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Transit: Know How The Planets Are Favoring You

Transit is a mode of making future predictions such as the events and incidents of the native’s life. In each transit, attention is given to the movement of planets, changes in house, sign and the aspects of the transiting planets.


Duration of transitions and their effects

Sun transit lasts for thirty days and affects energy, willpower and health of the individuals.

  • Moon transit is believed to occur for approximately 52-58 hours and affects the feelings, emotions and moods of the individuals.
  • Mercury transit as per the beliefs, lasts for period of 27-28 days and is considered good for short trips. Mercury’s transition into natal Sun ascendant indicates positive signs for exchanging, buying and selling things.
  • Venus transit generally lasts for 27-28 days and is good for the personal and social life of the individual. If the transit of Venus is in the Sun then it is favorable for purchasing new clothes and personality development. On the other hand, its transit in the Moon in considered good for the renovation of home and purchase of household commodities. Similarly, transit of Venus in other planets has other effects and results.
  • In general, Mars transit lasts for 45 days. In some planets it results in gain of energy and ability to work with more efforts; while in some planets, transit of Mars results in anger, stress and short temper.
  • Transit of Jupiter is considered to last for one year. This transit is good for activities like knowledge, travelling, success in business, good fortune. Negative effects of Jupiter transit brings bad luck, misjudgments, high expenses etc.
  • Transit of Saturn lasts for longer duration i.e. 30 months according to the beliefs. It brings ill health, losses, decline in energy level, depression, misfortune and affects the social status and reputation. However, this transit sometimes is good for education, long term planning and resources building.
  • Transit of Rahu generally lasts for 18 months. 
  • Transit of Ketu is also believed to last for 18 months. 

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Planetary return transit

This is the most important transit and it takes place when a transiting planet returns to that same point where it was at the time of birth of a person. This transit signifies the completion of the respective planet’s cycle and marks the beginning of the new one in the life of the individual. Jupiter returns almost after every 12 years and opens a new phase for development and growth. Saturn returns approximately after 30 years and affects the elder (aging) age. 

Transits Taking Place In November

In the month of November following two transits are happening:

  1. Sun Transit in Scorpio: This transit will take place on 16th November. Check out the provided link to know its effects on you.
  2. Mars Transit in Virgo: This transit will take place on 26th November. To know its effects on you, follow the provided link.

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