Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sharad Navratri Day 5, get blessed by Goddess Skandmata

Get blessed by Goddess Skandmata! Today is the Panchami of Sharada Navaratri and devotees are venerating Goddess Skandmata, the incarnation of Goddess Durga to be worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri. Know more about how the day is to be celebrated and the ways to please the paragon of motherly love, Goddess Skandmata. 

Venerate Goddess Skandmata on Panchami (fifth day of Navratri)

The fifth day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Skandmata, who is regarded to be the fifth manifestation of Goddess Durga. She is the mother of Lord Kartikeya (also known by the name Skanda Kumar), and this is why she is known by the name Skandmata. It is believed that she fulfills all the wishes of her devotees who worship her with unfaltering devotion. She also confers upon them the invaluable gift of intelligence and leads them to the gateway of Moksha. 

Appearance of Goddess Skandmata

The goddess possesses four arms. She holds her son Lord Kartikey in one arm, lotus in two of her arms, and the fourth one is in Abhaya Mudra. As she is ensconced on a lotus flower, she is also known by the name Padmasana. As she is the symbol of motherly love, she loves and blesses all her devotees like a mother.

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Astrological Significance

According to Vedic Astrology, Goddess Skandmata governs the planet Jupiter. Therefore, one can get rid of the malefic effects of Jupiter by worshipping her. 

At AstroSage, we wish all our readers a very happy Sharada Navratri! We hope that you bask in glory and joy with the blessings of Goddess Skandmata.

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Sharad Navratri Day 4 Tomorrow, Here’s the Puja Vidhi

Get ready to be blessed with unbeatable energy! Sharad Navratri is the festival dedicated to the epitome of feminine power, Goddess Durga. The fourth day (Chaturthi) falls on 24th September, i.e. tomorrow, this year. On this day, the fourth manifestation of Goddess Durga, Goddess Kushmanda is worshipped. Read the article to explore ways to appease Goddess Kushmanda on this Sharad Navratri and get her choicest blessings. 

Goddess Kushmanda

Goddess Kushmanda represents the fourth incarnation of Goddess Durga. Her name is made up of three words- Ku meaning little, Ushma meaning energy, and Anda meaning a sphere. It is believed that she is the one who created the universe from a small sphere of energy. She possesses eight arms and is also known by the name Ashtabhuja.

Know how to appease Goddess Kushmanda and get endowed with her choicest blessings: Goddess Kushmanda on Navratri Day 4

Puja Vidhi

  • Wake up early in the morning and bathe yourself.
  • Dress yourself in clean clothes, preferably of green colour.
  • Worship Goddess Kushmanda with unswerving devotion.
  • Offer green cardamon, fennel seeds, and pumpkin (Kumhada) to Goddess Kushmanda.
  • Chant the mantra “Om Devi Kushmandayai Namah” 108 times.
  • Offer Maalpua (a sweet dish) Bhog to the Goddess.
  • Distribute the Prasad among the family members and offer it to a Brahman too.

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Astrological Significance

According to Vedic Astrology, Goddess Kushmanda directs the Sun. Therefore, it is believed that anyone who venerates her is blessed by Lord Sun. Also, worshipping Goddess Kushmanda profoundly helps in amplifying the benefic effects of the Sun and minimising its malefic effects in one’s horoscope. Her devotees have a good status in the society and are able to gain authority in all walks of life.

We, here at AstroSage hope that you are bestowed with the blessings of Goddess Kushmanda! A very happy Navratri to you all!

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