Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Chaitra Navratri Sashthi Today

On April 12, 2016 sixth day or Shashthi of Chaitra Navratri will be celebrated. This day is devoted to Maa Katyayani. Know more about this day by scrolling down..

Presenting Chaitra Navratri sixth day Sashthi today here.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Chaitra Navratri 2016 Sashthi Panchangam

Sashthi Tithi: 00:28:49 (April 11) - 22:42:58 (April 12)

Note: The above timings are according to the New Delhi, India. To know the time of your place, please visit here: AstroSage Daily Panchang

To read more about Devi Katyayani, click here: Maa Katyayani 

About Katyayani

According to the holy mythology, Goddess Parvati took the form of Maa Katyayani to destroy the demon Mahishasura. She took birth as a warriror Goddess in the form of sage Katyayan or Katya, thus she came to be known as Goddess Katyayani. Her appearence includes four hands, left hand carrying a sword and a lotus. While the right hand are in Abhaya and Varada Mudras.

Skand Sashti

Moreover on the same day i.e, April 12, 2016. The sixth day of bright fortnight of Tamil month is observed and is known as Skand Sashti. This day is dedicated to the second son of Lord Shiva, Kartikeya, who destroyed the demon Taraka. It is customery that on this day, people undergo penance carrying a ‘Kavadi’.

Chaiti Chhath/Yamuna Chhath

Also, on April 12, 2016 Yamuna Chath or Chaiti Chath, a significant festival of Hindu Calendar dedicated to Goddess Yamuna on her birth is celebrated. It is the festival which always falls on Sashthi of Chaitra Navratri. Moreover, It is majorly popular in North Indian states like Uttar Pradesh. Yamuna Chath is performed with rituals which includes Muhurat timings.

Yamuna Chath Muhurat 

Abhijit Muhurat 

11:56:30 to 12:47:38

We hope that the above information would helped you to get your answers unroll. A very Happy Navratri to all of you.

Event Of The Day!

Today, is IPL Season 9 Match

Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Sunrisers Hyderabad
Venue: Bengaluru

To Know which team will be a winner, click here: RCB Vs SRH Astrology Prediction

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Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekly Horoscope (Apr. 11 to 17, 2016) & Chaitra Navratri Panchami Today

Chaitra Navratri 2016 Panchami Panchangam

Panchami Tithi: 26:56:04 (April 11) - 00:28:48 (April 12)

Note: The above timings are according to the New Delhi, India. To know the time of your place, please visit here: AstroSage Daily Panchang

The another name of Skandmata is Padmasana because she sits on the lotus. But, she rides on a lion. When Parvati gave birth to the Lord Karthikeya, also known as Skanda, she got the name Skandmata. Her appearence includes four arms in which upper two hands carry lotus flower, while one arm carry baby Karthikeya and the another hand stays in Abhay Mudra. Visit here to know more about: Skandmata

Weekly Horoscope (April 11 to 17, 2016)

Will this week gonna be a super fun week for you? With weekly horoscope & love horoscope from April 11 to April 17, 2016 is here. Read the predictions for the upcoming week and get your life on track with remedies...

Weekly horoscope and Chaitra Navratri’s Panchami is here


Pleasurable romantic week is here for singles as well as married ones. You will get full support of your parents in every situation and you have to keep in mind not to be overconfident. You will travel but this trip might not be more than fun. Your financial life looks really amazing as you will get huge financial profits. 

Love Predictions: Arians, get ready to enjoy the beautiful week of love. As per the predictions, if you are in a relationship with someone living in same locality, you will enjoy your love more. The beginning of the week is good having sweet enormous talks. While, in mid week, you might plan a date near a waterfall, park etc and plan your future. Lastly, weekend will be enjoyable. 

Remedy: Offer grains to birds and wheat bread to dogs.

Love Rating: 4/5


Instead of waiting for luck to do some magic, try to be practical and work toward your target. You have to control your expenses and avoid useless journeys. You are a strong being and will continue to fight in every situation. Being a confident self yourself, you have to take your financial decisions carefully and take help of others if needed. 

Love Predictions: Taureans, this week there are chances that you might ask out someone. Due to the good planetary positions, keeping a good hope is the moral of the story. Thus, less chances are there that you might hear a no! Weekend is generally good, while midweek is full of average results. Additionally, weekend seems to be an enjoyable journey.

Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva’s family.

Love Rating: 4.5/5


Any situation will turn into your favor and you will win over all situations with your intellect. If you are looking for a job change, you will get the job you want. People will be impressed by your communication skills. However, we suggest you to ignore any experimentation in your business. Pregnant women have to take care of themselves and the rest will have normal health. 

Love Predictions: Geminis, mix result might be obtain out of love. Moreover, it will be good, if you are in love with your colleague. Therefore, this way you can spend more and more time together. However, the complaint of spending less time, by partner will remain same. But, you have to be careful and control your anger. Hence, avoid making scenes. While, with no worries weekend is fantabulous. 

Remedy: Avoid arrogance and give some gift to your servants.

Love Rating:3/5


Your surroundings are all getting you benefits. you will perform at office and will get recognition for your hard work and dedication. Home is where our heart is and you will have full peace there. You will remain as courageous as you are and continue your life with full enthusiasm. Money is coming in return of your intelligence and luck. Just avoid anger to avoid disputes and enjoy this time. 

Love Predictions: Cancerians, a passionate love life will be seen. It will add more fun, if you maintain transparency in your relation. Nevertheless, starting will be super fabulous. Love will result in many beneficial situations. In the mid week, you might get less chance to have chit-chat with lover but love bond will remain strong. Weekend will provide you mix results, but it would be great to keep watch on your words. 

Remedy: Avoid sweets and perform exercise regularly.

Love Rating: 3/5


A mixture of happiness and challenging times is here for you. You might feel frustrated at times and might feel irritated. But you have to have patience and maybe work a little harder to get what you want. Be careful of your company and try to connect with good people. Be sweet with your colleagues and you might have to wait for some time to get promotion. 

Love Predictions: Lions, your love life will have a good start this weekend. Your partner will remain very lovable towards you. But, be careful about his/her health and emotions. In starting days, you may fall for a colleague at office which may prove to be a perfect decision. Whereas, in weekend your mind might felt nostalgic. Therefore, keep calm to enjoy love and do not worry about tensions as it keeps on coming in order to make you strong. 

Remedy: Perform Rudrabhishekam and worship Lord Shiva. 

Love Rating: 3/5


Success is assured for your professional life but you might have to go through some tensions at your home. You will sometimes feel tensed and sometimes happy during this week. Your child might bother you will little things but make them understand that you care. You might have to face some ups and downs in love life but love will remain strong. Financial gains are also possible. 

Love Predictions: Virgonians, the course of true love never did smooth run. Hence, some ups and downs might be seen this week. In this situation, avoid being an ideal personality and try to solve your sweet love fights in a soft manner. In the starting days, it will be better, if you visit at some sacred place together. Mid week might put you in heavy workload situations. Therefore, balance your love and work life, in order to make your love reach infinity. Lastly, weekend will welcome beautiful memories to remember. 

Remedy: Have some curd before leaving home.

Love Rating: 3.5/5


Love is surrounding you with happiness. Both married couples and singles are going to spend romantic time together. You might buy a new vehicle or any household item. Even though students are spending a lot of their time on internet, success will come if they continue their concentration good. Avoid talking harsh as it hurt others. 

Love Predictions: Librans, the week, your relation with spouse will not be much in your favor. Thus,some unnecessary tiffs might be seen. You have to be more careful with your speech, as words once spoken can’t be taken back. In the starting days, you are required to take care of each other. In the mid week, having patience is the key of your happy relationship. On the contrary, weekend will acquittance your love. 

Remedy: Avoid addiction.

Love Rating: 2.5/5


Your enemies will fail in their bad plans they have against you. You will be spending a lot on your family or on yourself. Your family will be there to support you and guide you in tough times. You will take decisions after thinking about them in detail. Your health looks good but you have to keep a check on your family’s health. 

Love Predictions: Scorpions, your life regarding sexual desires might observe some sweet and bitter results. You might face heavy workload due to which less time will be spent with partner. This condition might make your partner upset. However, the starting days will be fortunate. This time, love will accelerate in your life, many personal moments will be cherished. Whereas, in the mid week, being moralistic will be better. Weekend is wonderful!

Remedy: Donate yellow colored products like lentils or clothes.

Love Rating: 3/5


You will get lot of respect from people around you and will become popular at your office due to your work. Love relationships should be handled nicely as your sweetheart might get upset. Take care of your beloved’s feeling and confess that you are with them in bad as well. You will spend more but on right things. But make financial decisions carefully. Talk to your child nicely. 

Love Predictions: Sagittarians, your intimacy level with lover might give you mix results. While folks who are in love and want to turn their relationship into marriage, this week is perfect, go on! Your week will start with full of positive energy. In love life, your partner will love you to the moon and back to infinity and beyond. In mid week, you have to be a little careful, but weekend will prove to be better. 

Remedy: Avoid anger and arguments.

Love Rating: 3/5


The starting of the week will make you feel lazy and you might face some mental stress as well. But things will turn on your side in the middle of the week and you will make correct decisions. Lovers have an amazing time during these days. Property related issues will turn in your favor and you might even get benefits from distant relationships. 

Love Predictions: Capricorns, this week all the reasons will come alive that will make you meet your love. The starting of the week has arrived with full auspiciousness. Thus, you can confess your love to love. In the midweek, married couples will enjoy their life pleasurably. Lastly, the weekend seems to be less favorable, you will be able to enjoy your love life. But, you are required to have control on your sexual desires. 

Remedy: Don’t give or take money on debt.

Love Rating: 3/5


You will be lucky and will not face any major issues. You might face some communication gap with your father but your brothers and sisters will support you. So, it will be better to keep good relationship with everyone. You have to ignore unnecessary travelling during this week. Students need to put more efforts and job seekers should stop for a while. 

Love Predictions: Aquarians, the week is here for you to celebrate love. A lot of chances is making a way to enjoy love life but some familial issues might be a troublesome. It will be better to avoid quarrels in your relationship. In the starting days, you may meet your love at some place where you will not get caught. Mid week will be wonderful for couples to g on a date. Moreover, in the weekend be careful about the health of the partner. 

Remedy: Be extremely cautious while doing work.

Love Rating: 3.5/5


Health and behavior should be taken care of during this week. Eating healthy and as per routine is required to maintain good health. You have Your father and seniors have a different opinion from you, so try to behave with them nicely. Your lover is there to support you and you will enjoy good time with them. Plan your life as per priority and talk to your children politely. 

Love Predictions: Pisceans, the week is quite cool for you all. The starting days of the week will be spent in dapper. The week will going to be full of entertainment activities. As per your horoscope, it is suggested to go out for a movie with your lover. In the midweek, speak your your heart out and have a good conversation with partner on all aspects. Your lover’s suggestion will surely provide you a peace of mind. Lastly, in the weekend, try not to adapt a stubborn nature. 

Remedy: Avoid company of bad people.

Love Rating: 3.5/5

Hope you enjoyed the predictions for your sign. Love predictions are exclusively analysed by expert astrologer Pt. Hanumman Misra.

We hope that Goddess Skandamata blesses you with happiness and prosperity.

Event of the day!

Today people will celebrated Shree Laxmi Panchami as well

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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Chaitra Navratri Chaturthi Today

On April 10, 2016 Chaturthi Tithi (fourth day) of Chaitra Navratri will be celebrated. Maa Kushmanda is worshipped today. Scroll more to know about this day in brief.

Presenting Chaitra Navratri fourth day Chaturthi today here.

Chaitra Navratri 2016 Chaturthi Panchangam

Chaturthi Tithi: 05:57:35 (April 10) - 02:56:03 (April 11)

Note: The above timings are according to the New Delhi, India. To know the time of your place, please visit here: AstroSage Daily Panchang

Mata Kushmanda is another form of Goddess Parvati. Her name means Ku: little, Ushma: energy, and Anda: egg. It is believed that on this day she created the whole universe in the shape of an egg. Visit here to know more about: Maa Kushmanda

We wish you a very Happy Chaitra Navratri. Hope you gain all the blessings of Goddess Kushmanda. 

Event Of The Day!

Today is Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi, know more about this day here: Masik Vinayaka Chathurthi

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Chaitra Navratri Dwitiya & Tritya Today

In 2016, the second day (Dwitiya) and third day (Tritiya) of the Chaitra Navratri is occurring together on April 9. Here, we will give you information about them. 

Navratri Dwitiya and Tritiya are occurring on the same day.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Chaitra Navratri 2016 Dwitiya & Tritiya Panchangam

Dwitiya Tithi: 13:07:02 (April 8) - 09:24:30 (April 9)

Tritiya Tithi: 09:24:31 (April 9) - 29:57:34 (April 10 - 05:57:34)

Note: The above timings are according to the New Delhi, India. To know the time of your place, please visit here: AstroSage Daily Panchang

Since, Tritiya is starting at 09:24:31 (April 9) and will soon end at 29:57:34 (April 10 - 05:57:34), Tritiya is getting lapsed and will be performed on the same Tithi i.e. on Dwitiya. Therefore, on this day, Goddess Brahmacharini as well as Chandraghanta will be worshipped.

Visit here to know more about: Brahmacharini & Chandraghanta

Gangaur Puja

Further, on April 9, 2016, Gangaur will also be celebrated. Also known as Gauri Tritiya or Gauri Puja, it is mainly celebrated in the northern region of India (especially in Rajasthan).

Cheti Chand/Jhulelal Jayanti

Also, on the same day, Jhulelal Jayanti or Cheti Chand will be celebrated in the honor of the birth of saint Jhulelal. It marks the significance of a New year by Sindhis. Cheti Chand falls on the second day of Chet (Chaitra month). It is quite popular in India as well as Pakistan.

With this little piece of information, we wish you tremendous blessings of Maa Brahmacharini & Chandraghanta.

Happy Navratri!

IPL Astrology Predictions Are Here!

Today is the first match of IPL 2016 between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiants at Wankhede Stadium. Know what astrology says about the result of this match here: MI Vs RPS Astrology Prediction

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Friday, April 8, 2016

Chaitra Navratri First Day - Ghatasthapana Muhurat

Chaitra Navratri in 2016 will run from April 8th to 15th. As today is the first day, on which people do Ghatasthapana and worship Maa Shailputri, we are giving you Muhurat and other relevant details here.

Presenting Chaitra Navratri first day Ghatasthapana Muhurat in 2016.

Ghatasthapana Muhurat

From 11:57:47 To 12:48:29 (New Delhi)

Know everything in detail about Ghatasthapana Puja Vidhi and Muhurat of your city, please click here: Ghatasthapana Details For You 

First day of Navratri is dedicated to Goddess Shailputri, who holds a lotus flower in her left hand, a Trishul (trident) in her right hand, and mounted on the bull (Nandi). On this day (Pratipada), Ghatasthapana is performed, which marks the beginning of Navratri. Visit here to know more about: Maa Shailputri

Know the Chaitra Navratri 2016 Muhurat for your city from here: Chaitra Navratri For You

Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa, the first day of the Hindu New Year, is today. The accurate Muhurat as per New Delhi is below:

  • Marathi Vikram Samvat 2073 Begins
  • Pratipada Tithi Begins at 16:54:54 on April 7, 2016
  • Pratipada Tithi Ends at 13:07:01 on April 8, 2016

Know the Panchangam and Muhurat for your city from here: Gudi Padwa For You


Hindu New Year is also known as Ugadi or Yugadi in some parts of the deccan region of India. The accurate Muhurat as per New Delhi is given below:

  • Telugu Samvatsara 2073 Begins
  • Prathama Tithi Begins at 16:54:54 on April 7, 2016
  • Prathama Tithi Ends at 13:07:01 on April 8, 2016

Know the Panchangam and Muhurat for your city from here: Ugadi For You

With this little piece of information, we hope the best for you in future. May Goddess Durga bless your life with eternal bliss. Celebrate the Hindu New Year in the best way possible.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Weekly Horoscope 2016 (April 4 - April 10)

Weekly horoscope & love horoscope for the week, April 4 to April 10, 2016, is here. Read these predictions and see what is going to happen in your life…

Weekly Horoscope 2016 for this week is here.


Happiness is what you are getting in your life. The predictions says that you will have a perfect romantic life this week. Be it planning a child or your work or a job change, this week is giving you green signals in all stratas of life. Peaceful mind and relaxed body is everyone’s dream and you are getting it. Though finances should be handled carefully. 

Love Predictions: Arians, the week has arrived with a beautiful sunshine reflecting on your life giving you fruitful results. However, avoid getting into small quarrels. In the starting of the week remember, the problems can get disappear by having a good conversation. Therefore, do not adapt a suspicious nature & enjoy love. While, in the midweek, you might have to make lots of effort to appease your lover. On the contrary, your weekend will prove to be better. 

Remedy: Stay cautious while taking financial decisions and chant Gayatri Mantra.

Love Rating: 3.5/5


You will have the time when you have to be patient and handle things calmly. This week might be a little stressing for you as some familial tensions may occur. But things will slowly settle down if you will not behave impulsive. Financial decisions have to be taken intelligently and you have to take care of your health. 

Love Predictions: Taureans, although there is a heavy workload on you this week. Prevent yourself from indifferences enter in your relationship. Further, avoid thinking to disregard your existing relationship and to move on with another. Additionally, you are required to balance your work and love life. Lastly, midweek and weekend will arise with favorable results. 

Remedy: Take care of your health and drink lots of water.

Love Rating: 3/5


Your efforts will give you what you have been working for. Your father will support you throughout and seniors will also guide you to do good in your career. This week is going to be supportive for you. Take care of your health. Moreover, you will be successful in implementing your plans. You will be spending money on decorating your house. 

Love Predictions: Geminis, this week you will experience that love is like a petals upon a flower, each one adding to, enriching and shaping the beautiful being that is you! Being egoistic can bring negative effects. So, be careful. In some matters, work pressure might become a barrier in beautiful relationship. Otherwise the week will be an average and mid week will grant you good results. Furthermore, you might get busy in the weekend. So, make your week useful. 

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesh and Lord Sun.

Love Rating: 3/5


You might get promotion during this week or you might even hear news regarding changed job location. This is also going to a favorable time for if you are planning to change your job. You might spend most of your time in chatting or on any social media platform. But do not forget other things. You might on a trip with your beloved and will easily complete your tasks. 

Love Predictions: Cancerians, the week will give you mixed outcomes. This time a suggestion for you is to have control on your speech. Moreover, it is important to your show your passionate love to have a smooth life. On the other hand, if there is any doubts that is interrupting your love life, get it cleared to enjoy the weekend. Since, the last week contains favorable 

Remedy: Exercise regularly and avoid sweets.

Love Rating: 2.5/5


Anger is the real enemy that kills everyone. This is the foremost guidance for you Lions. You have to take care of your health as over stressing might create health problems. This angry self of yours might take your loved ones away from you. Avoiding legal matters is important for now. Keep yourself away safe from fire and electrical appliances. 

Love Predictions: In general, the week will provide you with fully satisfying results. Your mid week and weekend are little weak. Therefore, Lions for you the weekend will be auspicious to confess your love and excitement related to it. In contrast, your mid week and weekend are little weak. However, married couples will enjoy love moments. And, in the weekend everything seems good in work as well in love. 

Remedy: Chant Maha-Mrityunjay Mantra for a good health.

Love Rating: 3/5


Lord Kuber will bless you with fortune as your business is going to flourish. Your income is also going to increase but decisions related to money should be taken carefully. Your family life is going to be average but your personal life looks amazing. However, taking things for granted will create hurdles. Use your intellect even if this is a lucky phase for you. 

Love Predictions: Virgonians, this week contains a blend results in your sensuous life. However, taking wise steps patiently will increase the power of love in your relationship. The starting of the week is especially favorable, so make the best use of it. Some small love tiffs are possible but still love will remain unabridged. Mid week might bring chances to fall in rift. But, in weekend, again it will turn into love. Lastly, you may visit a sacred place in weekend. 

Remedy: Offer wheat bread to black dog at night. 

Love Rating: 2.5/5


Happiness is what that comes within. The environment at your home is also going to be blissful and happy. There might be any auspicious event at your home. You have to be careful from people who are not trustworthy. Personal life is looking very great and you will enjoy time together. Take financial decisions carefully as the time is average for financial life. 

Love Predictions: Love will bloom this week in Librans life. This week is very auspicious to put marriage proposals. Moreover, as per the predictions, avoid making fun otherwise this can become serious and partner’s feeling might get hurt . Midweek will going to be a day of an enjoyable journey. Conversely, in weekend, be careful and control your passionate desires with your lover. 

Remedy: Perform Yoga for improving concentration.

Love Rating: 3/5


You will succeed in handling your enemies and will meet new people who are trustworthy. Your intelligence will help you get things done your way but you have to keep on working in right direction. Students and those who are looking for a job have to follow the same advice. You will remain courageous throughout the week and your family you also support you. 

Love Predictions: Scorpions, your week is full with excitement and enthusiasm. If you are planning to fix a date, then make a move, most probably it’ll get fixed. However, in the starting of the week your mood seems to be upset. But, midweek contains good amount of happiness. Furthermore, married couple will going to enjoy this week with a true and an undisturbed mind. 

Remedy: Worship Maa Lakshmi.

Love Rating: 3.5/5


You will come out of the mental stress you might come across. It will be good for you to avoid any kind of disputes. You have to take care of your mother’s health. Lovers are going to have great time if you are planning to get married. You have to work a little harder to get what you have achieve your desired goals. 

Love Predictions: Sagittarians, the week will provide you with results that contains mixed emotions. This week you may upgrade your thoughts in maintaining transparency with partner. In the starting of the week, many chances will arrive to enjoy entertainment activities. Thus, it will produce more memories to cherish later. A drizzle of tensions might surround in midweek, but strong bond will help you to overcome. Moreover, the week is auspicious for proposals. 

Remedy: Avoid disputes and worship Lord Hanuman.

Love Rating: 3/5


You have to have patience during this time as this phase is testing you. Things will slowly get on track, so do not worry. Your personal life is going to be blissful and your partner will support you a lot. Your children will bring happiness. If you are planning to buy any property, this time is not favorable. Your decisions will create goodness. Take care of your health and of your elders’ s. 

Love Predictions: Capricorns, this week will prove to be an average for love relations. In the starting of the week, your sugary talks will reflect in the partner's behaviour. Thus, maintain this nature otherwise, unfavorable situation might arise. However, midweek will be a week to get more closer and will also provide you a chance to know each other in depth. On the other hand, in weekend a kittle behaviour can be observed. 

Remedy: Don’t take or give money on debt to anyone.

Love Rating: 2.5/5


You will go on journeys but it will be good to avoid if not so important as it is going to be a hectic one. Be alert about what your children are doing on internet. Your father and brother might not agree with your opinions but you have to handle things calmly. You will be successful in behaving polite with others and controlling your anger. 

Love Predictions: Aquarians, you will get positive results this week. However, if you are feeling moodiness avoid showing it to your partner. Most importantly, in starting of the week an emotional of yous might be seen. Therefore, avoid taking an major decision as it can directly affect partner’s feeling. Mid week is full excitement. Lastly, enjoy the weekend with great positivity surrounding your soul . 

Remedy: Avoid carelessness because luck is not supporting much.

Love Rating: 3/5


Your income will remain same but you have to be careful while making decisions related to finances. You are suggested to drive carefully. There are chances that you will succeed in getting loan if you were trying for it. Try to be confident and believe in yourself. This phase might create mental stress. Avoid buying property or land or vehicle. Take care of yours and your family’s health. 

Love Predictions: Pisceans, matters related to love will achieve mixed outcomes. In starting days of the week, trips might create distance in love. But with not worrying much, midweek will solve this distance issue. It will provide you with ample of time to spend with your partner. Furthermore, weekend will be average. At this time be a good listener to avoid arguments. This will tighten your bond. 

Remedy: Avoid meat, alcohol, and company of bad people. 

Love Rating: 2.5/5

Hope you enjoyed our general predictions where love predictions by Pt. Hanumman Mishra would have been helpful for you to make bond more stronger and celebrate love

Friday, April 1, 2016

April Horoscope 2016

AstroSage Magazine presents you the April horoscope 2016. Now, let’s discover all the answers to your curiosities related to this month. Scroll down to read predictions and remedies for your moon sign prepared by our expert astrologers.


The planetary movements for your sign might affect your health; hence, be careful. You might sometime behave aggressive but ignore it. Taking too much of work pressure might hamper your health. Intellectual activities might not excite you. Stay away from investing money in real estate. Make sure not to follow illegal ways to fulfill your professional commitments. Plans of changing job need to be put on hold. Professional enemies might put some allegations on you. Time is crucial, stay attentive toward your mother’s health. 

Remedy: Feed jaggery and gram to cow on every Thursday. 

Rating: 2.5/5


April looks average from financial point of view. You can save more if you will manage it intelligently. Name and fame might get affected. Expenses will be under control, which is a good thing. Don’t do anything which takes you to the court. Moreover, you might not get appreciation according to your talent. As a result, tough situation might occur. Optimistic attitude will save your health from getting affected by problems. Give your best to get the best. You might have to shift to a place far from your family or birthplace. Enemies might try to harm you.

Remedy: Chant Ganesha Stuti. 

Rating: 3.5/5


Your Health might get low in the beginning of the month. Seasonal fever is possible, which might affect your professional life. Be careful towards your health, as problems related to blood pressure are possible. It would be good to avoid anger and act calmly. Throughout this month, your focus towards your professional and financial life might shift. You will be confident, energetic and a leader. Seniors will support you in every matter. Your talent will be admired. You will enjoy name and fame. Lastly, students might plan for higher studies. 

Remedy: Visit Lord Bhairava temple on Saturday and worship the deity.

Rating: 3.5/5


Your luck might not remain on your side during the beginning of this month. But, do not worry, as things will recover soon. This month will provide you with honor in your designation. Your job may bring some increment. Do not follow someone else’s advice in your business. Moreover, you may get a chance to meet an influential person and make contacts with him. Use your farsightedness while planning for future. Travelling to places will prove beneficial for you but keep control on your speech. Maintaining cordial relations with your seniors might help you in attaining promotion. 

Remedy: Offer white flowers, Belpatra and white clothes to Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha with Sindoor (vermilion)

Rating: 4/5


The success that you will get this month would be directly dependent on your efforts. Your family members will motivate you to perform good at workplace. Some work related journeys are possible to give you the desired results. This phase of getting income is temporary. Expenses are possible on your mother. Auspicious deeds are possible at home. All the business and partnership related tasks will give benefits. New business relations are likely to develop but your relations might not remain that good with colleagues, but things will improve later. 

Rating: Offer Bundi Laddoo (sweet), as Bhog (offering) in temple every Thursday. Offer water to Peepal tree.

Remedy: 4/5


Time is good for love birds. As per the predictions, you are suggested to remain cautious about your health especially old people. Parents will understand their children, so try to take care of their needs and desires. There might be some tensions in your domestic life. This feeling might make you turbulent. Thus, maintaining a control on your speech will help you tackle the situation. Your relatives might visit your house this month. It is advised; do not get disheartened if any of your reason for travel fails. 

Remedy: Chant "Om Namah Shivaya " 108 times.

Rating: 2.5/5


Profits are foreseen as some important work might get accomplished this month. You might also get a chance to take part in any religious ceremonies. Plans for going on a religious trip are also predicted. Your love life may remain as usual. Chances to invest money in property are possible. If you have already planned for investing in real estate then you might give action to your thoughts. Even a new vehicle can be purchased this month. Be careful as your colleagues might plan a conspiracy behind your back. Do not sign any document before reading them.

Remedy: Nazar Suraksha Kavach is an easy remedy for waving off any evil eyes.

Rating: 2.5/5


Promotion is predicted for you this month Scorpions. Profits will follow your footsteps while rise in profits might also bring increased expenditures. Your hard work will pay you off this month. Investing in stock market or betting might also give good outcomes. You might change your place of work according to your interest. Stay cautious of your enemies as they may try to harm. It is also beneficial for your income, profits and financial status. Tensions might also arise in your love life. 

Remedy: You must visit Hanuman Temple on Saturdays and Tuesdays. 

Rating: 3.5/5


In starting, luck seems not favouring you much. It would be good to use your own intellect rather than listening to others. Finances look stable this month; however, you might find it difficult to save. Also, you will come in contact with influential people, but avoid being over friendly. Not one, but many opportunities will knock your door this month. Profitable journeys are foreseen. Being self-dependent will bring favorable results for you. Love life will be amazing. While children will do well in studies. Activities like reading, arts and music might attract you.

Remedy: Help the needy and be generous with everyone. 

Rating: 3/5


April has arrived and will provide you with ample of opportunities that will raise your finances. Any auspicious event or religious ceremony might take place in your family. Get tension free as enemies will not get success in harming you. Your children might not listen to you and act according to their mood. Love life will remain usual. Thought of purchasing property might strike your mind. Some of you will purchase new vehicle. Do not trust anybody blindly and avoid getting lazy. Somebody might steal the credit of your hard work. 

Remedy: Protect yourself from evil eye by keeping Nazar Suraksha Kavach.

Rating: 3.5/5


This month might bring promotion for you. You might also gain wealth and property. Your expenses will also increase and some might take loan from banks to fulfill any dream project. Investing in stock market might give good outcomes. To improve your livelihood, you might change your job. Love birds will enjoy beautiful moments. Chances of going to a pilgrimage with family are there. Children will do well in studies. Natives involved in business of petrol, import-export or coal will get huge profits. Your interest might increase in creative field. 

Remedy: Visit Lord Hanuman temple on daily basis.

Rating: 4/5


Your dedication and zeal to work flawlessly will bring success and fame. Family members will support you throughout this month. Short journeys are on your cards. However, the success quotient is uncertain. Your friend circle will increase, but some of them might prove selfish in future. Expenses are possible on health issues of your loved ones. Businessmen might plan about expanding their business. Relatives will try to disturb the harmony of your family life. Promotion is possible in the last phase of this month.

Remedy: Light mustard oil Diya under Peepal tree every Saturday. 

Rating: 3.5/5

Hope the above predictions made by our expert astrologers will help you in making plans and get prepared for certain situations. May you have a beautiful life ahead.

Event Of The Day!

Beware, believe nothing, and trust no one as April Fool’s Day is here!

Along with this, celebrate Basoda after 8 days of Holi. Sheetala Ashtami is on the same day to add more auspiciousness.

Also, Venus is transiting into Pisces today. Know how this transit will affect you: Venus transit in Pisces

On April 3rd, Papamochani Ekadashi will be celebrated, and Mercury will rise in Aries.

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