Saturday, October 26, 2013

Effects of Mars Transit in Virgo

At 07:33 P.M. on 26th November 2013, Mars will enter into Virgo. Astrologers have made their predictions for this transit and its effects on everyone. Its quite natural that this transit, like other transits will bring fortune for some signs and troubles for the others. Read the below article to know more about the transit and its consequences on you.

Virgo Zodiac Sign

At 07:33 P.M. on 26th November 2013, Mars will enter into Virgo. According to Astrologers, with the transit of Mars into Virgo, there will be a sudden rise in the price of the red colored things. Price of silk and woolen wears will go high. There may be scarcity in rain and prices of cereals may rise. In some southern state, political disturbances are possible. Some politician may face some unfortunate event. 

Effects on different signs:

Aries: During this time you will be very happy. Work conditions will improve. Ample profits are possible. Family atmosphere will be prosperous. You will put efforts in dealing with your problems and hindrances and also in suppressing your enemies. Observe caution while driving car, etc. 

Taurus: You should be careful as decline in your level of intelligence is possible. Troubles may arise due to health and family members. Stay away from betting. There will be some expenses which will take you out of control. You will be disappointed from friends and companions. You may feel tired due to a journey.

Gemini: During this time you will face mental troubles and stress. You will feel deprived of happiness, property, vehicle gain and company of opposite sex and friends. Financially, this time period is not good. Therefore, expenses would be more. You may have to spend on some secret activities. Sudden loss is also possible.

Cancer: During this time you will feel adventurous. Trips will be fruitful. You will get good news through mode of communications. Your relatives, especially your brother will be happy during this time. You may gain useful things. Opponents won’t have the courage to face you. Success in efforts is assured.

Leo: For financial gains this time is not good. Stress may develop due to family members. There may be quarrels over small issues. Keep control on your voice or you may face troubles. You may have to depend on unwanted people. Financial loss due to business losses or theft is possible. Take care of your health.

Virgo: During this time there will be mixed results. The results may be opposite according to your wishes; therefore, keep control on your habit of getting excited for the result. There are possibilities of minor health issues or a minor accident. For taking risk or making a bet, this time is not preferable.

Libra: During this time you may have to confront many unfavorable situations and difficulties; and therefore you will face problems. Some problems will increase because you don’t know how to bend in time of problems and will worsen the situation due to your ego. You will face health troubles also. Expenses will go on increasing, though there will be signs of improvement in partner’s health. However, complete recovery will take time. Your mental peace will remain disturbed.

Scorpio: You will get profits from friends and companions. Wishes and desires will come true and distant trips will prove fruitful. High increase in salary is assured. You will spend on luxury items and other things. Family atmosphere will remain happy.

Sagittarius: You will get profit from business related to exchange, social sector or through government. You will be friends with high officials and important people which will prove beneficial. Business will also expand soon. There will be immense confidence in you for dealing with unfavorable situations. Enemies won’t succeed in harming you.

Capricorn: You will get support from elders. Trips to distant places will prove fruitful. Income will increase and you will get new sources of income. Though expenses will increase but, not more than the salary. There is possibility of gaining money from an old property . Utilize the best of this time period.

Aquarius: This time is not good. Take care as financial loss is highly possible. During this time don’t take any risk and refrain from betting. Health troubles may start. There are possibilities of conflicts with the members of the family. You may also get news of any relative’s ill health.

Pisces: You will face troubles in daily activities. Enemies will try to tarnish your image. There are possibilities of conflicts with companions and associates. Family life won’t be happy either. Take care of your fitness. Journey will prove fruitless. You will be stressed for your partner’s health. During this time your life will possess difficulties and troubles.

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