Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jupiter Is Rising In Leo Today - How Will It Affect You?

After a long time, Jupiter will rise today. Many things are prohibited in combust Jupiter period, but everything can be initiated from now onwards. New business ventures, house warming ceremony, laying foundation of home, marriages, etc. all can be done now. Jupiter enhances everything and natives will experience this in life. Not only good things will increase, some unfavorable things might also increase. However, Jupiter bestows with rewarding results the most.

Jupiter rise in Leo will affect bring changes in your life.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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Your love life will fly with new wings. Your desires and feelings will come true. Read more


You might face difficulties in buying your dream home. Read more


You are going to buy new phone or laptop. Fame will follow you. Read more


You are going to enjoy abundant wealth. Start planning ways to safeguard it. Read more


It’s time to please those whom you have annoyed. Family life will become blissful. Read more


You are going to possess clairvoyance during this planetary shift. Read more


New love affair is on cards. Prosperity will itself come to you. Read more


You will spread your charm everywhere. Say anything and it will definitely happen. Read more


Luck is in the mood to favor you. Make any wish, it will come true. Read more


Progress is seen for you. Your life will witness some really great changes. Read more


Happiness will surround your married life. Don’t miss enjoying it. Read more


It’s time to take the right move. Switch your job, as betterment is awaiting you. Read more

Utilize these predictions to the best and make your life better.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekly Horoscope (September 7 - September 13)

Take a peek into the upcoming time and know what stars have in store for you for the upcoming week. Also, plan your week with the expert suggestions of our astrologers and take the maximum benefit from time.

Know the future of your upcoming week with weekly horoscopes.

(September 7 - September 13) Week At A Glance:

September 8, Tuesday: Aja Ekadashi Vrat
September 12, Saturday: Somvati Amavasya, Savan Ends (South India)

Note: Weekly horoscope is based on your Moon sign. Know your moon sign by clicking here: Moon sign calculator

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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This week is demanding your efforts and patience in everything. You will get the desired results, but making an attempt in the right direction is most important, so go for it. Any of your friend may share his/her problem with you, but you may not understand its depth. This is a good time for couples, they will spend some good time together. You are advised not to drive alone at night, either take someone along or avoid it.

Love Predictions

This week will give you mixed outcomes. Beginning of the week will start with a bang. Week is good for those who are married. Good results are predicted for them. Spend some quality time with each other. Some domestic affairs may be the cause of your concern during this week. Your weekends are going to be exciting and full of love.

Fortune Star
: 3/5

Don’t take any decision in hurry.

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The week will remain favorable, but it would be important to maintain decency in your behavior. Behave nicely with natives of opposite sex, otherwise someone may misunderstood you. Also, take care of your dressing style and overall appearance. Time is good for your business and job, you will gain some great benefits. But, take care of your important documents. Minor health problems may arise, but they will not affect you much.

Love Predictions
: Time is good to enjoy with your lover this week. Life may seem colorful to you during this period. Though, there is a need to control your libido as your lover might get angry from you. Do not exaggerate things unnecessarily during the beginning of the week. You can meet your lover at any nearby place also. Weekends are going to delight you.

Fortune Star
: 3/5

: Maintain a distance from unknown people.

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This week is good for your personal relationships, you will notice an improvement in them. This will happen because you will also improve as a person. Your relatives may praise you, a get-together may decrease the distance between you and your dear ones. This will make you feel energised and your efficiency will also increase. You may analyse yourself as a person.

Love Predictions: Time may not be too favorable for engaging into any love affair. If you are planning to meet your lover this week, opt for a safer place. You can meet your lover at someone’s home. You may remain little emotional during the beginning of the week and your partner will respect your emotions too. Time is favorable to plan any outing with your lover. You can go for a movie or picnic this weekend.

Fortune Star
: 3.5/5

Stay restrained and don’t waste much of your time on thinking.

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You will develop some new interests this week. You will experiment and try different things. Support will come from people of opposite sex. Everything is looking fine at workplace, so there is no need to take any kind of stress. Avoid getting close to unknown people, because they may try to harm you. Also, take care of luggage and essentials while travelling.

Love Predictions: This week may disappoint you little bit. Distances might part you and your lover during the beginning of the week. However, you may meet your lover during the middle week. Relations with your partner may not be too coardial. Some strifes might also occur between you two. Thus, staying calm and compost is going to help you a bit this week.

Fortune Star: 2/5

Avoid doing experiments in your business.

Read the predictions of whole month of September, by clicking here: Cancer Horoscope


Children will support you a lot this week, an improvement will come in your relationship. You may recall some memorable moments of life. This may also make you feel emotional. A mix of emotions and work will remain for you this week. But, avoid being emotional at your workplace, otherwise others may try to take benefit from it. Irritation or pain is possible in your eyes, so take care.

Love Predictions: You will experience a bitter and sour relationship with your partner this week. You will spend a happy time with your love. You may remain excited and cheerful to meet your partner. However, things may not be too good during the middle of the week. You may not be able to spend more time during the mid. Do not worry, as weekends will leave you with no complains. Time is perfect to get overjoyed in love.

Fortune Star:3/5

: Chant Hanuman Chalisa regularly.

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Hectic work schedule may keep you busy. You may feel stressed and some ups and downs may also come in work. But, everything will end up in your favor, if you put the desired efforts. Avoid giving favors to people unnecessarily, otherwise they may try to take advantage of you. You may also plan a holiday this week with family or friends. If you are interested in occult or secret studies, time is appropriate for investigating about them, you may get the desired information.

Love Predictions
: Week is going to be favorable for your love affairs right from the beginning. You might fall in love with your colleague. This feeling is going to delight you for the whole week. Middle of the week will give you better outcomes. If you are planning to propose your love to someone, then time is favorable for you. Week may seem gloomy and dull to you as you may not be able to spend much time together.

Fortune Star:

: Avoid taking stress, otherwise it may affect your health.

Read the predictions of whole month of September, by clicking here: Virgo Horoscope


Some sudden happenings are possible with you this week. Some sudden targets may come in office or unexpected activity is possible at home. Calm and patience would remain the two most important requirements of this week. Don’t loose them and behave nicely with other people, situations will definitely come in your favor. Also, avoid disputes with others, as it may cause the defamation unnecessarily.

Love Predictions:
Time is on your side. You may get ample time to spend with your lover this week. You may plan to visit some religious places together. Giving respect to each other along with love will add spark in your relationship. Your weekends will be good. Discussing any bad memories with your lover might create a fuss between you two. Stay careful and avoid such discussions. It may spoil your lover’s mood.

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid driving while drunk.

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This week will give you mixed results. You will get appreciation from dear ones, but seniors may feel dissatisfied. You have to try hard to complete your targets at workplace, overtime is also possible. You are advised to avoid showing your emotions to others this week, otherwise they may try to take advantage from you. This is also not a good time for giving proposal to your love interest.

Love Predictions:
This week is going to give you mixed outcomes. Time may not be too favorable for a relationship. Thus be careful in your relationship. Things may start getting better during the middle of the week. You may remain busy in your other chores and give less time to your love this week. However, you will spend a perfect weekend with your lover. Weekend will be full of love and pleasure for you. More pleasure is predicted for those who are in love with their colleagues.

Fortune Star
: 2.5/5

Don’t let others take advantage of your emotions.

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This week will let you enjoy with friends and family. Either you may plan a trip or go for an outing with them. Time is good for those who are in search of a life partner, they may meet someone special this week. Avoid sharing personal thoughts with friends, as they may misunderstood you. Time is good for those who are in search of a new job or looking for a job change, they may get some positive results.

Love Predictions: Time may not be too favorable for you in love. maintaining good behaviour and staying alert all the time is going to benefit you the most. You may have a good start during this week. Better results and relations are predicted for those who are already married. Weekends will be good for you. Visiting any nearby temple might help you in making situations better.

Fortune Star
: 2.5/5

: Worship Lord Shiva.

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This week you will discover some unknown qualities of your loved ones. People will enjoy your company and you will also spend a good time with them. Some health issues may reduce your energy, so take care of your health. Take along the important medicines while travelling also. Time is favorable for going on business related journeys.

Love Predictions: Week is probably good for your love life. You may find the love of your life during this week. Those who are already in relationship may take a step further in their relationship. Beginning of the week will be good for you. Do not exaggerate things unnecessarily to keep everything at peace. it is advised to stay in your limits. Weekends may seem little boring and dull to you. Do not worry as things will start falling on their places soon.

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Take care of your health and visit a doctor if necessary.

Read the predictions of whole month of September, by clicking here: Capricorn Horoscope


Any auspicious event is possible at home. You will meet your relatives and old friends. Some disputes are possible with neighbours or boss, so try to avoid them. Some ups and downs may come in your life this week. You may take a break from office or hectic work routine. Children may demand your time and also bring a good news to you.

Love Predictions: Week is favorable for your love. You will spend quality time with your lover. Feeling of love is going to ignite in you. You might fall in love with your colleague this week. You will have a great time during the middle of the weak if your lover is also working with you. If you are married then weekends are quite good for you.

Fortune Star
: 4/5

Remedy/Treatment: Offer water to Lord Sun every morning.

Read the predictions of whole month of September, by clicking here: Aquarius Horoscope


Your thinking and opinions may change for somethings. You may develop some new interests or work on your hobbies or talents. You will give time to yourself and spend on your clothes or appearance. You will feel romantic and attraction towards someone is also possible. Income will come on a regular note, but spendings are likely to increase. You are advised to control them, as it may create losses for you.

Love Predictions
: Week may not begin with a bang for you. You might have to face some domestic problems during this period but the later part of the week is favorable for your love life. If you are planning to propose your love to someone, so do not delay it. You might have a little strife with your partner during this week. Do not worry as everything will fall on its place and your love bond will get stronger.

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid drinking and driving.

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Love Horoscope is exclusive by Pt. Hanumman Mishra.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Venus Direct In Cancer - Effects On You

Venus, the planet of beauty and love, will direct into Cancer on September 06, 2015. Certain changes will be seen in your life due to this planetary change. Want to know about changes? Read this exclusive horoscope article.

Venus direct in Cancer will change your fate.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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This transit will bring overall goodness in your life. A successful career, blissful love life, stable finances, everything you wanted. Read more..


Students will do well in studies; others will shine at workfront. You will sound intellectual and influential. Read more..


You will eat good, wear good and live a good phase during this transit. Financial gains will remain there. Read more..


You attention will shift toward looking attractive. Friends will be there for you always. You will talk well and impress all. Read more..


Prosperity will fill your life. Sweet moments with beloved will keep you delighted. Purchase of new cell or tab is possible. Read more..


An excellent phase of your life. Love will blossom into your life. Things will go tremendously great at work. Read more..


You will perform excellent at workfront. Improving your personality and looking best will remain your priorities. Read more..


A new chapter of love will begin in your life. If associated with import-export, this transit is going to be your golden period. Read more..


Other than getting benefits from life partner, everything else will remain average. Don’t worry, time will settle all. Read more..


Business will go great and things will be beautiful in love life. However, expenses might exceed limit. Read more..


This phase might slow down your punctuality. You will turn humorous. Keep an eye on your eating habits. Read more..


Get ready to enjoy music, entertainment and joyful activities. Your suggestions will prove helpful to one and all. Read more..

By Acharya Raman

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Janmashtami Muhurat & 7 Unknown Facts About Krishna

There are many mischievous tales about Lord Krishna. Do you think you know them all? No? Then we have brought a plethora of such tales. Read below to know 7 less known facts about Lord Krishna.

According to the Hindu calendar, Janmashtami is celebrated on the eighth day or Ashtami of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight). The month is Sawan in South Indian Panchang and Bhadrapada in North Indian Panchang. The birthday celebration of Krishna will begin at 23:36 IST and run till 00:42 IST on September 5, 2015. Those who are fasting for Krishna may open their fast after the sunrise of next morning, which is at 06:00:55 IST on September 6, 2015. In 2015, Ashtami Tithi will begin at 03:55 IST on September 5 and end at 03:01 IST on September 6.

Being mischievous, Kanha is the protector, saviour, friend, and a philosopher. He is one of the most loved gods of Hindus. Janmashtami is the day of celebration on the birth of Lord Krishna and is celebrated with much enthusiasm and revelry all over the world.

Lord Krishna is also known by other 108 names. Some of them being Kanhaiya, Murlidhar, and Manohar. But do you know there are certain unknown facts about Lord Krishna? Let’s take a look on these seven facts.

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1. Story behind 16,108 wives of Lord Krishna

We all know Lord Krishna had more than 16000 wives, but do you know the real story behind?

There are many stories revolving around mischievous Kanha. One of them is that out of 16,108 wives of Krishna 16,100 were actually the prisoners of an Asura called ‘Narakasura’. When Krishna defeated Narakasura, his prisoners became free. But, society didn’t accept them. Thus, sought for help to Krishna. Lord Krishna, being generous, gave them the title of Queens. However, there are many other stories revolving around the incident.

Other 8 wives of Lord Krishna’s that were also called Patrani includes Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagna Jiti, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Bhadra and Lakshmana. Krishna had total of 80 sons, that is 10 son from each of his Patrani. 

2. No mention of Radha in the scriptures

Though we have enjoyed many romantic episodes of Radha and Krishna, but experts have claimed that our ancient scriptures don’t mention anything about Radha.

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3. Lord Krishna once fought with Arjuna

Krishna was a mysterious character, he knew everything but never tried to change the fate. Once, he started fighting with Arjuna, and Lord Shiva had to descend, in order to stop the fight. To this, Krishna replied Arjuna had to go for a battle, and I was testing him.

4. Lord Krishna Once Brought Back The Life Of His Guru’s Son

As a part of his Guru Dakshina, Krishna once brought back the life of his Guru Sandipani’s son. 

He also brought back the other six sons of Devaki, for a brief reunion with Balaram (seventh son) and himself, the eighth son.

5. Krishna Transformed Himself Into A Woman

Iravant, who was son of Arjuna and Ulupi sacrificed himself before Kali Mata, so that Pandavas could win. But before dying he had a last wish of getting married. However, no girl wanted to marry him as she had to later embrace widowhood. At that time, Krishna transformed himself in to a woman named Mohini and married Iravant. Not only this, he even wept like a widow after her husband died. 

6. Krishna Supported Duryodhan By Giving Him His Entire Narayani Sena

Duryodhana was the first one to reach Dwarka to seek Krishna’s help, while Arjuna was second. However Krishna was sleeping at the time duo arrived. They both sat near him. While Duryodhana sat near Krishna’s head, Arjuna sat near his toes. When Krishna woke up he saw Arjuna first, and said to choose between him and Narayani Sena. Being kind he gave option to Arjuna only because he wanted to help Duryodhana too, who has arrived before Arjuna seeking his help.

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7. Death Of Lord Krishna Was A Curse

Death of Lord Krishna was also pre-destined. Gandhari had given a curse to Lord Krishna that the entire Yadav clan would be destroyed by themselves. After 36 years of war, the same happened. The entire clan diminished by killing each other.

However, Sri Krishna was killed by a hunter named Jara, who thought Krishna to be a deer and shot an arrow in his toe.

It is also said that after killing Bali, Lord Rama told his son Angad that he will be able to revenge his father’s death in his next birth. Since, Sri Rama and Krishna both are avatars of Lord Vishnu, it is believed that hunter Jara who killed Sri Krishna was Angad’s reincarnation.

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With this piece of information, we hope that you will utilize this auspicious day to the fullest. On the next day after Janmashtami, Dahi Handi will be celebrated. Make this day a fun-filled celebration.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami 2015!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Now Get Horoscopes In iOS App

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Now get your Moon sign based horoscope on your iPhone absolutely FREE.

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Is reading your predictions a must for you? How about being in touch with your future predictions 24/7 and that too absolutely FREE? We, at AstroSage, have brought this new update to our AstroSage Kundli app. The update has added all the horoscopes to assist you day and night.

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Let’s now know how this new month of September, 2015 will be for you.

Monthly Horoscopes

Important Dates & Events Of The Month

September 1
Kajari Teej, Angarik Chaturthi, Panchak Ends
September 4
Sheetla Saptami Vrat
September 5
September 6
September 8
September 10
September 11
September 12
September 13
Snan Daan Amavasya
September 14
Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha Begins
September 15
September 16
September 17
September 18
September 21
Radha Ashtami, Shree Durga Ashtami
September 24
September 25
September 26
September 27
Anant Chaturdashi, Ganesh Visarjan, Shradh Purnima
September 28
Shradh Begins, Snan Daan Bhadrapad Purnima
September 29
Panchak Ends, Ashwin Krishna Paksha Begins


So, this was all we had in this beautiful month of September. We hope that you will utilize the best of these predictions and make your life even better.

With warm regards,
Team AstroSage

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Monthly Horoscope For September 2015

Here comes a fresh new month, September. New month means new beginnings, new hopes and new enthusiasm. So, what new things you need to start to bring bliss and achievements this month? Get the right advice with September’s monthly horoscope.

September horoscope 2015 has come to tell you everything about future.

September horoscope 2015 is based on your Ascendant Sign. To know your Ascendant Sign, please click here: Ascendant Sign Calculator

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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Aries Horoscope For September 2015

You will get immense success in education and competition this month. Happiness will come from children. Fame and respect will increase in society. Income may become a bit low, but you will feel happy. An environment of prosperity will prevail around. Enemies will be defeated. Relief from an old debt is also possible. Overall, the time will remain good and enjoyable. If you are a patient of allergy, high blood pressure, or diabetes be very careful. Read more…

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Taurus Horoscope For September 2015

Losses are likely to arise this month, so think very carefully before investing in any project. Sudden problems can arise in business or job. Intelligence will remain strong, this will help you in coming out from all the problems. But, enemies can trouble you. Your servants and subordinates can also create trouble. Deal strictly with all the problems and don’t take any problem lightly; else, will become bigger and create troubles later. Read more…

Click here to know more about your sign: Taurus

Gemini Horoscope For September 2015

This is a good opportunity to buy a new home or vehicle. Your intellect and decision making abilities will remain great. Friends will support a lot. The good thing about this month is you can start some new business, and get success in education and competition. Take care of your parent’s health during the last 15 days of the month. Spend time with them and fulfil their desires, otherwise they may feel uncontented. You will get the opportunity to take part in spiritual activities. If you are looking for a job change, time is favorable. We advise you to stay aware from your servants. Read more…

Click here to know more about your sign: Gemini

Cancer Horoscope For September 2015

September is going to be a romantic month. You will become extremely romantic, keep a control. New love relationships are possible. This is also a great time for those who are in love. Your life-partner will also support a lot. Lots of expenses will take place on travelling, we advise you to control them. Income will also get better from the last month. You will be able to accomplish your works on the basis of your abilities. Luck will support a lot. Overall, this is going to be a happy and prosperous month. Read more…

Click here to know more about your sign: Cancer

Leo Horoscope For September 2015

Your intellect will help in coming out from most of the problems. Your effect will increase a lot in society. Pending tasks will get completed. People related to government sector will enjoy a great time and chances of getting success are also very high for them. Sudden money will come in a large amount. Time is not good for married life. Lots of differences will occur with life-partner. Due to some reason, you may also have to go away from him/her for some time. Old love relationships may break and new relationships may begin. Happiness will come from children and they will also get success in education and competition. Stay away from water and vehicle in the first week of the month. Read more…

Click here to know more about your sign: Leo

Virgo Horoscope For September 2015

Your might, intelligence, and speech will remain great. Profits will come from government and money will also come in great amount. You will gain profits from more than one sources. Journeys will remain encouraging and fruitful. You will be able to defeat enemies and find the solution of a long standing problem with your intelligence. Relatives and siblings will not support, some disputes are also possible. Try to develop a cordial relationship with life partner, otherwise it may break. Read more…

Click here to know more about your sign: Virgo

Libra Horoscope For September 2015

This time you will be free from enemies, debt, and diseases. Time is very appropriate for buying a new home, land, or vehicle. There will also be an unexpected increase in income. Chances of getting success in education and competition are very high, so participate with full enthusiasm. Journeys will remain enjoyable. Chances of going abroad are also there, this will give beneficial results in the future. Relationship will improve with father and he will also give his full support. Support of higher officials will lead to success in job. Time is very favorable, so make the most of it. Read more…

Click here to know more about your sign: Libra

Scorpio Horoscope For September 2015

You will earn a lot this time, on the basis of intellect. Father and higher officials will support a lot. If you are into the business of taking government contracts, you will get a great amount of work. Time is also very favorable for politicians; their respect, fame, and courage will increase. Your mind will remain happy and excited. Fruitful results will come from journeys. Some problems are possible from children, but you will get success in education and competition. You may spend on some religious tasks. Benefits will come from the relations of far off places. Maintain your patience and stay away from arrogance. Read more…

Click here to know more about your sign: Scorpio

Sagittarius Horoscope For September 2015

There will be an unexpected increase in your income. Luck is supporting you completely and all the conditions are in your favor. A lot of profit will come from government works, political works and external links. Relation will improve with father and he will support a lot. Chances of getting ancestral property are also very high. Result of any legal issue will come in your favor, enemies will get defeated. Journeys will remain enjoyable. Your interest will increase in spirituality and you will do something great for religion or society. Overall, time is very favorable for Sagittarians. Read more…
Click here to know more about your sign: Sagittarius

Capricorn Horoscope For September 2015

This month you need to control your sexual desires. Your interest may increase in illegal works, which will lead to some situation of insult. Keep a control on your mind. Eyes or stomach related problems are possible, so take care. Physical and worldly pleasures are likely to increase, but don’t involve much in them. Efficiency will decrease. Laziness and carelessness will dominate. You will get the support of destiny in any crucial situation, but don’t take risk. You might try to get success in any illegal work either by hook or by crook. You are advised to use your energy and intellect in the right direction. Read more…
Click here to know more about your sign: Capricorn

Aquarius Horoscope For September 2015

This time you will present your views in a very effective manner. Sudden financial gains and losses are possible. Hence, avoid sudden reaction and excitement in financial matters and give yourself sufficient time to think. Don’t take any work related decision in a hurry. Time is good for gaining respect. Your interest will increase in spiritual tasks and you will come in contact with good and scholar people. Support will come from father and higher officials. You will demolish enemies, however, they may still try to harm. Stay cautious about your health and don’t take any health problem lightly. Read more…
Click here to know more about your sign: Aquarius

Pisces Horoscope For September 2015

Your courage and confidence will increase. Enemies will get defeated. Money will come in a good amount and you will be able to maintain a good atmosphere at home. Relationship with life-partner will improve. You will get relief from debt and diseases. Journeys will produce fruitful results. Profits will come from abroad, and there are also strong chances of travelling abroad. Time is good for love-birds, they may tie the nuptial knot. You will get major success on the basis of your intellect. Spend time with your children and try to understand his/her mental situation. Read more…

Click here to know more about your sign: Pisces

By Pt. Deepak Dubey

Kajari Teej Fast: Muhurat & Vidhi

Kajari Teej is a symbol of love and union of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati that will be celebrated today. Adding auspiciousness to this is Ganesh Chaturthi which is also falling on the same day.

Observe fast on this Kajari Teej to get blessed with your husband’s long life
हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

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What Is Special In This Kajari Teej?

Kajari Teej is falling in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra this year. According to the Hindu calendar, Ganesh Chaturthi is also falling on the same day. Our scriptures have considered this combination as auspicious. It is also said that observing fast on both of these days fulfills all the desires of the fast seeker and showers good luck.

Muhurat For Kajari Teej

Tritiya Tithi Begins On August 31, 2015
16:50 PM
Tritiya Tithi Ends on September 1, 2015
13:23 PM

How To Get blessed With Marital Bliss & Suitable Match?

  1. Observe Nirjala fast (fast observed without consuming water) on this day.
  2. Offer rice, Sattu, Ghee, Mawa, fruits and other marriage adornments (Solah Shringaar) to the Goddess.
  3. Offer Puja, fruits, sweets, Dhoopa and Deepak to Lord Shiva and Parvati.
  4. Chant this mantra to get a husband of your choice:Donate all the adornments (Shringars) to any poor woman.
    “हे गौरी शंकर अर्धांगिनी यथा त्वं शंकर प्रिया।
    तथा मम कुरू कल्याणी कान्त कान्ता सुदुर्लभम्।।”
  5. Take blessings from your elders, mother and sister in law.
  6. Receive Prasad first after doing charity and then perform Paran.

What Is Kajari Teej?

Kajari Teej is known with different names in different parts of India. It is many times referred as ‘Budi Teej’ or ‘Satudi Teej’. It is known as Kajari Teej because of the presence of dark and rainy clouds during this period. Women in their houses make delicious delicacies with barley, wheat and gram. Therefore, it is also known as Satudi Teej. Kajari Teej is one of the eminent festivals of states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh etc. Women often sing songs of separation, love and union with their partner on this day.

Importance Of Kajari Teej

It is believed that Goddess Parvati has devoted herself entirely into austerities to get married to Lord Shiva. It took her 107 births to allure him. The duo finally got married in 108th birth and since then Kajari Teej is celebrated mostly in Northern parts of the country. Performing Shiva and Parvati Puja during this day is considered auspicious. According to our scriptures, both married and unmarried women can observe fast on this day. Married women observe fast for protection & longevity of their husbands while unmarried observe fast to fulfill their long yearning desire of a suitable match.

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Today’s Special

Kajari Teej, Angarika Ganesh Chaturthi and Bahula Chaturthi Vrat will be celebrated on the same day this year. Bahula Vrat is done for longevity of brothers and children. Idols of lion, cow, calf and Lord Ganesha are worshipped on this day. Gods are offered with Sattu of Barley on this day.

AstroSage wishes you a happy Kajari Teej, Ganesh Chaturthi & Bahula Chaturthi!