Monday, October 14, 2013

Sun Turning Debilitated In Libra

By Nitin Datta

On 17th October 2013 Sun is turning debilitated (very weak) for one complete month. This period demands some serious attention on account of weakness in the results delivered by Sun.

Sun in Libra

Sun debilitates (in Libra) every year during this period i.e. mid of October but this time it is going to encounter a painful conjunction with Rahu and Saturn in Libra. Sun and Rahu are arch enemies likewise, Sun and Saturn are also arch enemies. The negativity caused to Sun would be heightened to the fullest level due to combined effects of Rahu and Saturn. Such a conjunction happens once in eighteen years and leads to severe Dosha for those born under this period. In transit it can cause severe problems to everyone in significations related to Sun.

Primarily Sun signifies soul, father, boss and government. Any affliction to all of these or any of these can result in serious problems. This period demands certain strict precautions combined with some specific remedies to counter the ill effects of Sun. The following are the precautions and remedies for all ascendants/lagna that can help in bypassing this period.

Precautions To Be Taken

  • Fractures are common during this period. Be watchful while walking and working.
  • Do not get involved in unnecessary debating with your seniors (especially at workplace).
  • Seek blessings from one parents by touching their feet every day. Do not provoke any undemanding negative feeling from their side.
  • Avoid anger in order to overcome any unnecessary problems.
  • Do not initiate any new venture/project during this period.
  • Be extra careful while driving and limit your driving speed.

Remedies To Be Followed

For Sun

  • Offer jal to Surya every morning and recite “Surya Dwadash naam mala”.
  • Recite “Shri Vishnu Sahastranaam” everyday.
  • Flux (visarjan) 21 pieces of almond (badam) or 11 coins of copper in a flowing stream of water regularly.
  • Blow off the gas stove burner using milk ( perform this remedy when the last chapati/item has been cooked)
  • Regularly offer jal (water) to a Peepal Tree.

For Saturn/Rahu
  • Flux (visarjan) some pieces of raw coal (koyla) in a flowing stream of water regularly.
  • Feed stray dogs with chapatti (roti) layered in mustard oil.
  • Feed rag pickers regularly.
  • Offer milk to “Lord Kaal Bhairav” regularly.
  • Offer food/donation to a snake charmer.

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Unknown said...

Sudden death of a well known political leader especially due to terrorists plot or anonymous activities in a mysterious way is well predicted by me.It is applicable for a country as well.Collapse of a country due to terror strike or/and mysterious group activity.sat-Rahu-sun will make political scenario total confusion or tensed.