Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Confusions About Transits: By Ascendant or Moon?

By Mrityunjai Ojha

Transit of planets has always been a tricky concept to master. It is the problem faced not only by common people, but even by able astrologers. Today, we will try clearing that confusion through this article. Read on...

Friends, we generally see that a lot of Astrologers, Astro-Lovers and common people are confused about transit. Some astrologers say that transit should be seen from Moon as we see Rashifal from Moon. On the contrary, some say transit should be seen from Ascendant (Lagna). While, some say transit should be seen from Dasha (period) Lord placement in birth chart. (Suppose you have Sun Dasha going on and Sun is placed in your 10th house, so they take 10th house as first house for transit.)

Due to this, people who are interested in Astrology or those who are learning, get confused in Moon, Ascendant and Dasha Lord. There are many systems for astrological predictions. Different systems have different views, but ultimately prediction matters. So, there is a need to understand the system properly and one may choose which astrological system suits you better.

Planetary transit

As per my knowledge, transit should be seen as per the astrological system that you follow.

Traditional Astrology (Parashari - Hindu Astrology System) 

In our traditional astrology, we see transit from Moon, here Moon placement in the chart is taken as Lagna (ascendant) to analyse transit. Some astrologers follow double transit also, like they see from ascendant and Moon both. Some use related divisional charts too with ascendant chart, for example D-1 chart (Lagna chart) and D-10 (Dasamsa) for profession and D-1 as well as D-9 for marriage and allied matters. Slow moving planets (Saturn and Jupiter) and Dasha Lords are seen in the transit for major events. For monthly transit, the Sun; and for daily transit, the Moon and it’s Nakshatra (constellation) Lord need to be seen.

Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP system) 

In KP system, Ascendant is taken for transit analysis. Transit of DBA Lords in different star Lords (Nakshatra Lord) and sub-lords are taken in the predictions for timing the events. Transit of slow planets (Saturn & Jupiter) for yearly, Sun for monthly and Moon for daily transit are also seen. 

Nadi System 

In Nadi system, house placement of a specific planet in birth chart is taken in transit analysis. Suppose you have to see transit of Saturn in Nadi analysis and Saturn is placed in 8th house, then we will see transit from 8th house, 8th house will be considered as 1st house. If Jupiter is placed in 2nd house, then for Jupiter analysis we will take 2nd house as 1st house.

So, the conclusion is what astrological system you follow, do not mix 2 systems. This also depends on the excellence of the astrologer, an experienced astrologer can analyze the transit in a better way.


KumarSahab said...

In my opinion and experience, lagna or chandra, whichever is stronger, should be treated as the reference point. The 'vedha' is also very important.

Abhijeet Apte said...

No power on this earth can predict anything accurately. They just do a hit and trial based on assumptions. After occurance of event keep on boasting about their assumptions not before that.

Unknown said...

i think kumar sahib is rite...avhijit ji we are hindus n shud believe in our ancient saints who god knows how came to know abt the planets.their size.speed so accurately that even our so called adva.ced scientists. believed sun to move arnd earth so late as 16 century...abhijit ji even a slight hope is much better than total ignoraence...i believe strongly astrology works...failure maybe of a pandit..nt stidy of astrology...

Unknown said...

furthermore i believe transit works more accurately by lagan...for psychological profile of a person moon sign helps..bt for prediction lagan works more accurately...

AstrologerAurora said...

Transit from Ascendent work very well
Doing since 10 years n results are gresy n accurate

AstrologerAurora said...

Great n accurate

Unknown said...

Dear All,
What's the final verdict, Moon or Lagna. Lagna remains same for 2 hours and moon for more than 2 days.

How can we predict using either of them. Can it explain twin births.

I have observed predictions are divine, if an astrologer is blessed one, he can predict either way.

KP seems to be a better bet.


Unknown said...

I strongly think that lagna should be considered over moon,for accurate and complete results