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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rishi Panchami: The Day Of Purification

Rishi Panchami
Rishi Panchami (aka Rushi Panchami) comes on the 5th day of the bright half of the Hindu lunar month Bhadrapada; that is, two days after Hartalika Teej and one day after Ganesh Chaturthi. If we look at it from Gregorian calendar, the festival falls in the month of August or September usually. This time, Rishi Panchami will be celebrated on the 10th of September, 2013.

As Hindu calendar is always stuffed with many important days, we consider each one of them as festival. However, some events can’t be considered as festival. One of them is Rishi Panchami. 

Rishi Panchami is not actually a festival. It is an auspicious day, which offers the chance for women to purify their bodies and get rid of Rajaswala Dosha. Not only this, the day is also auspicious to get rid of all the sins one has made in the past.

What Is Rajaswala Dosha?

In Hinduism, a woman going through the menstruation time is considered unclean. During that period of time, the woman isn’t allowed to enter the kitchen or the place of worship. Also, she is asked to stay in isolation away from everyone for that time.

Rishi Panchami Vs Rajaswala Dosha

On the day of Rishi Panchami, women worship the 7 sages (Sapt Rishi) to get rid of all the Doshas, especially Rajaswala Dosha. Hinduism prioritizes purity, be it physical or spiritual; and the day of Rishi Panchami offers the chance to get rid of all the impurities.

Rishi Panchami In Nepal

The observance of Rishi Panchami is seen mostly amongst the Nepali Hindus. They follow the proper procedure of worship and considers the day of Rishi Panchami very significant. In some area, the 3 days fast of Hartalika Teej ends on Rishi Panchami.

Rishi Panchami & Other Beliefs

The idea of observing fast on the day of Rishi Panchami is not only confined to Rajaswala Dosha. The belief may vary from region to region. As the day is dedicated to the commemoration of 7 great sages, one may pay the gratitude toward the great saints. Everybody can perform this fast, be them males or females. Just the belief and aim of observing the fast may differ from person to person.

Sapt Rishi & 4 Vedas

The names of the Sapt Rishis (7 sages) are as follows:

  1. Rishi Kashyap
  2. Rishi Atri
  3. Rishi Bhardwaj
  4. Rishi Vishwamitra
  5. Rishi Gautam
  6. Rishi Janadagni 
  7. Rishi Vashishtha

Hinduism follows the principles of Vedas. There are 4 Vedas, namely:

  1. Rig Veda
  2. Yajur Veda
  3. Sam Veda
  4. Atharva Veda

Sapt Rishi contributed in the writing work of Vedas. As their thoughts are being followed by each Hindu, this day is dedicated to honor the first Gurus.

As a child, your parents must have told you about that constellation consisted of 7 stars, which is known as Sapt Rishi. It is near the North Pole. The constellation has been given the names of Sapt Rishi so that their names become immortal.

The Dying Day

Rishi Panchami is extincting with time, as nobody is bothered about this day and hardly few of us know about it. Earlier, women used to observe fast on this day considering it very auspicious. Let’s see how this day is celebrated…

Rishi Panchami Celebration

As the day is mainly believed to be for women, the celebration process may also favor them. However, men may extract the processes to become the part of this auspicious day. 

First of all, women observe fast on this day. In afternoon, they visit a nearby water body, be it river or a pond; bring cow dung with them; clean their teeth with medicinal herbal wood stick (Agadha sticks); take bath in the water. 

Now, Sapt Rishi should be established on a wooden Bajot in the form of 7 betel nuts and then worshipped. During the fast of Rishi Panchami, women can consume the eatable roots (Kand Mool); for example, potatoes and sweet potatoes; and the eatables grown from the grains being toiled by bullocks should not be consumed.

Even Jains consider it a very auspicious day. They have their own reason and way of observation. However, the basic motive between Hindus and Jains remains the same for this festival.

Rishi Panchami is a very significant day, which is getting extinct with time. It needs revival and only you can do that. Become the part of it and let others join you too.

With this, we hope you fetch the blessings of Sapt Rishi and your ancestors to lead a blissful life. May you get freed from all the past sins and impurities this Rishi Panchami.

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