Friday, February 23, 2018

No Holy Deeds in Holashtak, Starting Today

Don’t try these deeds in coming 7 days! Why auspicious deeds and spiritual activities are not allowed during Holashtak? What are the reason behind this? Know the answers to such questions along with their effects on you as per Astrology.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Holashtak is the duration of 8 days before holi festival, and is considered as an inauspicious period majorly in North India. The auspicious activities like marriage, house warming, etc. are prohibited during these 8 days. Holashtak falls from Ashtami tithi of Falgun Shukl paksha to Purnima or Full Moon of Falgun Shukl Paksha. Holashtak ends with the Holika Dahan and this year, it will start on 23rd February 2018 and will end on 1st March 2018. With this day only, people start to prepare for Holika Dahan and 2 big wooden bars are established for its celebration. The first bar or pillars is addressed as Holika and the second one is called Prahalad.

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Why Spiritual Activities are prohibited during Holashtak?

According to Hindu religious belief, Lord Vishnu's devotees, Prahlad, had given many troubles for 8 days prior to Holika Dahan by the demon Hiranyakashyap. Since then, these 8 days of attack on God's devotion have been considered inauspicious in Hindu religion. In this period, especially marriage, construction of new house, starting of new business etc. should not be initiated. Because of the work done in these 8 days, there are possibilities of disintegration in work and problems in marriage.

Astrological View

In Vedic astrology also, Holashtak has been described as inauspicious. During this time the moon on Ashtami, the Sun on Navami, Saturn on Dashami, Venus on Ekadashi, Guru on Dwadashi, Mercury on Trayodashi, Mangal on Chaturdashi, and Rahu on Purnima are living in radiant nature. The ill effects of these vicious planets fall on human life. The natives of Scorpio zodiac or those with Moon in their birth-chart’s 8th or 9th house should be more cautious these days.

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Significance of Donation and Fast During Holashtak

In Holashtak where the good works are forbidden to do, fasting and charity are marked as important. Fasting and charity done in these 8 days gets one rid of the sufferings of life and while endowing God's grace. During these days, donations of clothing, grains and other stuff should be carried out.

Holashtak is however, not considered in many parts of the country. According to public belief, there are no ill-effects of Holashtak at places other than places such as Shatrudra, Vipasha, Iravati and Pushkar Sarovar, hence the auspicious work in other places can be done without any hassle. Nevertheless, according to classical beliefs, auspicious work is barred in the period of Holashtak, so we should try to avoid them.

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