Saturday, October 19, 2013

India Vs Australia 3rd ODI

The much awaited series between Australia and India has begun. There are 7 ODI`S and 1 T-20 on schedule. It’s going to be very interesting to watch world’s no.1 and no.2 team clashing with each other. All are interested in knowing the result beforehand and so does the astrologer fraternity. I am also trying to find out the result by my way of astro-numerology as put down by Late Shree K.S.K the founder of KP system of astrology. Let us begin,

Australia Vs India, 3rd ODI 

19th October, Mohali

Time for prediction– 20:30 
Ascendant Lord: Venus- 9
Moon Star Lord- Ketu- 9 
Moon sign Lord- Mars- 9
Day Lord- Jupiter- 21

Winner: The result is 1 so India will win this game.


saheb said...

Your pridiction wrong on last two match.

Unknown said...

Ind vs aus 3rd odi

oct 19th matrix-


vital numbers - 19, 97, 17, 36

Aus captain Bailey's destiny number is exactly 36. Aus winning chances...

sai3082 said...

wrong in all the 3 ODI's

Nitin said...

This guy's astrology process/methodology is not right. Decisions should be > 50% right for the process to be be considered(>70% - to rely somewhat).