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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Sun’s Transit to Cancer (16th July, 2013) : Effects on You!

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra
Sun is transiting to Cancer this 16th July 2013.
हिंदी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

On the 16th of July at 03:45 pm, the Sun will transit to Cancer. It will remain there till 12:07 am, between the nights of 16th and 17th of August. The mighty Sun is considered to be the King of all the planets. So, its transit will have a major impact on nature. At this point of time, it is going into ‘Dakshinayan’. Right now, the Sun is moving toward the water sign, which is Cancer. Thus, we can hope for plenty of rain. This will ultimately have good impact on the crops as they will yield higher output. But, it will not be advantageous for the South Western zones, as either the rain will cease or the level of rain will decrease. The agricultural sector of the South-West region is likely to suffer. The governments of the northern belt are likely to face problems. Peace and prosperity will prevail in the East. There will be fluctuations in the price of commodities and on the whole the situation will be quite balanced.

Now, let us see what impact the Sun’s transit to Cancer will have on all the Zodiac signs.


The Sun will be in your 4th house at this time, so will be concerned about your parents’ health. Some unpleasant ideas may also crop up in your mind. Try to stay far from an unethical work. If you have been planning to purchase some property or vehicle, it would be better for you to delay the investment. You may be overloaded with work; thus feel stressed out.


Sun’s transit will bring it to your 3rd house, Taurians. This means that you will be very happy with your family life. You have been longing for a number of things that you are most likely to get during this period. You will be all set to buy an expensive phone. It would be advisable to be close fisted. You may plan on a short travel, which will be beneficial and enjoyable for you. Taurians, during this time bonds with your family, friends and relatives will strengthen. You will be blessed with good health too in this period.


Sun will be in your 2nd house. This does not have a very good indication for you in terms of finance. So, you need to be very careful while making any transaction. You may have some technical problem in your laptop, computer or mobile. This will further add to your list of expenditures. Your family life will be affected. Some ailments in your eyes and mouth may cause you bother.


The Sun has transited to your 1st house; hence you may feel anger bubbling within you constantly. If you wear spectacles and are planning to purchase a new pair then this is an appropriate time to do so. Inclement weather may be harmful for your health and you may run fever. But, you may gain in other fields of life or get aid from the government. If you have worked hard, you will indeed achieve success. You may have to travel to some nearby place.


Sun is in your 12th house. This indicates that you must not take any decisions in haste. Any wrong decision may cause you harm. Expenditures will be ever high. Be very wise while carrying out business or you may be at a loss. Maintain cordial relations with your friends or relatives or an awkward situation may erupt. Speculation may give you to monetary loss. During this period, you will face a lot of problems while travelling because of traffic.


Sun is in your 11th house, so all your desires will be fulfilled during this period. You may hang out with your friends on a shopping spree to some mall or market place. Your boss has been planning on giving you a boost in your pay scale. You will spend some good time with your love. Long journey will be very pleasurable and lucky. You will be successful in making deals. You will gain from making compromises too.


Sun has transited in your 10th house, so this period will be satisfying for you from all spheres. You will be relieved  from all financial stress. You will also find success in business or job. Your seniors will praise you. You may even get promoted. During this period you will be very active in work. Your diligence will be acknowledged. You will go on a successful business tour.


Sun is in your 9th house. During this time you will get mixed results. You will meet prominent and senior people. You may go on a pilgrimage. Since people have faith in you, you will be given more responsibilities. This time will be good for you in terms of money too. You may have to travel somewhere, but a long journey will do you no good. Take good care of your parent's health.


Sun is in your eighth house. This transit is not very lucky for you. You may face some problems all of a sudden. You will have to face the traffic no doubt, but take care of your vehicle. Stay away from any unethical work. Before signing any important document please go through it very carefully. Maintain good relations with your in laws and take care of your health.


Sun will be in your 7th house during this time. This house belongs to your daily affairs and conjugal relationship. Transit of Sun in this house is not considered lucky. So, even if you work very hard, you may not get much success. It may be problematic for your career or business. Avoid getting involved in any argument with your family and specially your life partner. You will feel quite stressed out so do take care of your health. But don't worry, these problems will prevail only for a short span of time.


Sun is now in your 6th house. So, whatever you do, you will find success. You will gain respect and may be promoted too. All your problems will be sorted out. You will be successful in debates.  Your work will be good and there will be improvement in your career. This period will be lucky for you from every dimension.


Sun will be transited to your 5th house. Sun's transit to this house is not considered very lucky. So, generally, you will be very enthusiastic about your life and welcome every situation. But, this time will not be good in terms of love. You may have to travel. Try not to spend too much time in contemplation. This could be harmful for you.