Friday, October 25, 2013

Sun Transit in Scorpio

On 16th November, Sun will leave the zodiac sign Libra and will enter into Scorpio. As expected, this transit will prove beneficial for some signs and others, it may not be that favorable. To know more about this transit and its effects, let’s read the below featured article.

Sun, the king of Planets is going to leave its debilitated sign, Libra and enter Scorpio on 16th November. As Sun will leave the debilitated sign, therefore attacks on government may decline. However, some violent incident may happen with any political leader. Any film or TV serial may face protest. Disturbances may occur in north eastern states. Let’s see the effects of this transit on every sign.

Aries: Aries people may face some trouble. Take care of your health. Before signing the important papers, carefully analyze them. Keep your relations good with relatives, otherwise unnecessary conflicts will arise. Refrain illegal activities and suspicious deals.

Taurus: People with Taurus sign will get less result even after hard work. You may also feel stressed or unhealthy. Therefore, take care of your health. Commercial or business associates will try to harm you.

Gemini: For the Gemini people, transit of Sun into Scorpio will prove fortunate. Enemies will defeat. You will gain position, respect and honor. During this time, you will get success in anything you do. All problems will be solved and you will get success.

Cancer: For the Cancerians, there will be mixed results. Possibility of sudden trip is also there. During this time, you will welcome life with great energy and zeal, but for love and romance this time is not good.

Leo: Leos, during this time you may have to work hard for everything and continuous hard work could make you restless. Drive vehicle carefully. Refrain from bad company.

Virgo: Personal life of Virgo people will be prosperous and their wishes will be fulfilled. Relations with family friends and relatives will improve further. Excursions and short trips will be fortunate and happy. You will get good news regarding financial gain. Health will remain good.

Libra: People with Libra sign may face some troubles in personal life. Control on unnecessary expenses is a must. It means being careful in financial matters will be necessary. Some family problems may also occur.

Scorpio: During this time period your attitude toward life will be positive. There will be an increase in position and reputation. Your self confidence will increase. Short trips will prove successful due to your hard work. However, it would be necessary to take care of your and your family members health.

Sagittarius: Transit of Sun in Scorpio is not very favorable for you therefore, don’t do anything due to momentary breakdown of emotions. Don’t opt for short cuts to earn money. Take care of your health. Take decisions after thinking carefully. With friends and relatives keep your relations sweet.

Capricorn: Your aims and wished will be fulfilled. You will get benefit from contract and compromises. For love and romance, the time is good. Long trips will prove prosperous and successful. There will be an increase in income. You will get support from friends and relatives.

Aquarius: During this time you will be highly active and busy. During this phase you will get rid of your financial problems. There is a possibility of success and support of seniors in job or business. So, this time is quite satisfactory.

Pisces: During this time period, distant trips won’t be beneficial. Religious trips are possible. For work front and financial matters, the time is very good. Officials with high position will be quite favorable on you. However, taking care of parent’s health is very important.

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