Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Importance Of Janam Kundli

Janam Kundli or Birth Chart is like a zip file of a person’s life. The life of a person which goes on for pages together can be summarised and put on a single chart. This amazing approach to gaze into one’s future can be treated as a gift for anyone who has it. Read on to know more about Janam Kundli and the importance of it. 

Sample Janam Kundli

Before we continue with this topic, for those of you who do not possess a Janam Kundli or Birth Chart, the first and foremost thing would be to get one done. 

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As an example of the outcome of using this software, we have here the Janam Kundli of our famous bollywood celebrity Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.

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What is Janam Kundli ?

Kundli is a birth chart, which depicts the planetary position at the time of the birth of a person. Based on that chart the entire road to a person’s life is covered. It is pretty much the prediction of a person’s life. This Astrological chart is the first thing that any new born baby is gifted with. In Hinduism it is compulsory for everyone to have a Kundli or a birth chart. On the basis of this Kundli, we can easily make out how the baby is going to be in his/her life. Also, we can plan ahead to ensure how certain uncertainties of life can be dealt with.

Importance Of Having A Birth Chart 

  • Kundli shows the path that the native is going to follow. It also shows the traits native possess,which includes his/her personality, character, likes and dislikes etc.
  • Life is uncertain and we all try to find ways and means to tackle this uncertainty. Janam Kundli is the first step towards that. 
  • In Hindu community Janam Kundli or Birth Chart plays a very important role in marriages. The Kundli of the two individuals is matched to check the compatibility the two would share.
  • The Kundli also gives us an insight into the different aspects of an individuals life like career, finance, relation and health. 
  • A more detailed analysis can also be made by the help of a Janam Kundli like in which particular area or field of work does the native have a strong chance of attaining success. 
  • Just like the way the successful part of the individual can be predicted, the areas or particular times when the native might face failures or troubles can also be predicted with the help of his/her Janam Kundli. 

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Frankly speaking almost everyone knows what a birth chart is and the advantages of having one but if you are one of the few who did not know, then the above information would suffice to give you a clear idea about Janam Kundli. 

Taking this opportunity, we will give an interesting incident where the birth chart proved its worth. In a popular Tv series called “Unsolved mysteries” , a sort of experiment was made to see how much of the fact about birth chart can be proved legit. So what was done is, 4 birth charts of 4 criminals were taken and mixed with the birth charts of 10 other random citizens. So these 14 birth charts were given to an astrologer who was unaware of the identity of the people to whom these birth charts belonged to. The astrologer was asked to study the birth charts and predict who could be the four possible criminals. As much as surprising and amazing it would sound, the astrologer was successful in finding out the four criminals with the help of the birth charts. 

Like we discussed above with the help of a birth chart, it is possible to predict one's’ character traits and the role he would play in future.

So overall, we can surely say that having a Janam Kundli is like having a time machine which will give us a mode to peek into our future and make us prepare for it, so that we can live the present peacefully.

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