Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Sun Transit Today Will Bring Unexpected Changes in Life!

Sun Transit in Aquarius will affect each sign. Some will get Raj Yoga in their kundli, while some have to remain alert!

Sun is a universally significant planet, not from the celestial point of view but also for humankind. In mythological scriptures, it is hailed as the “soul” of the universe and the “creator”. In Hinduism, it is worshipped as a sacred deity with full devotion, whereas in Vedic astrology, Sun is considered as the leader of all the planets. It owns the zodiac sign Leo and is the ruler of Kritika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra. When this planet enters any zodiac sign, the auspicious time period to carry out religious tasks begins. During this time, people organise religious ceremonies to ward off negative energies from life. Sun’s movement in different zodiac signs is regarded as the base when calculating Hindu Panchang.

The change in the placement of the Sun affects the people of every zodiac sign. It will transit in the sign Aquarius on 13 February 2019 (Wednesday) at 8:44 AM in the morning and will remain till 5:35 AM on 15 March 2019 (Friday). Hence, how favourable will this transit prove to be, let's know:

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This transit will pan out to be favourable for Aries natives. You will witness your dreams coming true. A few extra efforts will help you to reap better results. You will find yourself inclined towards religious and virtuous deeds.….Read More


For the natives of the zodiac sign Taurus, the transit of Sun in Aquarius might pose some problematic situations in domestic life. Try and control your anger and talk about the conflicts.….Read More


During the period of this transit, Geminis will be more determined to achieve their goals than ever. You may set your foot for a long journey, which will serve to be a stepping stone in your career upliftment….Read More

Wear Ruby/Manik To Pacify Sun


Cancer natives will be required to take care of their health during the stretch of this transit. There are chances of you getting ill if you do not take care of yourself. Financial problems will be a pain in your neck....Read More


The luminary Sun is the ruler of the zodiac sign, Leo. Its transit in Aquarius will have a profound impact on the lives of the natives belonging to Leo. With its effect; you will become more devoted and committed towards your partner.….Read More


The transit of Sun in Aquarius will invite good fortune in the life of Virgo natives. You will have the peace of mind during this period. You may go on long journeys as well. Any work that is demanding in nature will catch your attention….Read More

Establish Surya Yantra and Strengthen the Placement of Sun


Your income will be on the rise during the period of this transit. Natives of Libra zodiac sign will gain wit and humour, which will add spice to their communication as well as personality.….Read More


The period of the transit will turn out to be an average time in a Scorpio’s life. You may have a confused state of mind during this period. It will be tough for you to make quick decisions….Read More


Sagittarians will witness their focus, concentration, and determination on the rise during the period of the transit. You will be goal-oriented and strike hard to achieve success. Your younger siblings need to be cautious during this period; otherwise, they may land in problems…..Read More

Follow These Sun Remedies To Gain Good Results


There will be a bunch of surprises that will follow during this period of transit for Capricorn natives. You will receive good news during this stretch of time. There are chances of receiving benefits from your in-laws…..Read More


The luminary Sun will transit into your own sign, i.e. Aquarius. Owing to this, you will witness a tremendous change in various facets of your life. Most of the things will be in your favour, so you do not need to worry much.….Read More


The most awaited time will arrive in the life of a Pisces with this transit. You will have high hopes and give your best shot in whatever you do. You will be determined, and as a result, you will do well in your professional life.….Read More

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