Friday, April 6, 2018

AstroSage Kundli App is now with Hindu Calendar, Festivals, Vrat & more

AstroSage Kundli with new user-friendly features! Now get information like Hindu Calendar, Monthly Calendar, Yearly Festival, Yearly Vrat, Amant-Purnimant month details and so on. With addition of these features, the services of AstroSage Kundli has become more interactive and friendly.

India’s no. 1 Kundli Software, AstroSage Kundli App, is broadening its sphere with more new features for serving our users in more friendly and convenient manner. These features are as follows:

  • Monthly Calendar
  • Hindu Calendar
  • Yearly Festival
  • Yearly Vrat
  • Amant-Purnimant month details
  • Calendar for upcoming 80 years

The new features added in AstroSage Kundli App offers valuable information regarding dates, days, Hindu months, various fasts and festivals performed in a year, and much more. For example, you can know the dates and days of main fasts like Pradosha, Purnima, Amavasya, Ekadashi, etc using above services. Furthermore, Hindu Calendar feature offers you detail about important festivals like Sankranti, Navratri, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali and other festivals in a year. You can also set a reminder for these important events. For this, you will need to add that particular fast or festival in Calendar by going into the Yearly Vrat / Festival 2018 section on the homepage of AstroSage Kundli App. Thus, when that particular fast or festival will occur, you’ll get the reminder in advance.

Other than these new features, the app has services like Hora, Choghadiya, Rahu Kaal, Do Ghati Muhurat and so on.

AstroSage Kundli App always try to keep our services simple, easy, reliable and user-friendly for our users. As this is the era of information technology, therefore, we are using new techniques and technologies in our app to offer you a more interactive and better experience. The current version of AstroSage Kundli App, AstroSage Kundli App 11.1, is available on Google Play Store.

If you have any suggestion to make the services of AstroSage Kundli App even better, please share them with us. If there is any complaint about our services, please do write to us.

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