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Weekly Horoscope 2016 (March 7 - 13)

Here, we present you the weekly horoscope from March 7 to 13, 2016. Now, know how this week will go and read the future discoveries analysed by our famous astrologer this week. So, get ready to scroll down on your zodiac sign.

Presenting Weekly horoscope predictions for this week


Arians, this week has come up defining that it is going to be in favor of student, their memorisation power will speed up. If you are going for a competition, then luck will support you. While, expenditures might increase. Some might observe tension in domestic life. Arians, you have got great chance to travel which might become favorable in future. Lastly, this week will bring lots of goodness in love bond with partner. 

Love Predictions: The students who are in love with their classmate, this week might bless you with teenage love. If you are planning to confess your love to someone, do it in the initial days. Since the busy schedule of yours might not give you time later. Ending of this week is also predicted to be average. 

Remedy/ Treatment: Worship Lord Sun to gain good results.

Love Rating: 4/5


Taureans, your hard work will give you lots of rewards this week, whereas the people who will depend on their luck, can face unfavorable changes. The good thing is that expenditure will decline and money will be saved. Students are suggested to have full concentration on their studies to fetch good grades. This week will bring harmony in family. 

Love Predictions: Being true to your partner is the real togetherness. So, if you are stuck in the situation, get out of it and choose what you want. You might be little busy in the starting days but make sure your personal life is not getting affected or vice-versa. You might not to be able to meet much in the weekend. 

Remedy/ Treatment: Worship Moon to increase the concentration power.

Love Rating: 3/5


Geminis, you will be fully charged with energy and activeness in this week. Matters related to external issues will now receive success. The political and social life of Geminis might have some sew saw like moments. The dedication towards certain work will make you fetch success. Geminis are recommended to stay away from illicit activities, as luck ratings are low. Also, avoid investing as this week will bring happiness in the life of couples. 

Love Predictions: Naughty fights brings two hearts closer. However, if you will take it too seriously, you might end up with a real one. So, do not spoil your mood as the starting is not much favorable. This busy schedule will settle after some days and passionate love will be enjoyed by you both. 

Remedy/Treatment: Donation of black Urad Dal will remain favorable for your health.

Love Rating: 3/5


Cancerians, in this week you will be benefitted with lots money rewards due to the high luck rating. Your courageous & energetic attitude will be maintained. With all the goodness Cancerians, some unfavorable changes might arise. Ideological differences with siblings might be troublesome. If talking about health; you need to take care, problems like High blood pressure & diabetes should be in control. It is advised not to take big decision this week.

Love Predictions: If you really want to enjoy this week with your partner, make sure you do not 
let your ego and language spoil things. Talk sweetly with each other and give your best in your relationship. Your love life will remain good in the middle days as you will succeed in making up all the old issues. 

Remedy/Treatment: Have control on your speech. 

Love Rating: 2.5/5


Lions, you have to do lots of effort to attain success. Hence, competitors and students should gear up. Parents, children might create some issues which might put you in trouble. You are required to take care of health and drive safe. Those who are in love or are in relationship, you are recommended to act patiently in every matters otherwise problems may arise. 

Love Predictions: This week wants you to focus on one thing at a time. Starting of this week is good for all and more supportive to the married couples. You have to be careful in the mid days of the week as the time is not much on your side. Even though you will be busy, love life will not be affected. 

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Maa Saraswati to attain success in exams. 

Love Rating: 3/5


Virgonians, this week you might face some unwanted situations, whereas, if you control your anger things can set back at its place . As, little tiffs make relations stronger, your bond with family will become strong with time. Since, time is not that great, bachelors who are ready to tie a knot are advised to give a short break. In your life, the new love relationship might arise for some. 

Love Predictions: This week is going to be a mixture of sweet and naughty tiffs. There are chances that you might not get much time with each other. Do not indulge in any serious argument in this week as this week is otherwise going good. Your relationship will strengthen as the days pass. Just be moralistic in the weekend. 

Remedy/Treatment: Pacify Rahu and worship Lord Shiva.

Love Rating: 3/5


Librans, a hearty love week is arising for you. Your domestic life also receives blessings which will turn in happiness and prosperity. A new venture can be commenced this week and you will become free from debt. However, your expenditure value might be increased but not to worry it will be in control. Life is not always smooth therefore, unfavorable situations might be see in social and political life. Lastly, females might feel emotional. 

Love Predictions: Generally, this week is good for love affair, but make sure you do not hurt your partner by saying something wrong. Someone from your college might take your heart away. There will be passion in your love in the middle days of the week. However, things will be a little boring in the weekend. 

Remedy/Treatment: Respect women and make donations for Jupiter.

Love Rating: 3.5/5


Scorpions, to fetch fruitful results this week, it is advised not to depend solely on luck ratings. Matters related to government need serious concentration to avoid mistakes. This week, you might feel mentally unstable. Some family related issues might arise. So, behaving calmly and by trusting your own traits will help you avoid unwanted situations. The message for this week is, try to maintain peace in love relation. 

Love Predictions: Do you want to get married with love of your life? Confess your feelings as this week might bless you with a yes. There might be something going on in your mind which will keep you upset and you will be distracted. After some days, you will again enjoy and your partner will understand your feelings. So, enjoy this amazing week together. 

Remedy/Treatment: Lit camphor in front of Lord Shiva.

Love Rating: 4/5


Sagittarians, bliss in family happiness will enter your doors this week. Although, you might observe health problems affecting in your family. So, take care of your mother. Some problems in monetary terms might occur but your financial requirements will get fulfilled. During this week, based on planetary positions, do not take major decisions. Chances of facing a loss are there, be wise. Students and job seekers will enjoy this week’s favorable time. 

Love Predictions: You have to be calm whenever you see thing are going a little tricky otherwise unnecessary issues might come. Do not break his/her by saying no to a beautiful date. Take out some time out of the busy schedule and forget everything else. You will have a great feeling at the end of the week when you will think about this time. 

Remedy/Treatment: Pacify Rahu and make donations for Moon.

Love Rating: 2.5/5


Capricorns, this week has aroused with mixed results. Your luck ratings are not up grade, it might bring some complications. The person of opposite sex or of same age might cheat you, so be careful. Despite all this, your bold and courageous attitude will remain high and will help you to overcome. Children might create problems. 

Love Predictions: Make sure you have control on what you are saying as this will not be a good thing for your relationship. There might be some argument regarding money. Instead of indulging in this, soothe your mind by listening to some music or go out. Go out for a romantic movie together. 

Remedy/Treatment: Avoid addiction and control your desires.

Love Rating: 3/5


Aquarians, money will entered suddenly this week giving you a joyful monet. Whereas, you need to take care of health seriously this week. Physical injuries and health issues might prove to be troublesome. Some nightmares regarding colorful snakes needs an expert’s advice. You energy will create a positive aura this week bringing good opportunities in your way. 

Love Predictions: You have to make sure that you are faithful to your partner or else there are chances that your relationship might get harmed. Keep control on what you are saying as might regret it later. Plan a trip together and come back with a fresh mind as the ending of this week might be stressful. 

Remedy/Treatment: Worship Goddess Maa Kali and Lord Hanuman.

Love Rating: 3.5/5


Pisceans, your luck rating are very high except the last two days. In this week, you can surely rely on your decisions. It is advised not to drop any ongoing tasks. You will remain stable and your intelligence will fully support you. Don’t be over confident, it might overpower your traits. Family life will be luxurious. Charm will be maintained between you & your partner. It is advised not to take any risk this week and work with full dedication. 

Love Predictions: You will be successful in maintaining peace in your relationship. If you are not able to meet much in the starting days, mobile phones or internet can be very helpful in keeping you both close. Your partner will respect your feelings and it will make your bond stronger. This week is ending amazingly giving you lot of memorable moments. 

Remedy/Treatment: Make donations for Jupiter.

Love Rating: 3/5

Hope you enjoyed the predictions for your sign. Love predictions are exclusively analysed by our panel’s expert Pt. Hanuman Misra.

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