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Thursday, August 15, 2013

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Happy Independence Day! So, what did you do today? Celebrated the 66th year of independence, or just slept at home and cherished a break between a hectic working week?

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Independence Day 2013: 66th Birthday Of Independent India

India completes 66 years of Independence.

On 15th August, 2013, India will complete its 66 years of Independence. This means that India will enter into its 67th year of being a free nation. Sadly, India has not been able to achieve all the goals that it had set for itself since then. It has not accomplished anything extraordinary. Even if politicians are patting their backs and boasting about several achievements; we, citizens are fully aware of the bitter truth.

I remember that as a child, I was often compelled to participate in cultural programmes, wherein I had to perform patriotic songs that were obviously recommended by the teachers. One of the popular ones was - "Apni azadi ko hum hargiz mita sakte nahi”. But now that I have grown out of my childhood and stand facing the true value of freedom, I feel perplexed. I often wonder if freedom implies that in a land that is the largest producer of agricultural output, tomatoes are priced at Rs 100 per Kg. Even so our politicians claim that in the metropolitan cities of India, complete and wholesome meals are available for Rs. 5 and even Rs 1. There are millions of people in India who do not get pure water to drink, they have no home, no education, no job and no security. So, I ask again - "What is freedom?" Was it for this freedom, that we sang those patriotic songs?... Apni azadi ko hum hargiz mita sakte nahi!!! If this is freedom, then we certainly want to cast it away. Because for me this is absolute filth and nothing else. This filth lies here, because Rahu is posited in India's Ascendant (1st house).

I have constantly been repeating that because of Rahu it is very difficult to remove corruption from India. It is an immensely huge challenge to remove terrorism from the country.

This is clearly evident in Independent India's Chart. Ascendant Lord, Venus is located in the third house with many other planets. Venus is also combust and Rahu is present on the ascendant (1st house). Neither ascendant nor the ascendant Lord is under the influence of any auspicious planet. Naturally, scenario of this country may be depicted beautifully on papers, but this picture will be far from reality. No single party would be able to form a government because ascendant and ascendant Lord are influenced by almost all the planets. Ascendant Lord Venus, is accompanied by Moon, Mercury, Sun and Saturn. Rahu is at ascendant and Ketu is aspecting it. Now, we are left with Jupiter and Mars. Well, Jupiter is in sub-constellation of Ketu and Ketu is aspecting ascendant from seventh house. Mars is in the constellation of Rahu and Rahu is posited on ascendant. Too many cooks spoil the broth, similarly when there are so many preachers in a temple, it is but natural that it will get destroyed.

So, no matter who comes to govern India, they will simply ravage the nation and stuff themselves up. But yes, there are some planets, which can give fruitful results despite the negative influence of Rahu. Two of them are Venus and Jupiter. Venus is a female planet. Ascendant Lord is Venus. The woman who could take charge of this country must be an Indian, with Indian parents. She should have been born on the Indian soil. The other planet is Jupiter. So, that person must understand religion and the culture of India. Thus, that person must have a religious mind. But in India, it’s tabooed as sinful to talk about such a person. Or else, the so called secular people will create a ruckus. Now, my job is simply to inform and I have done so. Time will eventually disclose, what the so called well wishers have to say. So, let us know from 'time' itself, how the period between 15th August, 2013 till 15th August, 2014 will be for India?

India's 66th year's Chart:

Ascendant Lord, Mars is in the third house with Jupiter. This indicates that the citizens will be full of zeal. A sense of national awakening will grip the people. They will be more concerned about the cultural degradation in the country. But, Ketu is in the Ascendant, so people will be exploited and they will have to struggle to put forward their point. In the fourth house, Sun is aspected by Saturn. So, children of India will face numerous problems and there will be conflicts within the nation. Venus is in the 6th house, whereas Saturn and Rahu are in the 7th House. This clearly indicates that women will be oppressed and mistreated. Apart from patriotism, everything else will be unfavorable for the country.
Let's talk about Muntha now. This year, Muntha will be in the 8th house. This indicates that the neighboring countries of India, may try to prowl into our boundaries. India's culture and wealth will be at stake. Some plague may also lead to loss of life and money. International relations will be distorted. Employment and business opportunities will slacken. India may be struck with a catastrophic calamity too.

Let's see what are the predictions for India as per Dasha of the year:

From 14th August till 11th October, Venus's Dasha will have influence in the country. Venus is in the 6th House. This signifies that relations with neighboring countries will be damaged. Pakistan and China are the crucial neighbors, with whom our relationship is always on tenterhooks. There is a possibility that there will be infiltration from their side. Our politicians will accuse each other for the mishaps and this recrimination will continue heating up. Women may be harassed.

Sun’s dasha will have influence from 11th October till 30th October and Sun is in the 4th house. Hence internal strife will mount up and civilians will be the ultimate victims of these riots. Farmers and cattle will be at loss. Unemployment will increase, thereby causing more distress to the people.

From 30th October till 29th November, will be Moon's Dasha and it will be in the 8th house. Thus, people may be afflicted with ailments related to high temperature or water. Problems may erupt out of regionalism.

From 29th November till 20th December, we will be magnetized by Mars's Dasha, and Mars is situated in the 2nd house. This suggests that trade will be adversely affected. Certain activities may cause violence. But, as far the the neighboring countries are concerned, this time we will pull up the courage and slap them hard with wise response, in retaliation.

From 20th December till 13th February of 2014, India will be under the influence of Rahu's Dasha, which is present in 7th house. This would result in calamities like train or air crash. It is possible that crime against women will increase.

From 13th February till 3rd April, India will be under the influence of Jupiter's dasha. Jupiter is located in the 6th house as per Annual chart. This reveals that though people will be at unrest, there is a chance that India will strengthen financially. So, this will soothe the people to some extent. People will become more religious minded. There will be a cultural awakening.

From 3rd April till 31st May, we will be under the influence of the planet situated in the 7th house and that is Saturn. Hence, people will become more and more discontent. Eventually, citizens will face their wrath and blow it out on the government.

From 31st May to 21st July, Mercury's Dasha will influence the country. Mercury is in the 4th house. People will get some relief during this period. There will be an alteration in the structure of the government. Some people of high authority may be transferred elsewhere.

From 21st July till 12th August, Ketu will be in the 1st house. People will be afflicted because of Ketu's influence. Some opponent forces in the country will try to become active.

From 12th August till 14th August, Venus's Dasha will have influence over the country. Venus is located in the 6th house. So, unusual situations may be successful in shoving their way through and hence, India's condition will improve steadily.

This indicates that till May, 2014 India's pitiably disturbed situations will persist. After that, things will start settling down. So we can admit that this year is not favorable for India.