeric on Thursday.


Devguru Jupiter is transiting in your zodiac sign and will be located in your first house. In Astrology, first house is also called Ascendant or Lagna. This house gives an idea about a native’s personality, age, achievement and respect. It is considered auspicious for Jupiter to be in the first house. Although, Guru posited here results in struggles and efforts but offers auspicious results after hard work. In this period of Jupiter transit, Scorpio natives will garner fruitful results with their hard work. There will be improvement in financial conditions, and natives will attain monetary benefits.

Remedy: Worship Lord Vishnu and offer him yellow-colored sweets and yellow flowers.


Devguru Jupiter will transit from your zodiac sign into twelfth house. In the horoscope, the twelfth house is analysed to know about the expenses, mental distress, accident, punishment and salvation. Jupiter in twelfth house doesn’t seem to be auspicious for Sagittarius natives. During this period, your financial situations may worsen. Income will be low and expenses will be high. There might be limitations in your work, which may create further problems. It can have an impact on your work area i.e. job and business, so be patient and work honestly. During this time period, you will become interested in religious activities and spend money on auspicious things.

Remedy: Respect your elders and teachers and apply kesar tilak on your forehead everyday.


Devguru Jupiter will transit from your zodiac sign into eleventh house. Eleventh house in a horoscope depicts profit and income and reflects on business profits, higher education and wishes of the native. Jupiter posited in the eighth house will prove to be highly beneficial for Capricorn natives. In this period, new tasks will be planned and you will move forward to fulfil them. Your luck will improve and you will attain success in every task. During this time you can meet your loved ones or lover. You will be successful in work related to job and business and happy.

Remedy: Keep a yellow-colored handkerchief in your pocket and don’t dirty it. Also, do not do fake promises.


Devguru Jupiter will transit from your zodiac sign into tenth house. Tenth house in the horoscope represents career, occupation and livelihood. Jupiter in the tenth house is unlikely to be favorable for Aquarius natives. During this you may become a victim of fraud, so be very careful. If there is any hurdle in the job and business, then you’ll get rid of them during this period. You’ll also be monetarily benefited. This Jupiter transit will not be much beneficial financially. Because in this period, expenditure will be higher than the income. Therefore, keep an eye of your expenses.

Remedy: Offer water to Peepal and Banana tree and worship them.


Devguru Jupiter will transmit your zodiac sign into ninth house. In the horoscope, ninth house represents fortune, religious inclinations, fate, pilgrimage, legal matters and foreign visits. Jupiter posited in the ninth house seems to be highly favorable and beneficial for Pisces natives. With positive influence of Jupiter, luck will favor you and you’ll get fruitful results. During this period, you can buy a land or new vehicle. There might be a possibility of you meeting your loved ones. You’ll attain happiness from kids’side.

Remedy: Conduct a religious event in your house, feed the brahmins and offer them donations.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

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Read the significance of worshipping Maa Shailputri on the first day of Navratri - Click Here

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Sharad Navratri Begins Tomorrow

Know more about Urn Installation or Ghatasthapana, its muhurat and puja vidhi. Read about nine forms of Goddess Durga during Navratri which is beginning from 10 October 2018 till 18 October 2018.

Navratri is a combination of two words; Nau+Ratri, whose literal meaning is nine nights. Worshipping nine incarnations of Goddess Durga is considered to be highly significant during these nine days. In these nine days, devotees receive blessings from Goddess Durga due to his/her perseverance and tenacity. Nine forms of Durga which are worshiped during Navratri are Shailputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalratri, Maha Gauri and Siddhidtari respectively. On the first day of Navratri, Mother Shailaputri is worshipped. Before beginning, Ghatasthapana is conducted and all Gods and Devtas, along with Goddess Durga are hailed. After this, different forms of Maa are worshiped for nine days.

Sharad Navratri 2018 Ghatasthapana Muhurat
Ghatasthapana TimingsFrom 06:18:40 to 07:26:58 AM
Duration1 hour 8 minutes

Note: Timing mentioned above is effective for New Delhi. Know Ghatasthapana muhurat, rituals and puja vidhi for your city.

Glory of Navdurga

Maa Durga is known to be the eliminator of miseries and bad luck from one’s life. Goddess Durga is known to be the Adi Shakti of this universe. PItamah Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva uses her energy to create, preserve and destroy life.

Navratri Puja Vidhi

  • Wake up early and decorate the pooja plate after bathing.
  • Dress up the statue of Maa Durga with red-colored clothes.
  • Sow barley seeds in a clay pot and water it every day till Navmi.
  • Establish the urn or Kalash in an auspicious muhurat. Fill the urn with Gangajal. Cover its mouth with Mango leaves and put a coconut on top of it. Cover it with a red-colored cloth and tie a Kalava or red-colored sacred thread around its neck. Now keep it near the clay pot.
  • Do Panchopachara pooja using flowers, camphor and incense sticks.
  • Chant mantras related to Maa Durga for nine days straight and wish for happiness and prosperity while welcoming her into your house.
  • After conducting Durga Puja on eighth or ninth day (Ashtami or Navami), worship 9 young girls and offer them different kinds of dishes such as Puri, Chana, Halwa.
  • On the last day after Durga Puja, do Ghata Visarjan while singing aartis and offering her flowers and rice. Then pick up the urn.

Akhand Jyoti During Navratri

Akhand Jyoti or Unbroken Flame marks a special significance during Navratri, which when lightened removes darkness and negativity from life. Therefore, in Navratri, devotees should light up the Akhand Jyoti in their homes. One gets rid of all obstacles, troubles, and diseases. Sages and monks in Vedas have written that the effects of Akhand Jyoti can be observed directly on human life.

Kumari Puja or Worshipping Young Girls in Navratri

Kumari Puja is a special ritual followed during Navratri. Young girls are considered to be the incarnation of Jag Janani Maa Jagdamba. Therefore, Kumari Puja is conducted in Navratri. According to your capability, worship one girl or kanya for nine, seven, five or three days and offer her food.

What To Do During Navratri

  • Worshipers of Mata Durga who are fasting during Navratri should follow the rituals of Brahmacharya.
  • Consume milk, fruit and vegetarian food during fast. Those people who cannot remain empty stomach in the morning can consume milk or Sharbat.
  • During these nine days, devotees must sleep on the floor. It keeps the body healthy and active.

Nine Colors of Navratri & Their Significance

Every day signifies a specific color during Navratri. It is believed that wearing or using these colors brings good luck and prosperity.

  • Yellow on the day of Pratipada or Prathama
  • Green on the day of Dwitiya
  • Brown on the day of Tritiya
  • Orange on the day of Chaturthi
  • White on the day of Panchmi
  • Red on the day of Shashti
  • Blue on the day of Saptami
  • Pink on the day of Ashtami
  • Purple on the day of Navami

Worshipping Adi Shakti Maa Durga hold a special significance during Navratri. In these nine days, the Goddess removes the pains and diseases of her devotees and offers them prosperity.

Happy Navratri to all the visitors from AstroSage!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Weekly Horoscope 8 -14 October 2018

Read this week's key predictions! Learn through Weekly Horoscope about your job, business, education, family and love life this week.

The second week of October has started. This week is especially beneficial for natives of Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Libra and Capricorn sign. During this week, natives of these zodiac signs will attain good outcomes in career, job, business, education and family life.

This week seems to be very special from both religious and astrological point of view. Along with Sarva Pitru Amavasya, Pitra Paksha or Shradh will end. On the other hand, Sharad Navratri will start from 10 October 2018 and Jupiter will transit in Scorpio on 11 October 2018.

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The natives belonging to Moon Sign Aries will have a challenging time during this week. Read more...


You will be required to push your limits if you want to achieve your goals. Your hard work and efforts will eventually lead to the accomplishment of your goals. Read more...


You will get to hear some good news during this week. You will achieve success in your respective domain. Read more...


This week will be good for you in terms of family life. You will spend a good time with your family members. Your kin will be happy and blessed. Read more...


This week will bring some sweet and sour moments in your life. You will have an improved intellectual level and communication skills. Read more...


The week has many good news packages for you. There are chances of a celebration or an auspicious activity being organised at your home. Read more...


You will have a peaceful time during this week. You will be happy and thus, you will perform your tasks with all your heart. Read more...


You need to be cautious about money related matters during the stretch of this week. You will earn well during the initial days of the week. Read more...


The week seems to be promising for Sagittarians. You will be able to shine bright at your workplace because of your hard work and perseverance. Read more…


This week will be favourable for your career growth and development. You will do well at your workplace and as a result, you may be able to bag a promotion. Read more...


You may set your foot on a long journey during this week. It may be a trip for fun of a journey to a religious place. This journey will beget fruitful results. Read more...


This will be an average week for you. You will have a religious and spiritual bent of mind. Your involvement in social work will help you to garner respect in the society. Read more...

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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Mercury Transit in Libra Today, Read Predictions

Find how 12 zodiac signs will get affected! Read the astrological effects of Mercury transit in Libra zodiac sign and its effect on your job, business, education, health etc.

Mercury, which is said to be the representative of wisdom and speech, will mark a major impact on all zodiac signs by changing its position. It will also affect the business sector on a big scale. On October 6, Saturday at 12:51 PM, when Mercury will transit in Libra and conjunct with Jupiter and Venus, then the prices of cotton, cloth, gold, silver and rice will increase. Also, with Mercury rising from West on 9 October, there will be an increase in the value of silver, rice and banking shares.

Mercury will remain in Libra until October 26, Friday, 8:55 pm. Let's know how this Mercury transit will affect all 12 zodiac signs.

Find your Moon sign with Moon Sign Calculator


During this period, you would find yourself devoid of energy and might face some health issues. Conflicts with your spouse are quite probable. Read more...


During this period, you would achieve success in legal cases, debates and disputes. Children would feel comfortable. Read more...


Due to this transit, you would develop a thirst for knowledge and would try to learn new things. You would develop a soft corner in your heart for children. Read more...


In this duration, mental satisfaction, domestic harmony, and happiness would prevail for you. It would be a favourable period for your mother as well. Read more...


You would lend your support to your siblings with financial aid but, you might engage in debates or disagreements with them. Your friend circle would expand for your betterment. Read more...


This transit would bring about a period of happiness and enjoyment for you. In this duration, you would savour tasty and delicious foods. Read more...


You would enjoy comforts during this period but, you need to be cautious about money-related matters. The reason being that wealth losses along with mental stress can make their way into your life. Read more...


There might be an outflow of income due to your excessive expenditure. You might suffer a loss of wealth as well, if you do not spend money carefully. You are likely to travel abroad. Read more...


With this celestial event, you would achieve success in your undertakings. Wealth gains and an increase in dignity would be bestowed upon you. Read more...


As a result of this, you would gain respect at workplace, and a rise in your position is also likely. You would supercede your opponents. Read more...


You might have to face obstacles in your undertakings, which you would be able to overcome with your hard work. Mental stress might bother you, so you are advised to meditate. Read more...


This transit would bring happiness to children as they would enjoy comforts during this period. The period should also be utilised to repay loans levied upon you. Read more...

Monday, October 1, 2018

October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

12 remedies and important predictions for 12 signs! Read October 2018 monthly horoscope predictions and know what eminent changes will occur in job, business, education, health and family life.

October month has begun! Just like every other time, AstroSage has brought important monthly horoscope predictions for our readers this month as well. You would get important predictions related to all 12 Zodiac signs and special remedies to avoid your problems. This month seems beneficial for the natives of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra and Aquarius. They would gain several benefits and immense success in the domains of education, career, business, health, family and marital life.

Furthermore, October also seems significant from religious and astrological point of view. A chain of festivals would also begin from this month. Among this auspicious events, Navratri and Dussehra are major events. Additionally, Mercury, Jupiter and Sun planet will transit in respective Zodiac signs this month.

Major Fasts, Festivals and Astrological Events in October

Now, take a look at following monthly horoscope predictions for the month of September:

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In this month, you will be able to receive monetary benefits after a lot of struggle. A large number of opportunities pertaining to success would come your way. While you’ll be able to achieve success in your working domain, there may be some...Read More


Some ongoing projects might be hampered during this month. There may be an increase in concerns related to your child. Problems may arise due to useless expenditures and hardships. However, there is a good possibility of...Read More


During this month, you’ll embrace new avenues of money acquisition. Your resources of materialistic comforts are likely to increase. There may be an increase in the count of opportunities to perform new tasks. In addition to this, there are a high possibility of...Read More


Trouble and delay in executing numerous financial schemes may lead to lots of mental stress. Being lazy may also make you prone to interruptions in your working domain. However, In addition to better prospects of money-making; your relations with relatives will get better. There is also a clear possibility of...Read More


Your interest in religious activities and social domain is likely to increase. Additionally, your respect and honour would also going to increase during this 1 month’s period. Works undertaken with self-confidence are possibly going to create excellent economic prospects. Also, relations with...Read More


Money might be spent on auspicious tasks, but opportunities for financial gain and progress will also get better. Work done with confidence can be successful. If there is a plan to expand an existing project, then it would...Read More


In addition to your respect and honour, a growth in economic gains is likely to take place in this month. There is also the possibility of solving a complex problem with the help of a loved one. Venus is transiting into its own Zodiac sign, which ensures success in works undertaken with self-confidence. Additionally, there may be...Read More


Progress of destiny might be affected by numerous obstacles. Due to your extreme temperamental nature, disruption in work may arise. Struggling in vain may cause mental stress. Conflicts may arise with your favoured friends and brothers. Relations might also get worse with close relatives, but...Read More


Getting indulged in different tasks would increase your struggling power this month. New business related plans will be created and its related benefits will also get available accordingly in time. There may be additional expenditure on...Read More

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Your mind might get disturbed due to financial difficulties during this month. There may also arise fear of an injury during a journey. In the second half of October month, means of earning a sustained income are likely to exist with the support of your family members. With Mars being exalted during this month, there are...Read More


In this month, your sources of income are likely to increase. Any effort made physically might also become successful. Any auspicious and pleasant work may get completed in you family. As you are a person of reserved nature, therefore, you’re likely to...Read More


During this period of 31 days, your problems may arise due to spending more money in unnecessary projects. As a result, mental disturbance as well as stressful situations might become more intense. Works which are about to get completed might also get interrupted. Furthermore...Read More

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