Sun Transit In Aries Tomorrow, What Will Be Its Effects On You?

Increase in income or government job? Learn what will be the effect of this Sun transit on your zodiac sign.

The Lord of the nine planets and the creator of life, Sun is transiting in Aries on Sunday, 14 April 2019. As per the Hindu religion, Lord Sun is the father of the world as we know it, because aside from being the reason behind life on Earth existing at all, it is also the reason why the planets in our solar system are transient. According to Vedic Astrology, it is the significator of soul, father, our ancestors, government service, and royal prestige, etc. Therefore, where on the one hand, through the Sun’s positive influence, a person can live a regal life by achieving a high rank in all services, on the other side, its negative effects can bring a downfall in their respect as well as cause pain and eye problems to their father. 

The Sun is the ruling lord of the zodiac sign, Leo, as well as the constellations (nakshatras) Krittika, Uttara Phalguni, and Uttra Ashadha. It is believed that when Sun transits from one sign to another, that is a very auspicious time for performing religious rites, which is why people organize religious rituals and ceremonies and worship Lord Sun during this time. Its movement through the various signs is also an important factor for the calculations in Hindu Panchang, and for that very reason, many people wear the gemstone Ruby (Manikya) to pacify this celestial body.

Transit Period

The Sun will be transiting into its exalted sign Aries from 14:05 on 14 April 2019, Sunday, where it will remain in its exalted state upto 15 May 2019. Since it is the significator of government job and respect, this transit will impact all 12 zodiac signs. In addition to this, Baisakhi and Ambedkar Jayanti will be celebrated in various parts of the country, including Punjab and Haryana. 


One of the main festivals of Punjab, Baisakhi is the new year celebration for the Sikh community, which according to Hindu Panchang, occurs during the month of Chaitra every year. This year, will be celebrated on 14 April. This festival is also known as the festival of crops, because the Rabi crop gets ready for harvest by this time, and because of that, the farmers rejoice and make merry on this day. In addition to this, in 1699 on this very day, the tenth guru of the Sikhs, Guru Gobind Singh, established the pious Khalsa sect, and hence, this occasion is also associated with the faith of the Sikh community.

To Learn about the Significance and Traditions behind Baisakhi, Click Here: Baisakhi

Ambedkar Jayanti

Falling on 14th April, every year, Ambedkar Jayanti is a very special day for Indians, because on this very day, in 1891, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution of India, was born. Baba Saheb drafted the outlay of the Indian Constitution, and fought against social discrimination against untouchables and other castes, etc., till his dying breath. He was awarded the Bharat Ratna in April, 1990 for his great contributions to the Indian society. 

Let us discuss about the effects of this Sun Transit on all 12 zodiac signs:

This horoscope is based on your moon sign. Discover yours with Moon Sign Calculator


The Sun’s transit in their own sign’s first house will bring a change in the nature of the Aries natives, due to which, you may lose your temper quickly in this period. However, you need to calm yourself in such a situation in order to…Read more.


This Sun transit can fulfil your wish of an overseas trip, as it transits in your twelfth house, the expenses house, which signifies expenditure, loss, salvation (moksh), foreign trip, and so on. Natives settled or working abroad may also see a rise in…Read more.


Gemini natives will receive financial gains through means like hike in salary or increase in income sources as Sun transits to their eleventh house. According to astrology, this house, pertains to our earnings, achievements in life, friends, elder siblings, etc. During this transit, you’ll be…Read more.

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This transit will be favorable for the Cancer natives as the Sun moves to your tenth house, which signifies your career, father, status, standing, politics, and life’s goals. With your interest in your work developing, you will impress your seniors and receive…Read more.


As the Sun transits in your ninth house, the respect of Leo natives will increase in the society and people will approach you for advice. Your ninth house is also called the destiny house, which represents your fate, teacher, religion, travel, pilgrimage site, and…Read more.


Virgo natives can face some physical problems like fever, headache, and other afflictions with the Sun transiting in your eighth house. You need to look out for your health and consult a doctor as necessary. As per Vedic Astrology, the eighth house is called the life house, which…Read more.

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Married natives need to be careful as Sun will be transiting in your seventh house (marriage house), which represents your married life, spouse, and partners in other areas. You need to strike a perfect balance with your life partner while handling any situation as there are possibilities of…Read more.


As Sun transits in their sixth house, Scorpio natives will become more courageous and won’t hesitate in accepting any challenges put forward. The sixth house or the enemy house signifies our opponents, disease, pain, job, competition, immunity system, detachment in married life, and legal disputes. You will…Read more.


Sagittarius natives can look forward to economic gains as Sun transits to their fifth house. This house of progeny pertains to romance, children, creativity, intellectual abilities, higher education, and new opportunities. During this time, your income along with the modes of income will…Read more.

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Your mother’s health can decline as Sun transits in your fourth house, so take special care of her during this time and get a health check-up done if required. This house, also known as the comfort house, signifies our mother, all kinds of pleasures in life, movable and immovable…Read more.


The Sun’s transit in your third house will directly affect your behaviour, and you will find yourself unafraid of everything and make decisions fearlessly. This house of valor represents our courage, will power, younger brother, curiosity, passion, energy, zeal, and enthusiasm. You will be…Read more.


The Sun’s transit in your second house, will be bringing with it a change in your speech. Consequently, you can use bitter words against others during this time, which will anger or upset them and mainly affect your relationships. Therefore, converse less, but…Read more.

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Ashtami and Ram Navami Puja Muhurat

Ashtami and Navami occurring on the same day! Learn how you can appease Goddess Durga through Kanya Pujan, and discover the religious rituals and worshipping methods for Ram Navami.

This Chaitra Navratri, Ashtami and Navami are falling on 13 and 14 April 2019, which means that there will be some doubts over the puja to be done on both auspicious days. Since Saptami is confluencing with Ashtami this year, all religious rites for Ashtami and Navami are to be done on Saturday and Sunday.

Significance of Ashtami and Navami During Navratri

As per the Hindu Dharmashastra, on the eighth and ninth days of Navratri we worship Goddess Mahagauri and Maa Siddhidatri, respectively. Maa Mahagauri is very compassionate and fulfills all the wishes of any devotee who worships her with all the proper rituals. In addition to that, Goddess Siddhidatri blesses her true devotees with spiritual power and good virtues, and destroys all evil. 

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Ashtami and Navami Pujan

The worship (pujan) on eighth and ninth days of Navratri have special significance because the 9-days Navratri festival concludes only after the main prayers are done on these days. The rituals performed on Ashtami and Navami should be as per our family traditions, which are usually different for every household. Therefore, we must worship Goddess Gauri, as per our ancestral traditions while taking these values forward. 

Method of Ashtami and Navami Kanya Pujan

Time and again, people have been confused over the Ashtami and Navami dates during Navratri, due to which, they are often unable to complete their rituals during the auspicious muhurat. Therefore, to bring a stop to such confusions, we will be discussing these important details in this blog. There seems to be doubts over the occurrence of the eighth, ninth, and tenth days of Navratri according to the Hindu Panchang. But as per our astrologers, Saptami will begin on Thursday, 11 April from 14:42:58 minutes during the day, and conclude on Friday, 12 April at 13:24:50 minutes, after which Ashtami will commence from 13:24:51 minutes. It will end at 11:42:36 minutes in the morning of 13 April, Saturday and Navami will begin after that. 

Ashtami and Navami Muhurat

Fasting for Maha Ashtami is suggested for Saturday, 13 April, this year, because as per Panchang, as the Sun rises on the 13th, the Hindu tithi (date) will be Ashtami. In the same vein, Navami will begin from 11:42:37 minutes on Saturday morning and conclude on Sunday, 14 April at 09:36:46 minutes. After that, the tenth day will begin, which will continue until the next day. Therefore, those who have fasted for all nine days of Navratri can perform Parana after 09:36:46 minutes on Sunday. 

Significance of Navratri Parana

The Navratri Parana is an important ritual that is performed after the completion of nine days of fasting. It is concluded on the ninth and tenth (Navami and Dashami) day. As per the Hindu scriptures, the person who has been fasting will only receive the result after the Navratri Parana is concluded. According to the Mimansas (those who explained the Shastras), the Parana should be performed on the Dashami. This is because many scriptures state that you are supposed to be fasting on the ninth, therefore, performing the Parana on that day is not considered appropriate.

Auspicious Muhurat of Navratri Parana

Auspicious Time for Parana
14 April, 2019
After 09:36:46 minutes

Note: This Chaitra Navratri Parana time is for New Delhi, India in 24 hours format

Rituals and Method of Parana 

  • If, as per Panchang, Navami falls on two days, then one should fast on the first day and complete the Parana rituals on the second. 
  • One should feed little girls and do Kanya Pujan on this day. 
  • After the puja and visarjan (immersion), you should offer fruits, gifts, clothes, etc. to Brahmans as per your wish. 
  • After completing the Shodashopachara puja of Goddess Durga on this day, visarjan (immersing the idol) should be done on the tenth (Dashami). 

To Learn About the Navratri Parana, Click here: Navratri Parana

Significance of Kanya Pujan on Navratri

Kanya Pujan holds a special significance during Navratri, which is why little girls are worshipped on Ashtami and Navami. In Sanatan Dharma, on this special day, young girls, between the ages of 2 to 10 years, are invited to the homes, worshipped, fed, and given the gifts or dakshina. It is believed that the little girls are the incarnations of Goddess Durga, and by worshipping them on the eighth and ninth days of Navratri and getting their blessings, we appease the goddess and get auspicious results. 

How is Kanya Pujan Done? 

  • On the day of Kanya Pujan, wake up early in the morning, wear clean clothes after taking a bath, and worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Gauri. 
  • Invite little girls of ages 2 to 10 years as the embodiment of Goddess Gauri and a little boy as Batuk Bhairav. It is said that Batuk Bhairav received the boon of serving Maa in Shakti Peetha. This is why, it is compulsory for the devotees to visit Bhairav after getting Maa’s darshan in Shakti Peetha. 
  • Cleanse and purify your house properly before kanya pujan and welcome the goddess in the form of little girls in a clean environment. 
  • Since these girls are embodiment of Mata Rani, hailing the Goddess when they enter your home is considered auspicious. 
  • Offer the girls a place to sit when they come home. 
  • Then, wash their feet one by one. 
  • Now do a tika of roli, kumkum, and akshat and tie a sacred thread (moli) on their hands. 
  • Now do the aarti of the girls and the little boy. 
  • After the aarti, feed the children as per your ability. It should be noted that Poori, chana (gram), and halwa is cooked for prasad on the day of Kanya Pujan. 
  • Offer gifts and presents to the kids after they are done eating. 
  • Then, touch their feet to gain their blessings and send them off happily. 

Ram Navami

The festival of Ram Navami will be celebrated throughout India on 13th April, Saturday to commemorate the birthday of Lord Ram. This occasion falls on the ninth day of Chaitra month every year as per the Hindu calendar. According to the Hindu religion, Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram is worshipped as the 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu, which is why devotees read the Ramayana to celebrate this auspicious day. 

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Mercury transit in Pisces Tomorrow Will Bring Fortune To The Natives!

Read how Mercury transit will affect your life and also find remedies to strengthen Mercury’s position in your Kundali. 

The solar system provides residency to nine planets, out of which the planet Mercury is nearest to the Sun. Despite being small in shape, it is considered an influential planet in the field of Vedic astrology. It is also believed to be the determiner of aspects like reasoning abilities, dialogue delivery, travel, writing and many more. In the Kaal Purush Kundali, Mercury is the ruling lord of Gemini and Virgo natives. In the zodiac sign of Virgo, Mercury remains in an exalted position whereas it remains debilitated in Pisces. When the other planets remains strong either in the day or night, Mercury remains strong throughout the whole time. 

Effect of Mercury’s state in the Kundali of natives

Readers should be aware of a special fact about this planet which is that Mercury’s results are dependent on the other planets it gets posited with. If it is placed along with an auspicious planet in the Kundli, it will bear good results. On the contrary, it will produce malefic results if it has the company of a nasty planet. The positive influence of Mercury provides enhancement to one’s reasoning abilities. Also, natives who have Mercury in an exalted position in their Kundalis have a commendable grip on subjects like Mathematics. However, natives witness difficulties while indulging in debates and suffer from skin issues if Mercury is in a debilitated position in their respective Kundalis. In order to curb the malefic effects of Mercury, wear Emerald Stone and Four Faced Rudraksha.

Timing of Mercury’s transit

Mercury made its transit from Aquarius to Pisces on Monday, 25th February 2019 at 8:43 AM in the morning. It started to move in a retrograde motion on 5th March 2019 and made a comeback to Aquarius on 15th March 2019 at 9 AM in the morning. On Thursday, 28th March 2019, Mercury started to move in a direct motion and now is making its transit in the zodiac sign Pisces on 12th April, 2019. Let us have a look at the effect of this transit in the lives of natives. 

Impact Of Mercury’s Transit On Country’s Political Scenario

The month of April will host the Lok Sabha Elections. Prior to this, every political party has searched high heaven in the process of proving themselves better than their rivals. However, some political leaders will witness difficulties in putting forward their perspectives in front of the masses during this transit. This will happen because Mercury is making its transit in its debilitated zodiac sign. This lack of communication may create internal cracks in some political parties. When Mercury will transit from Pisces to Aries, certain political leaders will reach out to the public with the help of their excellent rhetorical skills. 

Mercury’s Transit Striking The World Of Bollywood 

The repercussions of this transit will also be visible in the industry of glamour, Bollywood. This explains the unwelcoming reception of certain small budget and cult films by the viewers. Audience will fail to understand the motive and idea behind such movies. However, after a point of time, the public will shift its attention towards these movies and appreciate them eventually. 

Let us now have a look at this transit’s impact on various zodiac signs

This prediction is based on your moon sign. To know yours, click here: Moon Sign Calculator


Mercury is transiting in your twelfth house of loss, which belongs to Pisces according to Kalpurush Kundli. You will see an increase in your expenses during this transit. Devise a good budget plan to prevent unnecessary expenditure. Avoid…Read More


Mercury, the significator of speech, mind, and logical ability, will transit in your eleventh house (or the Profit House), which belongs to Aquarius as per Kaal Purush Kundali. Your economy will strengthen due to this transit. Working personnel may…Read More


Mercury transits to your tenth house. According to Kalpurush Kundli, this house belongs to Capricorn, and is the significator of your actions, father, and reputation in the society. Your creativity will bloom during this transit and…Read More


In astrology, Mercury is the significator of communication and writing. It is transiting in your ninth house, belonging to Sagittarius according to Kaal Purush Kundali, which can prove to be quite auspicious for you. This transit….Read More


Mercury transits in your eighth house, which belongs to Scorpio as per Kaal Purush Kundali. Your situation will be average during this transit – not exceptionally bad, but not really good either. Try to strengthen your economic side.…Read More


Mercury will transit in your Marriage House, i.e., the seventh house. During this time, Virgo natives can fall in love or have a love marriage. This will be a good time period for lovers, and married people as well. Your spouse will feel lucky…Read More

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Mercury is transiting in your sixth house, known to be the enemy house in Kaal Purush Kundali, which is not positive for you. Working professionals can face problems during this transit. Miscommunication between you and your colleagues….Read More


Mercury is transiting in your fifth house, as described in Kaal Purush Kundali as the house of knowledge and belongs to Leo. Students will attain good results during this transit. Scorpions who are unable to study because their attention….Read More


You may get desired results as Mercury transits in your fourth house. This represents comforts and luxuries. People living on rent can now build their own homes, while some Sagittarius natives can buy vehicles as well. Your peace of mind will be…Read More


Mercury is transiting in your third house, which is associated with Gemini, according to Kalpurush Kundli. This transit will be very fruitful for you. If you are looking for a job change after a long time, then trying now will get you…Read More


Mercury, the significator of writing and communication, is transiting in your second house, due to which, sweetness will be incorporated in your speech. You will be able to clearly express yourself and this clarity will attract people to you.…Read More


Mercury will be transiting your own Zodiac sign, i.e., the first house (ascendant) which corresponds to Aries as per Kalpurush Kundli. You will receive good results in domestic life during this transit. Topics like your future and marriage (if you are of age)...Read More

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Elections 2019: Who Will Wear The Crown Of Victory?

2019 Lok Sabha Elections Biggest Coverage is Here! Know which party will gain the support of stars and planets?

The entire nation is currently witnessing the rage of upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Unending discussions have taken over political circles as well as small lanes of the country. Some are rooting for Narendra Modi to come back into power and others are stating that Rahul Gandhi has better prospects to become the next Prime Minister. However, the political leaders are pushing their edges to win the support of the folks. The opinions of the general and significant public are difficult to acknowledge but we are going to reveal what do the planets and stars state about the impending elections.

Results of Election 2019 in May

The forthcoming elections will be held in seven different phases during the months of April and May 2019. Four sessions will take place in the month of April and three in the month of May respectively. The month of May will be quite crucial as the results will be announced during this month only. Not only the political parties, but the general public will also monitor the election results. Let us have a look at the respective Kundlis of the two primary parties competing against each other in the upcoming elections.

Transit Of Various Planets In The Month Of May 

On 24th April 2019, retrograde Mercury will move in the zodiac sign Scorpio. On 15th May 2019, Sun will reside in Scorpio and provide results accordingly. On 7th May 2019, Mars will be in the zodiac sign Gemini and on 10th May 2019, Venus will be posited in Aries. Meanwhile, on 18th May 2019, Mercury will be placed in the zodiac sign Taurus.

Let us read about Congress and BJP and their important results with the aid of their respective kundlis.

Bharatiya Janata Party 

(6-4-1980: 11:40:00:New Delhi)

Core Points 

  1. The ascendent sign of BJP is Gemini and it’s Moon sign is Scorpio.
  2. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, the main planets, are in retrograde motion.
  3. Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Mars are residing in the third house of the Kundali, where Leo is posited.
  4. Saturn is in the last phase of its Sade Sati motion.
  5. Ascendent lord Mercury and ketu are posited in the ninth house. 

Planetary Major Periods During The Elections

During the Lok Sabha elections, the following will take place in BJP’s Kundli:

  1. The dasha of Moon-Mars-Rahu will remain effective from 22-03-2019 till 24-04-2019.
  2. After which, the dasha of Moon-Mars-Jupiter will begin on 24-04-2019 and last till 22-05-2019.
  3. And, the dasha of Moon-Mars-Saturn will begin from 22-05-2019 and remain effective till 25-06-2019.

Fate of BJP in the Lok Sabha Elections

In Bharatiya Janata Party’s Kundli, Mars’ sub period (antar dasha) is currently undergoing during Moon’s major period (mahadasha), which will last till the month of October, 2019. Moon, the ruling lord of the second house, is residing in a debilitated state in the sixth house. The last phase of Saturn’s Sade Sati is effective for this party also. Mars, who is the ruling lord of the sixth and eleventh house, has posited in the third house along with Rahu, Saturn and Jupiter. Moon who is currently undergoing a major period, is posited in the tenth house and making BJP a strong contender in this political race. Since Mars, Saturn and Jupiter are in retrograde motion, some party members may disturb the balance of the party. However, BJP may remain successful in forming a government but compared to the previous tenures, the party may receive less number of seats. After deploying numerous schemes and strategies, BJP may remain successful in coming back to power in 2019. 

Shri Narendra Modi 

(17-09-1950: 11:00:00: Vadangarh, Mehsana, Gujarat)

Core Points :

  1. The ascendent and Moon sign of Narendra Modi is Scorpio.
  2. Mercury and Jupiter are in retrograde motion.
  3. Mercury and Saturn are in combust state. 
  4. Chandra Mangal Yoga is being formed in the first house of kundali.
  5. The combination of Saturn and Venus is in the tenth house, where zodiac sign Leo is placed.
  6. In the eleventh house, where Virgo is placed, Sun, Mercury and Ketu is in conjunction. 
  7. Saturn is in its last phase of its Sade Sati.
  8. Ascendent lord Mars and ninth house’s ruling lord Moon is form an excellent Raj Yoga in his Kundli. 

Planetary Periods During the Elections

  1. During the elections of 2019, Narendra Modi will undergo a period (dasha) of Moon-Ketu-Venus from 11-03-2019 to 17-04-2019.
  2. Moon-Ketu-Sun’s period (dasha) will remain effective from 17-04-2019 till 27-04-2019.
  3. Moon-Ketu-Moon period will be effective from 27-04-2019 and it will last until 14-05-2019.
  4. Moon-Ketu-Mars’ period (dasha) will begin from 14-05-2019 and it will end on 27-05-2019. 

Will The Position Of Stars Favour Narendra Modi?

The current Prime Minister and BJP PM candidate for the upcoming session, Narendra Modi’s kundali suggests that Moon is undergoing a major period during the sub period of Ketu, which will last till the month of September 2019. Moon is the ruling lord of Luck house in Narendra Modi’s Kundali, and placed in the first house along with its ruling lord, Mars. This position is forming an excellent Chandra-Mangal Yoga and Raj Yoga. Ketu is placed in the eleventh house of Virgo along with Sun and Mercury in the nakshatra of Uttara-Phalguni. Because of the combined effect of Sun and Mercury, Ketu posited in the eleventh house of Virgo may bring forward fruitful results. Meanwhile, the ruling lord of Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra is Sun, who is also the ruling lord of tenth house in Narendra Modi’s Kundali. These placements are indicating that Narendra Modi may regain his current position in the upcoming session. 

However, Saturn in its last phase of its Sade Sati, which is why PM Modi’s ride will not be smooth. It is quite a possibility that his party members may gang up against him and try to block his path of success. Despite everything, ruling lord of the eighth house, Moon will take him closer to power and authority. Venus, ruling lord of the seventh house, is residing in the tenth house, which is why he will gain public support and his work will be appreciated by them. His adversaries will be seen praising his work. However, compared to the previous times, situations will be topsy turvy and he will have to take many complex decisions. 


(02-01-1978: 11:59:00: New Delhi)

Core Points 
  1. The ascendent and Moon signs of Congress are Pisces and Virgo respectively.
  2. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are the primary planets moving in a retrograde motion.
  3. Venus is in a combusted state and placed along with Sun in the tenth house of Sagittarius.
  4. Mars is in a debilitated position in the fifth house of Cancer.
  5. The combination of Rahu and Moon is also posited in the seventh house. 

Planetary Periods During the Elections

An observation of Congress’ kundali suggests that it is undergoing a major period of Jupiter, Venus and Mercury from 05-03-2019 and it will remain static until 22-07-2019. 

Performance of Congress In The Upcoming Elections

If we observe the kundali of Congress party, it is apparent that Jupiter’s major period is undergoing a Venus’ sub period which will remain effective till September 2019. Jupiter is the ruling lord of the kundali’s first and tenth house and residing in the fourth house in the zodiac sign Gemini in a retrograde state. It is also aspecting the tenth house, and Sun and Venus (in a combusted state). Currently, Saturn is making its transit over Sun, Venus as well as in the fourth house from Moon. 

Considering all the planetary positions, it can be said that there may be internal conflicts in the party and controversial incidents can take place, which can spoil the name of the party. The confiding members of the party may question against its leader. The mighty Gandhi family may also face certain challenges during this time. However, auspicious Jupiter will bring forward favourable results and the ruling lord of third house, Venus’ position in the tenth house is indicating that party will increase its hard work and efforts. 

It is important to note that Venus is the ruling lord of the eighth house in the Kundli and placed along with Sun, who is the ruling lord of sixth house. In such a situation, Congress will probably perform better than the last time in 2014 but the performance will not be good enough to form a government in the centre. Even if it obtains desired results, the party cannot form a government without adhering to a coalition. 

Shri Rahul Gandhi 

(19-06-1970: 14:28:00:New Delhi)

Core points 

  1. The ascendent sign of Rahul Gandhi is Libra and his Moon sign is Sagittarius.
  2. Retrograde Mercury is present in the first house.
  3. Mercury, the ruling lord of luck, is posited in the eighth house in a combusted state. 
  4. Debilitated Saturn is residing in the seventh house.
  5. The combination of Sun and Mars is present in the ninth house, where Gemini is placed.
  6. Saturn is at the peak of its Sade Sati.

Planetary Periods During the Elections

In Rahul Gandhi’s Kundli,

  1. Mars-Moon-Venus will undergo a period from 01-03-2019 and it will last till 05-04-2019.
  2. After which, Mars-Moon-Sun’s period will start from 05-04-2019 and end on 16-04-2019.
  3. Meanwhile, the major period of Rahu-Rahu-Rahu will begin on 16-04-2019 and last till 11-09-2019. 

Performance of Rahul Gandhi in Lok Sabha Elections 2019

In the recent years, Rahul Gandhi has managed to change his personality to a great extent. He has managed to refine his position as a political leader. If we analyse the kundali of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, it is undergoing a major period of Mars and Rahu in ‘chidra’. Along with this, his kundli will undergo a major period of Rahu from 16th April 2019, which is situated in the fifth house Aquarius in Shatabhisha Nakshatra. The ruling Lord of Rahu’s zodiac sign is Saturn which is placed in a debilitated manner in the seventh house. Considering all these circumstances, it is difficult to say that he will be able to put his best foot forward in the upcoming elections. 

However, Rahu’s presence in its own Nakshatra will bring forward favourable results in the fields associated with the fifth house. Rahul Gandhi will be able to plan certain strategies which will provide some amount of help to the party. In the assembly elections organized recently, Congress had managed to hit the jackpot in states like Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, which is why some people are expecting his victory in the upcoming elections. In the current time, Saturn’s Sade Sati is at its peak, which will escalate his mental tensions and he will be under pressure to take care of the party’s success in the political race. However, his chances of becoming the PM are quite less. But, he will paint a new picture of himself with his multiple efforts and true colours will shine in front of the general public.


It becomes clear after analyzing the Kundalis of the country’s major parties and their PM candidates that BJP will not only benefit from Narendra Modi but the party will also change its existing image with his help in the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. However, compared to the last session in 2014, the party’s performance may be a bit disappointing. Despite this, it will manage to rise and not face a political setback. On the contrary, if we take into account Congress and Rahul Gandhi’s Kundli, it can be stated that he will remain dissatisfied with the election results. It is quite interesting to note that Rahul Gandhi’s image has changed in a positive manner which will impact the performance of Congress directly. But, with regards to victory, the party will have to push their edges a little more to reach the top. 

We really hope that you have liked this article. We wish all the best for you.

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Weekly Horoscope (8 to 14 April 2019)

Natives of these five zodiac signs will get unlimited success and happiness!! Read our weekly horoscope and find out every prediction associated with your life. 

The second week of April has knocked on our doors. Just like the previous ones, this week also has hopes and excitement in store for the natives. This week remains important for people of Sikh religion, as Baisakhi is falling on 14th April 2019 and observed as the Sikh New Year. Bharat Ratna Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s birthday is also observed on this particular day only. Dr. Ambedkar’s dedication towards the cause of the poor and the underprivileged is acknowledged by the entire nation, which is why his birthday is celebrated as a remarkable festival all over the nation. 

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What’s Special with IPL 12?

The IPL 2019 fever, which began on 23rd March 2019, is still persistent among cricket lovers. Many interesting matches will take place during this week too. Astrological coverage and match predictions are available on AstroSage.

Celebrity Birthdays

A prominent personality of the nation and two famous figures belonging to the film and political domain respectively, will celebrate their birthdays during this week. The list includes Bollywood actor Swara Bhaskar, Mukesh Ambani’s younger son Anant Ambani and Lok Sabha chairman Sumitra Mahajan. These three personalities have acquired name and fame all over the world. AstroSage wishes happiness and success to them. 

Astrological Facts and Hindu Panchang of this Week 

According to Hindu Panchang, this week will begin on Tritiya tithi during Krishna Paksha and end on Navami Tithi during Shukla Paksha. During the beginning of the week, Moon will reside in the zodiac sign Aries and make its transit in the respective signs Taurus, Gemini and Cancer. The effect of Moon will also be apparent on Nakshatras like Bharni, Kritika, Mrigshira, Aardra, Purnvasu, Pushya and Ashlesha. Other than this, celebrations of Chaitra Navratri will come to an end with the festival of Ram Navami 2019. Considering all the astrological facts, this week will provide crucial results to the natives of many zodiac signs. 

Planetary Positions During This Week 

Of all the transits taking place in this week’s time, the primary one is Mercury, who is making a transit from Aquarius to the zodiac sign Pisces. According to Vedic Astrology, Pisces is considered its debilitated sign. After Mercury, Sun will transit from Pisces and enter its exalted zodiac sign, Aries. 

Conduct Ram Navami Puja on this auspicious time

Chaitra Navratri Special 

Along with the festivities of Ram Navami, Chaitra Navratri celebrations will also begin during this week. This festival is dedicated to Goddess Gauri Durga, who is kept on the supreme pedestal by the people of Hindu religion. The arrival of the Hindu New Year is also celebrated along with this festival. 

Out of the nine incarnations of Goddess Durga, the following seven forms will be worshipped during Chaitra Navratri: 

Box Office Buzz This Week

As per Swar Shashtras, letters A, I and E will rule this Friday, which is why we have analyzed six movies which are yet to release. These movies are Madhurkar Express, Albert Pinto ko Gussa Kyu Aata Hain, The Tashkent Files, Blackboard vs Whiteboard, Paharganj aur Betiyon Ki Balle Balle. Out of all these movies, Madhurkar Express and Albert Pinto ko Gussa Kyu aata Hain which comes under the ‘A’ sound (swar), will perform quite well at the box office. However, the remaining movies’ inability to come under the sound (swar) criteria mentioned above will not allow them to see the face of success. These movies will perform below than average. 

Let us have a look at this week’s horoscope.

Know your Moon sign here: Moon sign calculator


For Aries natives this week, Moon will transit in the first house of your zodiac sign and then further move in your second, third and fourth houses respectively. Moon’s transit in your first house may disturb your mental balance…Read More

Love Predictions: For love related matters, this week will be excellent as Venu’s influence on the fifth house will provide enhancement to your love life. You may get a chance to introduce your partner to your friends.…Read More


Moon will reside in your twelfth house and its transit will take place in your first, second and third house. During this week, you may receive prosperous results on the familial front and your rhetoric skills may help you to win the hearts of your family members....Read More

Love Predictions: This week will be favourable for love related matters. Venus’ influence on the fifth house will help you to win your partner’s heart by communicating in a pleasant manner. You may also take…Read More


At the beginning of the week, Moon will reside in your eleventh house and make its transit in twelfth, first and second house. Moon’s transit in the eleventh house will not be favourable for student natives as there will be obstacles in their path of education. Natives belonging...Read More

Love Predictions: For love related matters, this week will be affirmative. Venus’ presence in the ninth house will provide appurtenance to your relationship and it will flourish. However you should not plan...Read More


This week will start on a good note, as your dreams will get fulfilled and you will lead a desirable life. During the beginning of the week, Moon’s presence in the tenth house will bring success to your professional life because of which a pleasant environment will prevail in your…Read More

Love Predictions: This week will remain moderate for love related matters. Mars’ aspect on the fifth house will make you restless, which can create differences in your relationship. This week will also remain moderate...Read More

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Moon will reside in your ninth house and transit in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth house this week. Moon’s transit in the ninth house will provide you luck and your respect will increase in the society. After this, when Moon transits in your tenth house, you will obtain success at your...Read More

Love Predictions: This week is not favourable for matters related to love as the combined effect of Saturn, Ketu and Rahu is bringing sufferings to the fifth house and it can make your love life thorny...Read More


During the beginning of the week, Moon will reside in your eighth house and make its transit in the ninth, tenth and eleventh house of your zodiac sign. In the beginning, you should observe caution in monetary matters as Moon’s placement in your eighth house may cause..Read More

Love Predictions: This week will remain ordinary for love. Tensions surrounding your family will impact your love life. Disclose your problems to your partner/spouse as he/she will acknowledge…Read More


Businessmen will have a good start to the week, as their business will flourishes due to Moon being in their seventh house. However, this transit can also cause you mental stress and you may have to travel unnecessarily. In the middle of the week, Moon will transit…Read More

Love Predictions: This week is favorable for love-related matters. Venus in your fifth house will deepen your romantic relations but the aspect of Saturn can create some issues, so give more importance...Read More


As the week progresses, Moon will transit in your seventh, eighth, and ninth house from its current position in your sixth house. Moon’s transit in your sixth house can cause some mental stress. Meditation will help during this time. Your child can suffer from some physical…Read More

Love Predictions: This week is good for love matters. You need to be careful as Mercury in your fifth house is in its debilitated state, due to which a small situation can escalate, making a mountain out of a molehill...Read More

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The Moon will remain in your fifth house at the beginning and transit to your sixth, seventh, and eighth house as the week progresses. Some natives can face difficulties whilst Moon is in your fifth house. Take extra care of your children as their health can deteriorate.…..Read More

Love Predictions: This week will be normal for love matters. Your stress can make your relations boring. Spend time with your lover and give them full importance this week. Instead of worrying on how to express…..Read More


As this week begins, you need to be careful in your family matters, as Moon transiting your fourth house can be a cause of stress in your household. Take care of your mother as her health can deteriorate. The time is good for working professionals, as success at work on the cards…..Read More

Love Predictions: While the week is slightly better for love-related matters, yet Mars in your fifth house can cause disputes, so use your words carefully. Don’t be impulsive and avoid getting all triggered….Read More


The Moon will be transiting from your third house to your fourth, fifth, and sixth house this week. With Moon in your third house in the beginning of the week, your siblings can face some physical problems. So, understand your responsibilities towards them and take special…..Read More

Love Predictions: This week will be full of ups and downs for love matters. As Rahu, Saturn, and Jupiter influence your fifth house, your relationship grows hot and cold, with love and disputes in equal measure through the....Read More


Moon will transit from your second house to your third, fourth, and fifth house this week. As Moon transits your second house, you will be speaking more sweetly and get to sample delicious dishes as well. Love will prevail in your family and some auspicious event may also.....Read More

Love Predictions: This week is ideal for love-related matters. Your partner will end your loneliness so get away from your tensions this week and attend to your lover. The week will be normal for the married…..Read More

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Author: Shaswati Neog

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Chaitra Navratri Ghatasthapana & Gudi Padwa Auspicious Muhurat

This Chaitra Navratri, learn how to invoke Goddess Shailputri and read about the various festivities of Hindu New Year starting tomorrow!!

Worshipping Goddess Durga during Navratri is the most important festivity associated in Hinduism. Each and every incarnation of Goddess Durga is worshipped during the nine day long celebrations of Navratri. According to Hindu Panchang, Navratri arrives five times during a year’s time. Of all the five Navratris, Chaitra and Sharad Navratri are commenced as the most important ones. Three Gupt Navratris are also celebrated in some parts of the country which go by the names of Paush, Ashadh and Magh Gupt Ratri.

In the year 2019, devotes will witness the arrival of Chaitra Navratri on Saturday, 6th April. The celebrations will end on 14th April, 2019. The very first day of Navratri is also celebrated as Ghatsthapana. Ghatasthapana is performed during an auspicious time and prayers are offered to Goddess Shailputri later on. With this article, we intend to provide information about every small and big festivity associated with Chaitra Navratri, auspicious time to conduct Ghatasthapana and all the rites and rituals to observe while worshipping Goddess Shailputri. Let us have a look at the auspicious time to conduct Ghatasthapana ceremony.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

Ghatasthapana Muhurat

Date Time
6 April 2019, SaturdayFrom 06:06:18 till 10:18:05
Duration 4 hours 11 Minutes

Note: Above muhurat is applicable in New Delhi. Click here to know the ghatasthapana muhurat for your city.

Importance Of Ghatasthapana On The First Day Of Navratri

According to Hindu panchang, Chaitra Navratri begins on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada and during this day only Ghatashtapana or urn placement (Kalash Sthapana) should be solemnized. It is believed in the Shastras that Ghatasthpana should be duly performed by observing each and every ritual associated with it. This is why Ghatasthapana has great significance in the Hindu festival of Navratri. 

This Navratri, wear a Nava Durga Kavach and get rid of your problems!

Invoking Goddess Shailputri On The First Day Of Navratri 

According to the scriptures, Goddess Shailputri is considered the first incarnation of Goddess Durga. If you are wondering about the name Shailputri, you should know that she is the daughter of the great Lord Himalaya. Hereby, she came to be known as Shailputri. She is also known as Brisahrura as her primary medium of travelling is a bullock. She holds a trishul and a lotus flower in her right and left hand respectively. She is also known as Goddess Sati in many states of India. 

The Arrival Of Hindu New Year

According to the Panchang, Hindu New Year begins on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. With its arrival, various festivals are celebrated all over India. States like Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have the custom of celebrating Gudi Padwa during this time. Meanwhile, Ugadi festival is observed in the southern part of the country during the same time. 

Significance of Hindu New Year and Chaitra Pratipada

According to the Himadri Brahmapuran, Lord Brahma’s provenance took place on this Earth in the Chaitra month’s Shukla Paksh’s first day around sunrise. Because of this reason, the Shukla Paksha Pratipada (first day) of Chaitra month marks the arrival of a New Year and New Samvat. The Samvat which will begin on the 6th April 2019, Saturday, is known as Paridhavi, which also happens to be the 46th Samvat. On this very day, Vikarami Savant 2076 will begin. Read about the Hindu New Year and Chaitra Shukla Pratipada in detail here. 

Let us have a detailed look about the important festivals which will begin with the arrival of Hindu New Year.

Gudi Padwa

Gudi Padwa is an important festival commemorated in the central part of India, which includes states like Maharashtra. According to Hinduism, Chaitra month’s Shukla Pratipada is known as Gudi Padwa. The Hindu New Year also begins on the same day. According to religious customs, it is believed that Lord Brahma created this Earth on this day only, which is why it is observed as the first day of this universe. The Shukla Pratipada Of Chaitra month is also known as the best day of the year. Gudi Padwa is celebrated in Maharashtra with great joy and excitement. The meaning of the word Gudi is victory flag (Vijay Pataka), which is why a flag is hoisted outside every house on this festival. It is believed that flag hoisting will nullify all the negative energies residing in one’s house and bring happiness, prosperity and good luck to the family. 

Read the Gudi Padwa Panchang and time according to your city: Gudi Padwa 2019


Shukla Pratipada of Chaitra month is celebrated as Ugadi in South India. Various religious and cultural diversities exist in India. This cultural diversity includes many prevalent festivals, customs, rites and rituals. Chaitra Shukla Pratipada announces the arrival of Hindu New Year and in order to remark this festivity, the Southern part of India celebrates Ugadi in a vibrant manner. It is also known as Telugu New Year. The respective communities of Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra and Konkani rename this festival as Yugadi. In the state of Tamil Nadu, it is known by both these names. 

Know the Ugadi Panchang and appropriate time according to your city: Ugadi 2019

AstroSage offers the best of wishes for Chaitra Navratri and Hindu New Year 2019! May Goddess Durga bless you with peace and prosperity.

Author: Shaswati Neog

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Major Improvement in AstroSage Kundli App, Update Now!

AstroSage Kundli App launching its latest 12.5 version worldwide! Know what’s new is introduced and how these features are useful.

Advanced features in version 12.5 of AstroSage Kundli App! Now, read and listen to daily horoscope predictions, add daily notes and know your lucky and number. Update your app to get the latest version!

What’s New with AstroSage Kundli App?

Apart from being the number one astrology app in India to cross 10 Million downloads on Google Play, the team behind AstroSage Kundli app strives to improve the user experience by introducing new and innovative features every now and then. These features are highly impressive and has incorporated the vernacular demands for a better interface. These are as follows:

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें 

With Daily Horoscope, know your Lucky Time, Lucky Color, Lucky Number and Disha Shool on a daily basis and find out what colour to wear on a day and what time is auspicious to carry out an auspicious ceremony. 

Listening to the Daily, Weekly, Weekly Love, Monthly Horoscope Predictions becomes easy and quick with Talking Horoscope. Apart from reading, now you can listen to your life predictions and save time. 

Save your astrology notes on Daily Notes and keep a tab on your planetary movements and predictions. 

These features have greatly improved the flexibility and allowed the users to experience new technologies in the most interactive way. Introducing new languages in the app has allowed us to reach out to the regional masses and resolve their queries. Also, with Daily Notes feature, it has become easy for the users to write notes or make a list of things s/he wants to search or calculate in the app. The impressive “Talking Horoscope” feature also now allows the users to directly hear the life predictions rather than reading it, which seems to be more practical and time consuming idea. 

Other than that, we have also updated some existing features and fixed some bugs in the 12.4 version of the app, which have also acted as the “cherry on the cake”. These are some: 

  • With the addition of Videos tab on the app, it becomes easy for you to access AstroSage TV and search and see multiple and interesting videos regarding Vedic Astrology. AstroSage TV is YouTube’s number 1 vedic astrology video channel and has garnered major attention with its informative and interesting videos. 
  • Bug Fix: Respective users can now upload/update their profile picture for matrimonial purposes. Earlier, this problem rose as a challenge, but is now fixed with the updated version. Also, now you can download and open the PDF format of your horoscope matching kundli easily. Earlier, people were facing problem regarding downloading or opening the kundli, but with the recent update, this bug has been fixed. 
  • Bug Fix: Now, natives can also prepare the kundli according to the Nepal’s time zone. In the earlier version, this time zone wasn’t incorporated into our software, but our experts have resolved this issue and added the Nepal time zone for quicker access. 

AstroSage Kundli app is one of the most-used and interactive online kundli software available. It has been designed keeping the users’ demands in mind and constant feature updation and bug fixes improves the operation as well as user experience. With these new features, you can now know more about your future, what date and time to organize a ritual or which direction to face for fruitful results. 

Either a professional, a company owner or a homemaker, we take care of all. Update your app now and experience versatility at its best!
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