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Yearly Horoscope 2019 Predictions

How 2019 will treat you? Read yearly horoscope 2019 to find out how the year will be for the natives of 12 moon signs.


With the advent of 2019 arrives the curiosity to know the future. Everyone want to begin a new inning of their life with a new year. People celebrate this day like a festival, make resolutions and bid adieu to the previous year. The first day of a new year reflects as the first page in the book of your life. In 2019, will you get the promotion you have been waiting for? Will your business turn profitable? Will your dream of going abroad come true? Will you get married? Find the yearly predictions for 2019 given by world-class astrologers of AstroSage.

As compared to other horoscopes, this annual forecast by AstroSage is completely different. The accuracy and credibility of the predictions is defined by the efforts we put in to bring to you something that you can relate to. This is no ordinary horoscope based on only the zodiac signs but verified at several stages. Our astrologers prepare the kundli of a native on the basis of date, time, place and planetary positions. This birth chart is analyzed and compared with what the generic predictions suggest. We bring to you an ultimate, personalized yearly horoscope that you can count upon. So, let’s waste no more time and unveil the future.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

These predictions are based on moon signs. To know yours, click here.


The ruling planet of your sign - Mars - will remain set from July 12 to October 22. During this phase, avoid taking any crucial decision...Read more


Saturn will reside in the eight house of your sign. You need to be very careful about your health. At your workplace, desired results will be received for sure....Read more


There may occur some kind of stress in your married life because of the Saturn transit in your seventh house....Read more


Due to the Saturn transit in your sixth house, you will get success in competitive examinations and dominate your enemies....Read more


On 14th April, the lord of your zodiac sign Sun will enter into Aries. During this period, you will get name and fame in the society and those who wish for higher studies will succeed....Read more 


Virgo will get good news in the middle of 30th March to 22nd of April. During this time you may own your own house...Read more


Venus, the lord of Libra will transit to Scorpio on 1st January. During this period of time, there may occur some auspicious functions at your house which will bring happiness in family....Read more


On 6th February, Mars, the ruling lord of Scorpio, will enter Aries which is the mool trikona or triangular sign of Mars. As a result, you will get success over the matters related to court or judiciary….Read more


This year, two major eclipses will be affecting your sign. On July 16 the lunar eclipse and on December 26, a Solar eclipse will take place in your moon sign.….Read more


The lord of your zodiac sign Saturn will enter your twelfth house which will bring you under the effect of sade sati….Read more


This year the lord of your zodiac sign will enter your eleventh house. As a result, you will receive long time benefits and your future plans will get successful.….Read more


Your ruling lord Jupiter will remain in your ninth house till 30th March, which will bring good luck to you. After that, you may face some problems at work front when it will enter your tenth house.….Read more

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Hindu Panchang In 9 Languages - FREE

English, বাংলা , తెలుగు, मराठी, ಕನ್ನಡ, தமிழ், ગુજરાતી, മലയാളം, Hindi - Available in 9 regional languages, In ‘Hindu Panchang’ app, you can view Indian holidays, Hindu fast, festivals, daily Panchang, choghadiya, hora, Do ghati Muhurat, Rahu Kal, and Rashifal 2019. Hindu Panchang 2019 is crafted by best-in-industry astrologers from #1 astrology portal, AstroSage.
Panchang Apps in 9 Languages

‘Hindu Panchang’ App has information pertaining to Indian Calendar. When you tap on any particular festival or fasting day, you get a detailed information about all the legends related to it. Scrolling to different features on the app, you will know about Panchang, Choghadiya, Hora, Do ghati Muhurat, Kalnirnay, Rahu kaal, and Rashifal 2019. You also get notification about any important task or event to be reminded and much more.

Panchangam, also known as Panchang is used to describe the five elements of Vedic Astrology. When these five elements are combined for a day then, they are known as Panchang or Hindu Calendar. ‘Hindu Panchang’ app is available in 9 regional languages including: 

‘Hindu Panchang’ is one of the most reputed Panchangam available online. It has been made available for Android devices with similar features as same as Hindu calendar. This new app has been designed from world’s No.1 astrology portal, AstroSage. This Hindu Panchang, which doesn't need Internet connectivity comes with following features which are as follows. 

Some Key Features of Hindu Panchang:

  • Most detailed, academic and comprehensive Hindu calendar 2019
  • Printable Calendar 2019 with High-quality images
  • View Indian Fast, Festivals, Panchang, Choghadiya, Hora, Do ghati Muhurat, Kalnirnay, Rahu kaal, and Rashifal 2019.
  • Know muhurat, tithi, rasi, paksha, maas, nakshatra, yoga, samvat, and karan
  • Check daily, weekly, monthly and yearly horoscope using Hindu Panchang 2019
  • Hindu Panchang 2019 is provided by best-in-industry astrologers from No. 1 astrology portal, AstroSage
  • Include Indian Holidays 2019, Bank Holidays 2019, national and state holidays 2019
  • Available in 9 regional languages - Hindi, English, Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, Tamil, Marathi, and Kannada
  • Free app available in offline mode
  • Share with friends and family
  • Indian Calendar 2019, Hindu Calendar 2019, 2019 Hindu Festival Calendar

2019 Indian Calendar for Indian Festivals & Indian Holidays 

In this ‘Hindu Panchang’’ app, you can get a printable English Calendar having high quality images of Calendar 2019. Using this app, you can see Hindu Panchang 2019, Hindu Panchang 2019, Bengali Panjika 2019, Telugu Panchangam 2019, Marathi Panchang 2019, Tamil Panchangam 2019, Malayalam Panchangam 2019, Kannada Panchanga 2019, and Gujarati Panchang 2019. Along with the reminders, the app will also provide you tithi, vaar, festival, panchak, full moon (Purnima) and no moon (Amavasya) day in each month. 

2019 Choghadiya, Hora, Do Ghati Muhurat, Rahu Kal

Hindu Panchang displays Panchang 2019 for any day includes Moonrise/Moonset Time, Sunrise/Sunset time, Ritu, Yog, Zodiac of Moon/Sun, Nakshatra, Karan, Muhurat, Tithi, Rahu Kal etc. Panchang category also provides you planetary position and hora chart for day and night. With this app, users can view Choghadiya of day and night on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Hindu Panchang 2019 also allows you to view Hora, Do ghati muhurat and rahu kal information for all days in the year 2019.

2019 Hindu Marriage Dates, Muhurat, Tithi, Panchang

Hindu Panchang 2019 displays hindu marriage dates, muhurat, tithi and Rashifal of all zodiac sign (rashi). Select your moon sign from Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and read your aaj ka rashifal in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, and Kannada. Download the Hindu Panchang app by AstroSage and make your life simple, easy and stress-free.

Download Now

Weekly Horoscope - December 31, 2018 to January 6, 2019

Weekly Horoscope for the first week of New Year 2019! Know how lucky your stars will be in 2019? Also read the effect of Mercury transit in Sagittarius taking place on the first day itself.

2019 is all set to take on 2018 with fervor and enthusiasm. With year 2018 ending on Monday, 31st December, a bitter-sweet farewell and a new beginning will be witnessed. Astrologically, this change will have a favorable impact on the natives of Aries, Cancer, Leo, Libra, Scorpio and Aquarius. Find out what opportunities and challenges will come in your family, professional and personal life across your way in 2019.

Mercury Transit in Sagittarius in 2019

This week holds more importance due to the planetary transit of Mercury in Sagittarius. Mercury represents intelligence, speech, reasoning skills, business mindset and smartness in a horoscope. On the first day of 2019, i.e. 1st January, Tuesday, Mercury will transit from the zodiac sign Scorpio into Sagittarius at 09:38, and will stay until 20:54 on 20th January, Sunday. After that, it will move on and make another transit in Capricorn on the same day, i.e. 20th January, Sunday around 20:55.

Know its effects on your zodiac sign by clicking here.

This week is very crucial from astrological point of view, as it is transiting from being the last week of 2018 to the first week of New Year 2019. Let's read its effects on 12 zodiac signs:

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Click here to know your Moon Sign: Moon sign Calculator


The natives of Aries moon sign will receive monetary benefits this week. If you were working in partnership, success is yours.........Read More


Health is the area of concern this week for you. Pay special attention to your diet and eating habits as ignorance can lead you to a big trouble.....Read More


Ups and downs will make this week for you a period when you receive appreciation and rewards for your hard work at career front......Read More


This week you will be merry and will try to learn something new. If you are a student, you will feel like learning more and more about different subjects......... Read More


The people of Leo sign will experience bliss in their family life. There could be new beginnings and an auspicious event taking place at home.......Read More


Your might and stoutness is on test this week. Trust your capabilities and let go of your lazy attitude if you wish to attain something in life.......Read More

Also read: Vastu Shastra


The gifts of happiness and love are showered upon you. Your nature and speech will attract others towards you.......Read More


After a couple of stressful issues, you will make good decisions, the results of which will be favorable and lasting.......Read More


The week is bringing for you mixed results. On one hand you will spend on things of comfort during the first half, in the mid of the week, you may face stress and health issues.......Read More


Be careful about your health this week, just like the previous one. You will be weak and may feel seriously ill even if the matter is not that serious.....Read More


A journey is being proposed by the stars. Success at workplace and promotion is guaranteed if you continue performing brilliantly......Read More


Be cautious as the way you talk can depict overconfidence and increase your stress. Dispute at the workplace is also predicted......Read More
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2019 Calendar - Free App You Must Download Before 2019

Notes, Reminder, Hindu Panchang 2019 in one app - In India, it is a tradition to take notes on calendar, also called panchang.

People note down various points like “newspaper not delivered (akhbaar nahin aaya)”, “how much milk is bought on a date (kitna doodh kareeda)”. “Maid was absent (baai nahin aayi)” or “when to pay bill” etc. The same old feature of taking notes on your panchang is now available in this mobile app “2019 Calendar”. Now, in place of traditional panchang or calendar, you can use our “2019 Calendar” app to take date-wise notes and manage your month. This app has everything that a traditional panchang has, but many incredible other features. For example, you can share your whole monthly notes on WhatsApp with just one click. It is like your kalnirnay panchang and evernote rolled out in one single app. Download “2019 Calendar” app now.

2019 Calendar App

If you’re using your calendar for fast and festivals, you might be using a separate to-do list app, for notes and reminders. Why to use separate apps for different purposes? When you’ve precisely trusted “2019 Calendar” app by AstroSage. This app has everything you need to see holidays, set reminders, take date-wise notes, plan monthly expenditure, create tasks, events and lists in seconds. You can also share your monthly expenditure and notes on WhatsApp in just one click. It is like your walking calendar and evernote rolled out in one single app. 

With 2019 Calendar app, people don’t have to keep a tab on shopping list and many expenses related to milk, newspaper, magazine, gas, tuition, and much more. With this app, people can manage their monthly planner and set a reminder on which date, time and day, they have to pay bills and EMI. With this app, people can use stay organized and updated. In this app, you can view calendar and see all fast, festivals and holidays. Using this app, you can manage your planner and set a reminder of any important task and event. In this app, you can also create shopping lists and monthly expenditure using general notes. The app is currently available in 9 Indian languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, and Gujarati. Below are some of the important features of 2019 Calendar app.

2019 Calendar App

Calendar as Reminder Tool.

  • View fast, festivals, holidays, tithi, and any auspicious muhurat in 2019 Calendar app.
  • Make date-wise notes on the calendar related to categories such as milk, gas, bills, tuition, magazine, newspaper, monthly saving, expenditure,and much more
  • Share the lists with friends & family
  • Available in 9 Indian languages including English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi, and Gujarati.
  • Create multiple shopping lists on general notes category
  • Manage your list and add tasks straight from 2019 Calendar 

Never Miss a Thing with Date-Wise Notes.

  • Add general reminders for various activities and categories related to ongoing bills, expenditure and savings 
  • Set date-wise notes
  • Use to-do-list reminders for on-the-spot notifications
  • Receive follow-up reminders to keep up with important notes
  • Available for android devices
  • Simple, modern & technically advanced

Create Tasks/Events in Seconds

  • Add today’s tasks remotely
  • Manage your to-do lists
  • Save your time using general notes
  • Create your personal shopping lists
  • Manage your monthly expenditure by making notes on the calendar
  • Manage important events using date-wise notes
  • Plan your daily, weekly and monthly tasks date-wise
  • Get mobile notification for an important event/ task date-wise 

Why to Use 2019 Calendar App?

  • See Hindu fast, festivals, holidays, tithi, muhurat in 2019 Calendar app
  • Manage personal expenditure directly from 2019 Calendar 
  • Add tasks/events and categories by typing them in a go
  • See-real-time notification/reminder on 2019 Calendar 
  • Create date-wise notes 
What are you waiting for? Go and enjoy a walking calendar in your pocket. Download the app from Google Play.

2019 Calendar App

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2019’s Biggest Coverage by AstroSage!

Make your 2019 special with tips from AstroSage having festivals, fasts, horoscope predictions, auspicious muhurats, calendar 2019, chinese horoscope!
With 2019 making its debut, AstroSage has brought a complete account of New Year 2019 for you. Here is the most accurate and precise coverage about 2019, which intakes different aspects of astrology such as horoscope and numerology predictions, yearly fasts, festivals, holidays, eclipses, transits, retrogrades, calendar 2019, auspicious muhurats, lal kitab predictions, as well as Chinese Horoscope 2019. So let’s put on your seat belts and enjoy the ride to 2019 with AstroSage.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

Horoscope 2019

Horoscope 2019 gives an in-depth analysis about how 2019 is going to great you from astrological point of view. Know what challenges, opportunities or occasions are waiting for you on your path, and which time favors you the most. AstroSage, world’s number one astrology website, offers precise astro-analysis and delivers yearly, monthly, weekly and daily horoscope predictions based on Moon sign in general and regional languages. Just your birth details act as the key to open the lock and reveal the secrets!

Read your 2019 Horoscope Predictions.

Lal Kitab 2019 Predictions

Lal KItab Predictions are based on the position of planets in 12 houses of a Teva or Horoscope. That's why the predictions out of it are more accurate and authentic. Through this report, you will be able to know about the important aspects of your life. Know how to prepare yourself from several challenges, obstacles and opportunities coming in your way in the year 2019!

Read Lal Kitab Horoscope 2019 Predictions

Auspicious Muhurats in 2019

What time seems favorable to start a new business? Or want to get married during the most auspicious muhurat? AstroSage has the answer! With 2019, get muhurat predictions for marriage, mundan or tonsuring, housewarming or griha pravesh, karnavedha or ear-piercing, namkaran or child naming, annaprashan or muhurat for eating solid foods and vidyarambh or auspicious muhurat to begin studying. Find out which date, time and nakshatra is best for you to carry out auspicious tasks. Along with it, find out the timings for Rahu Kaal, Do Ghati Muhurat, Uday Lagna and Today’s Auspicious Muhurat.

Read more about Different Auspicious Muhurats in 2019.

Transits 2019

How planetary transits mark a major impact on your life and how it affects 12 zodiac signs, know right here! We will give you a detailed brief about planetary transits and retrogrades happening in 2019 along with timings and its effects. Here, find out which planet is transiting in which sign or house and how impactful will it be for you.

Read more about Rahu Transit, Saturn Transit, Ketu Transit and Jupiter Transit in 2019.

Numerology 2019

Do you know that a single number has all the answers regarding your life? Numerology 2019 unveils the biggest secret of your life with predictions based on Birth Number. Numerology is an astrological science through which the person can know a lot about his past, present and future. Your Birth Date is added to bring out the Moolank or Numerology Number.

Read Numerology 2019 Predictions based on Birth Number

Calendar 2019

Hindu Calendar or Hindu Panchang offers a one-stop platform for yearly festivals and bank and public holidays and their time of occurence. Indian culture is a vivid amalgamation of beliefs, religion and sovereignty where several festivals are observed. Apart from Hindu festivals, Islamic, Christian, Jain and Sikh festivals are also included. Know which festival or holiday is occurring on which date with precise information.

Read more about Calendar 2019.

Quick List of Festivals in 2019

Know which festival holds significance and how to perform the rituals well. In the year 2019, explore auspicious muhurats of these festivals and when to perform the pooja. With its help, you’ll get to know how to reap the fruits of your worship by carrying out the rituals within the right time period. As you know, Hinduism holds a major importance about carrying out any task within an auspicious time. Hereby, know when is your favorite festival occurring in 2019 and how to perform it.

Here is the list of Festivals in 2019.

Planetary Eclipses in 2019

In the year 2019, there will be 3 solar eclipses and 2 lunar eclipses, which will directly affect the human life. Although eclipse is merely a celestial phenomenon, but it is an important event in Vedic astrology. During this time, there will be bad effects of Rahu-Ketu on Sun and Moon. During the eclipse, certain things are taken care of, especially for pregnant women and kids. Find out how these eclipses turn out to be for you.

Know more about Eclipses in 2019.

Fasts to be Observed in 2019

Fasts hold a special significance in the Hindu religion. Basically people keep fast for special purposes or to worship their lord. People can only get benefits from it when right rituals are performed. In Hinduism, Navratri, Sawan Somwar and karwa chauth are some of the important fasts. Apart from this, every month, people keep fasts according to the dates and muhurats. It includes Ekadashi 2019 fasts, Sankashti Chaturthi in 2019, Amavasya 2019 fasts, Poornima 2019 fasts and Pradosh fasts as well. Find out what is the right ritual to perform a fast with the help of AstroSage.

Chinese Horoscope 2019

Which chinese zodiac sign represents your personality? What are its traits and how Chinese New Year 2019 is going to treat you, know here with Chinese Horoscope 2019 predictions. Find out if 2019 strikes a perfect balance of YIn and Yang in your life, and find out how chinese astrology predicts your life and its various aspects.

Read more about Chinese Horoscope 2019 Predictions

Sale & Offers on Astrology Products & Services

On the occasion of New Year 2019, AstroSage has brought “2019 Biggest Astro Sale” for you. In which you will get every essential thing which will help you to make your New Year special. So, come along with us, light up the candle of success and fill your New year with colors of happiness and joy. Convert your New Year into a festival by getting exciting offers and discounts on astrology products and services.

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Weekly Horoscope - 24 to 30 December, 2018

3 lucky zodiac signs will receive special benefits from the stars in the last week of the year. Read predictions about your personal and professional life, matters in your family or marriage, love and relationships and the changes coming in your life during this week.


In the last week of the year 2018, three signs will receive gifts from the Santa. In many aspects, the end of the year will give a rise in income, and attraction. Some signs need to remain alert and cautious. While some will be thankful to what the year brings to them before coming to an end.

The week begins with Dwitya tithi, Krishna Paksha and Punarvasu Nakshatra. During this time, Moon will be in Gemini sign. The week will end on Navmi tithi, Krishna Paksha and Hast Nakshatra. By this time, Moon will also change its position and move to Virgo moon sign. There could be awe-inspiring changes in the political world and army will feel struggle accompanying them. Let’s now discuss the impact of planetary positions on 12 zodiac signs.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Click here to know your Moon Sign: Moon sign Calculator


Confusion and dilemmas are predicted for you as you will find it difficult to take decisions.........Read More


Pack your bags as there’s an indication for going on a journey. If going outside for work purpose, chances of success are less......Read More


A misunderstanding within your family is predicted. Serenity is of essence. Keep yourself calm......Read More


Taking crucial decisions must be avoided this week. The company you are enjoying must be good........ Read More


Controlling your expenses must be a priority for you this week. Over Expenditure can result in serious crisis of resources at the time of need......Read More


Your friends and colleagues will be offering you support in every form. You will be bold, determined and enthusiastic........Read More


You will be both happy and attractive this week. You will be influential as your voice has the power to change somebody’s mind....Read More


Scorpions will be in a happy-go-lucky mood this week. You will spend on luxury items......Read More


Be careful as your health may deteriorate. The position of Saturn and Sun can affect not only your health but create anxiety in you......Read More


Your health issues need to be addressed adequately. Your income will increase substantially......Read More


Benefits, favorable results and profits are predicted for you this week. Partnerships will prove to be lucky.....Read More


Control your anger or there will be situation you wouldn’t like to be in. ups and downs at workplace are predicted....Read More 
For Gemstones, Yantras and other astrological solutions, visit: AstroSage Online Store

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Mars Transit in Pisces: How Will 2018's Last Transit Affect You?

Transit of Mars into Pisces will change the course of your life. With 2019 just around the corner, how will your 2018 end? Read to find out.


Planet Mars is red and hot and serves the same nature in Vedic Astrology. It is designated as the representative of anger, blood, energy and domination. Although planet red is also linked with Lord Hanuman and is the ruling planet of moon sign Aries and Scorpio, the reputation it enjoys is of the one who controls power. The planet is exalted in Capricorn sign while in Cancer, it is debilitated. The ruling element in Mrigashira, Chitra and Dhanishta Nakshatra, Mars is a powerful planet as a strong Mars makes you bold, energetic and courageous. When it’s weakly positioned in Kundli, blood disorders and muscle related diseases are caused. Sometimes a bad Mars can destroy your married life.

Mars changes its position every 1.5 months. This year, the last transit of 2018 will take place. This will be the transit of Mars in the moon sign Pisces. At 12:59 PM, the planet will be moving into Pisces moon sign and continue to stay there till 11:56:30 PM on February 05, 2019. Know which will be the lucky signs having a positive impact of this change.

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Click here to know your Moon Sign: Moon sign Calculator


Those belonging to the Aries sign might experience a decline in their health during this transit period. Health issues related to blood are foreseen in this duration.….Read more


Folks of Taurus sign can expect earnings from foreign sources and hospitals during this transit. You might also get an insurance policy in this period..….Read more


Professionally, your authority might undergo a substantial increase. You are expected to climb up the professional ladder during this period.….Read more


Those belonging to the sign Cancer might be able to make the most of this period of Mars transit. Those looking forward to pursue higher education in foreign lands might get a head start in this period.….Read more


This transit might bring health issues to those belonging to the sign Leo. The health of your father might also decline during this period as health issues related to blood are quite possible during this period..….Read more


The transit of Mars in the sign Pisces might induce you with an increased aggression and high irritability. The health of your spouse might need attention during this period..….Read more


Folks belonging to the sign Libra might have to face financial loss during the transit period of the planet Mars in the sign Pisces.….Read more


Folks belonging to the Scorpio sign might feel highly inclined towards their educational pursuits during the transit period of the planet Mars in the sign Pisces.….Read more


The transit of the planet Mars in the sign Pisces might give you a stressed domestic life during this period. Maintain your calm and handle the clashes and disagreements with a composed mind. .….Read more


The transit of the planet Mars in the sign Pisces will increase the determination towards work and education of the natives of Capricorn sign..….Read more


The transit of Mars in Pisces sign might give rise to familial issues in your immediate family. The natives of Aquarius sign might be able to reap benefits from their younger siblings during this period..….Read more


The transit of the planet Mars in the sign Pisces might make you easily irritable and give you a combative and hostile aura. Your inclination towards sensuality and intimacy might remain on an all time high during this transit period.….Read more 

AstroSage wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!