Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Difference in debilitated and exalted planets

By Mrityunjai Ojha

We can see there are so many confusions about debilitated and exalted planets, many people consider debilitated planet as a malefic planet. So today we will try to understand what is the basic difference in both these conditions of a planet.

 exalted planets

To know the reason for debilitation and exaltation one may read my detailed article here.

Now I will try to explain how planets work in debilitation and exaltation stage.

Exaltation & Debilitation Stage 

Exaltation means, the planet is placed in a sign where it works well and gives the optimum result as per its nature. For example, Sun denotes the fire element, Sun is the king, Sun needs to rule his kingdom in a proper way, he needs to flow his energy in a positive way throughout his kingdom. Sun is exalted in Aries and not in Leo, though both the signs are with fire elements. This is because Leo is a fixed sign and Aries is a moveable/Cardinal sign, so Sun’s energy will keep flowing/moving in Aries but it will get seized in Leo.

Let’s take one example for Mars, Mars is a young, energetic and quick planet with fire as its element. So why does Mars get exalted in Capricorn and not in Aries or Leo?. Mars will not do his best in Leo and Aries (uncontrolled fire with fire), but it will do his best when we will control his energy and use in proper way in Capricorn. Capricorn is a cardinal sign with earth element, whereas Mars energy can be controlled and used. When Mars is debilitated in Cancer sign, it’s energy will be lost.

For a more simpler example, lets consider this circumstance. Suppose you are an actor and you have to choose between Delhi and Mumbai to live, you would obviously choose Mumbai as the opportunities are more there. But if there was no choice and you had to live in Delhi then that will not make you any less of an actor but will only delay your chances in growth.Same with the case when Sun in Libra. As such, if a planet is in debilitated condition, it will not lose its quality but it will take some time to give it’s results.

The main difference is that exalted planet will give results quickly and perform well, but debilitated planet take time and will not be able to work properly up to the mark. It does not mean that Exalted planets are good and debilitated planets are bad in a horoscope. For that analysis we have to see functional and natural nature of the planet and other things in a horoscopes to judge which planet is good or bad.

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Harjeev said...

You are contradicting urself. Mars in aries n leo does not get exalted becos it will be uncontrolled fire n fire

then how come sun gets exalted in aries when it is also fire n fire combination