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Friday, January 25, 2013

21 December 2012 & Mystery of Mayan

By Devesh Kumar Singh
“Shri Sadgurudeva Charan Kamaleybhayo Namah ||”

Since one year, whatever people said about Mayan Calendar and 21st December was carrying more lie than the truth.

Let’s see what the Kaalgyan and Astrology says about it (only according to my perception).

First of all, we will consider present Kaal Chakra – Saturn took transit in Libra on 4th of August 2012 and Saturn is Mahakaal. Now, where is the Saturn’s place of rest? It is in Third Eye Chakra. It means exactly at the center  Hence, Sun (Right Eye) on one side and Moon (Left Eye) at the other.Now, what is the best zodiac sign of Mahakaal? Guess, I have just told you. Well, it is Libra because Saturn is Mahakaal. Now, what is the symbol of Libra? It is the Weigher. And, how does it look, balancing both of the sides, right? Same is the picture shown for the sign Libra. Similarly, Agyachakra (Third Eye Chakra) is the pin of the scale that balances both of the eyes.