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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Leucoderma - An Astrological Analysis

By Kishore Ghildiyal

Our skin has two layers – outer layer and inner layer. Under the inner layer, there is a cell called Melanophore, which contains an element called Melanin. Melanin provides the natural tone or color to the skin. When this element becomes distorted anyhow, it tends to an ailment called Leucoderma.

Element named Melanin generates under the skin and gives the color to the skin after coming up. The portion of skin that suffers through the lack of melanin shows up in the form of white spot. Ayurveda has placed this disease under the diseases happen due to the lack of sufficient nutrients. According to this, small pores of skin get obstructed due to the excess of cough, due to which Melanin couldn’t forms and this disease incepts. From the angle of Astrology, we should consider following houses as well as planets for this disease.