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What Type Of Father You Are

Father’s Day is tomorrow, but today your zodiac signs will predict what kind of father you will be; and if you already own a package of cuteness, you may check out in what direction your parenting is going. Let’s have fun with these crazy predictions.


Your energy and courage make you a tough father. With high confidence, you might appear short-tempered at times, but please don’t scare your children. Leadership positions and sports are the fields of your expertise, and you will try to pass this onto your off-springs. You have competitive tendencies as well. Try not to compete with your children.

Children of Arians are tough
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You will think quite rationally for your children and work harder for them, but lack of better planning might keep you in hot water. When you decide something for your little ones, they just can’t go against it and if tried to, your anger is no less than Maha Kali. Don’t get depressed because there are many good things as well like you are a good singer with a sweet voice. You will keep your family entertained.

Children of Taureans strive to be rich.
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Being intuitive, you can always read the mind of your children (quite creepy for them). You are creative and love multi-tasking, and try to imbibe these characteristics in your children as well. You are jovial in nature and may look young all your life, which might make your children forget the elderly difference. Philosophy and arts interest you, but don’t push your children into it, they might just not find it that awesome.

Geminis’ children are good homemakers.
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Everyone loves you because you are sensitive and emotional. But, this won’t make your children impressed because you are not always concerned and focused. What interests you is art, nature, and especially water. Beware, your children might feel left out as you are quite social; all thanks to your impressive personality.

Cancerians expect their children to be the Mother Teresa.
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Just like the King of the Jungle, you are courageous, confident, bold, and royal with exclusive leadership and managerial skills. It also makes you generous and Sattvik. Indeed, quite a rare combination you are. No wonder your children will most of the time stay awestruck. With a good personality, you have spiritual interests like philosophy, Yoga, and many occult sciences. Don’t practice any voodoo on your children.

Lions make their children royal.
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With your soft nature and sweet voice, you will always make your children feel comfortable around you. Your high creativity will help your off-springs to grow into an artistic direction, especially when it comes on music, dance, and arts, you have got the natural talent. Your calculative tendencies also make you witty. Hence, it won’t be difficult for you to keep your children under control.

Virgonians will make good marketers and PR experts.
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You are just like a perfect father who is sophisticated, disciplined, and a peace lover. However, children don’t find it that appealing. You will be lucky if you got a serious child. Nature, art, music, poetry, or anything that is creative interests you. You can be a really good rescuer to your children for being a good counselor and having high level of patience.

Children of Librans become fabulous corporate employee.
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You can keep secrets and children will rely on you, as you won’t tell everything to the mommy. However, you are quite stubborn, once you decide something, no matter how many tears your children shed, you won’t change your mind. Eventually, it makes you short-tempered as well. However, your interest in Yoga can help you in having a peaceful mind.

Scorpions raise up the fabulous secret agents.
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You are always focused toward your goals, and this may make your children feel neglected. You think so much about everything that it confuses you at times. However, your off-springs will be quite inspired from you as you are generous, helping, social, and Sattvik. You preach people about religion quite well and are highly spiritual.

Sagittarians make their babied targeted toward their goal.
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You work hard, think practically, but still stay surrounded with some struggle in life. Seeing you in troubles will make your children tough. But, as you keep working continuously, they may feel ignored and can rebel against this injustice. Never mind, find some time out with children to enjoy at a water park or something like that (as you enjoy the water so much).

Children of Capricorns are born fighters.
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You are just too intelligent for your children to feel comfortable. Always craving for knowledge, you prefer to put them on hold for learning something new. You are a deep thinker and a philosopher. But, your children always wonder what their Daddy is upto? As you are good at multitasking, you will manage to find some time out for your little ones.

Aquarians have highly skilled and intelligent babies
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Your emotional level can make your children go crazy wondering how to keep you normal. But, they will enjoy your caring nature. As you easily get scared, hide and seek with children might turn out to be a serious play. Keep yourself away from the tiffs among your children and relish your artistic taste. Your interest in Yoga can keep you out of the stress most of the times.

Children of Pisceans can be really wonderful religious preacher.
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These days we are just too engrossed in creating a better future for us that we hardly get time for the blessings we have. Father’s Day allows us to spare some time out for the one who has given the base to our lives. So, let’s make this day a special one for our amazing fathers.

Happy Father’s Day!

Event Of The Day!

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