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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Parsva Ekadashi: End the Bondage

The day to end all troubles, the day to burn the past Karmas, Parsva Ekadashi liberates you from all your fears. This year Parshva Ekadashi, which is also called Vamana Ekadashi and Parivartani Ekadashi is on 14 September 2013. This Ekadashi is called Vaman Ekadashi because Lord Vishunu incarnated as Vamana to defeat King Mahabali on this day. This is the day when Lord Vishnu turns from one side to another while lying over the Shesha Naga. 
The day of Lord Vishunu

Ekadashi to end all Troubles 

In the Brahma Vivarta Purana, the Parivartini Ekadashi has been explained as the conversation between Lord Krishna and Yudhishthira. In this conversation Lord Krishna explains the importance of this day. He says that by observing this fast, devotees get liberated from the bondage of life and death. Also this day is an excellent opportunity to get rid of the effects of past karmas.

Legend of Ekadashi

Three steps of Lord Vamana

As per the legend, during the times when king Bali ruled the Earth, he became the most powerful of all. Seeing his power and valor the Devas went to Lord Vishnu to seek a solution. He then told them that he would incarnate as Vamana to end the rule of Bali. King Bali was known for his philanthropic ways. He never returned a person empty handed. One day when he was conducting a Yajna, Lord Vishnu came to seek alms from him as a dwarf vamana (brahmin). He asked King Bali to donate three steps of land to him. King Bali did not recognize him and laughed at meager demand of Vamana. He offered Vamana much more than what he asked for, but Vamana stuck to just what he asked for. When he agreed to the demands of the Vamana the size of the little brahmin began to increase. With his two steps he covered Earth and all heavenly planets and there was no place for the third step. Realizing his mistake, Bali offered his head to be stepped upon. This pleased the Lord and he made him the King of the nether world. 

On this day let us all decide to burn all our past mistakes and make a fresh beginning. A very happy Parshva Ekadashi! Take a day out from your busy life and witness your life to know which path are you headed for. Parshva Ekadashi offers you just that freedom which you have been wanting forever.