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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Mars Transit In Capricorn - Know It’s Effect On You

Mars will transit in Capricorn on November 01 2016, at 08:36 am and will remain till December 11 06:54 pm. Let’s see what this alliance of the earth sign “Capricorn” & the planet of fixed assets “Mars” might have in store for us.

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Capricorn is an earthy sign and Mars represents embedded assets of a native. It represents heavy machinery and heavy vehicles. Capricorn is compelled by Saturn along with Aquarius . Mars will be making a move in the stars of Sun & the Moon. Let’s find out what effects it may bring in general. Those who are undergoing Dasa, Bhukti and Antra of Mars will be more affected, others a little less.


Your ego will be augmented and so will your bickering tendencies as well as hostile behavior. You will feel dandier than others. Your love affairs might suffer a blow. There could be anonymous gains for some. During the end part of the phase, you could go through some unanticipated predicament . Read more


Expenses will rise. Your father’s health could suffer. There could be gains from family and friends. Your blood pressure might bother you. Health issues related to blood could crop up in the last phase of this transit. Read more


There will be precipitous gains and losses for you. Competitors will try to unsettle you. Your brother could cause a headache for you. Family life might get a little problematic. You will achieve astonishingly high position. Read more


Love life might face some oppression. Put your foot down before things go berserk. You could be short-tempered, try to be as tranquil as you can. Spouse could cause a feud for some natives. Finances are destined to improve. Read more


You might get riled soon, mental tensions will try to overwhelm you. You will be on the fence for most part of this spell. You will be heavily influenced by Saturn as well as Mars; thus, creating bewilderment. Elders could face health related issues. Read more


Your kids could land you or themselves in trouble. Pay attention & try to keep them away from sharp edgy things. Your hidden enemies will try to cramp your style. Stomach problems could take a turn for the worse. Read more


There could be a domestic squabble. Your attitude could cause complications at work, you could lose money as well. Do not ignore issues relating to your private parts, we all know the importance they hold in our lives. Some of you could stomach professional gains. The end phase might stir a lot of mental agony. Read more


Your commanding lord is lofty; transiting in your third house, there will be gains from family. You will become eminent. You will have swift gains. Four planets are transiting in your ascendant. Be astute when making important decisions. Read more


You could be travelling overseas pretty soon. Your approach could throw people off. Your lower back could make you feel out of sorts . Romance will be all over the place for the time being. Read more


Mars is transiting in your horoscope. You should be amicable & placid. To have both Sun and Moon is something to be on pins & needles, as they are the lords of 7th and the 8th house respectively. There could be mental stress, expenses, etc. But, all’s well that ends well, as the last phase will be good since Mars owns the 11th house, when going to Aquarius, it will render you with rewards. Read more


This transit brings you with professional can of worms. There could be delays, but all the things will fall in place eventually. Your stomach could give you a hard time. Read more


There could be substantial gains, especially for those who are running a period of Mars. You could be doing charitable deeds. You could turn into quite a popular figure and could also plan a long trip. Read more