Monday, October 21, 2013

Hindu Month Kartik In 2015 & Its Significance

The Kartik festival celebrations which last for a month starts on 27th October and continues for four weeks till 25th November. This month is believed to be the holiest month in the Hindu calendar. The main events in this month are the Karwa Chauth and Diwali celebrations. Read on to know more about Kartik Month... 

 Lord Krishna and Mother YashodaKartik month is also known as Damodar maas in North India and known as Karthigai masam or Karthika maas in south India. Kartik month is believed to be the most favourite month of Lord krishna. During this month, any prayer or offering made to Lord krishna will yield double the results than if done during other times. Worshipping of Tulsi and cows has very high importance, as these two things are the most preferred by Lord krishna. Offering divas (lamps) to Lord Krishna is another very important ritual followed during kartik maas. According to legends, Krishna's favourite pastime was to watch the lamps lit outside the houses while Mother Yasoda would bound him with ropes as a punishment for his mischiefs. 

Many holy rituals and ceremonies take place during this month and it is believed that anyone who performs these rituals will be relieved from all his sins. Rituals like Tulsi vivaah (marriage of Goddess Tulsi) is done which is considered to be very sacred and dear to Lord Krishna. Also festivals like Dhanteras, Govardhan Puja, Bhai Dooj take place during Kartik month. Many devotees involve in charity, meditation, holy baths and fasting during this auspicious month of Karthik. Taking a holy bath in the morning before sunrise has special significance during Kartik month, it is considered to be equal to taking a bath in all of the Holy rivers combined. 

Rituals Followed During Kartik Maas

  • Consumption of Non-vegetarian food should be avoided. As consuming non-veg is considered to be Brahma Hatya (Killing of lord Brahma).
  • Many follow one meal a day fast and consume milk and fruits as main food during the month of Kartik. 
  • Ritualistic holy bath in the early mornings.
  • Feeding food to cows and worshipping of Tulsi.
  • Lighting of ghee lamps in the evening on everyday of the Kartik month.
  • Worshipping of Gods Shiva, Karthik and Vishnu.

Significance Of Kartik Maas

  • According to Vedas, Lord Vishnu who goes to sleep on Ashada Ekadasi wakes up on Karthik Ekadashi.
  • Killing of the devil Tripurasura by Lord Shiva was done during Karthik maas.
  • In Kartik month, the holy river Ganga enters into all the other rivers, thus making it equally holy.
  • Worshipping of God Ayyappa starts during this month and reaches its climax during December. 
May this Kartik month bring all that you desire and may you be showered with Lords blessings.

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