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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lucky numbers and Number Characteristics

Numbers are a part of our lives one way or the other. Be it, our phone number, vehicle number, house number and even our name, everything has number in it. Read on to know everything these numbers to do to you and learn to control them. 

These numbers might have positive or negative impact on you, it could be lucky or unlucky. For instance, take a lottery ticket; you could have all the first 6 numbers, but the final number will make or break your life. So, every number is important in its own way. 

Magical numbers

What is Lucky number? 

There are many illusions related to lucky no., like some people call Birth number as the lucky no., while some call the Moolank (Life Path Number) as the lucky no. But the truth is different. If you think carefully then you will understand the meaning of lucky no. Luck means destiny and Lucky means fortunate; hence, luck number means fortunate number. The no. which proves lucky for you is your lucky no. For example, a person born on 24 March, 1991 has the birth no. 6 and Moolank (Life Path No.) 2. Birth no. 6 considers the Moolank 2 as its enemy. Under these situations, if the native considers 6 as his lucky no. then Life Path number or Moolank will face negative energy and troubles may occur in the path of life. If he considers 2 as the lucky no. then physical health or image may get affected. But if the native takes no. 5 then Birth no. and Life path no. both will get positive energy and there will be harmony between the two. Therefore, for the person born on 24th March, 1991 no. 5 will be the lucky no. It is not possible that any third no. other than the birth no. and Life path no. could be your lucky no. In many cases, among the birth no. and Life path no. anyone can be your lucky no. or both could be the lucky numbers for you. 

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Let’s see the energy stored in each no. which will help you in knowing as the energy of which planet is stored in your birth no. and Life path no. along with your lucky no. 

Significance Of Each Number

Number One: One is the leader and Champion, it has a strong vibration and gives good results. Number one is ruled by Sun. 
Positive traits: Ambitious, clever, determined and independent.
Negative traits: Arrogant and self centered.

Number Two: Two is a mediator, it is peace loving and gentle. Number two is ruled by the Moon. 
Positive traits: Elegant, diplomatic and caring
Negative traits: Manipulative, fickle minded 

Number Three: Three is all the bit of a charmer. Very friendly and social person. Number three is ruled by Jupiter.
Positive traits: Friendly, generous, jovial and caring
Negative traits: Extravagant, snobbish and scattered 

Number Four: Four is a hard worker. Trustworthy and dependable. Number four is ruled by Uranus. 
Positive traits: Wise, steady headed and helpful 
Negative traits: Stubborn and narrow minded. 

Number Five: Five is adventurous and a freedom lover. Does not like to be bound by rules. Number five is ruled by Mercury. 
Positive traits: witty, adaptable, fun-loving and adjusting
Negative traits: indecisive, inconsistent and irresponsible

Number Six: Six is serene and a peace lover. Is very compassionate towards everything. Number six is ruled by Venus.
Positive traits: emotional, fun-loving, jovial and stable
Negative traits: jealous and superficial

Number Seven: Seven is a thinker, spiritually inclined and interested in occult science. Number seven is ruled by Neptune.
Positive traits: Calm, spiritual, psychic and unusual 
Negative traits: Introvert, gloomy and stubborn

Number Eight: Eight is a born leader, always has their way figured out, very clear in what they want to achieve. Eight is ruled by Saturn.
Positive traits: Courageous, charismatic, ambitious and determined 
Negative traits: Stubborn, materialistic and narrow-minded

Number Nine: Nine is a educator, leads the way for others. Often gets emotionally drained. Nine is ruled by Mars.
Positive traits: Helpful, emotional, sympathetic and loving 
Negative traits: Sullen, fragile and moody.

If you have been trying your luck without knowing your lucky no., Then it’s time for you to let the energy of your luck no. enter your life and make the path your life much easier.