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Weekly Horoscope (19 - 25 February 2018)

12 effective remedies to achieve success. Read weekly horoscope and know what your stars are planning for you this week.

This is the third week of February month and will be extremely special for 8 Zodiacs. The natives of these 8 Zodiacs will get good results in matters like job, promotion, building a home, buying a property, and other important matters. Read weekly horoscope to know which 8 Zodiac people will get lucky this week.

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This week will be financially prosperous for the natives of Aries. You will get many opportunities to prosper and grow. There are also chances of monetary gains. Support from a female friend may be beneficial. Family life, however, may get stressful and disturbed. This may result in lack of interest at workplace. Pay attention to your health as it may get affected. Avoid heavy and excessive meals. You will reap rewards for your hard work. This may also results in obtaining thing that you were wishing for a while. Take care of your parents’ health. You will get love and support from your children. Students will obtain good results for their hard work.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a promising week for love related matters. New relationships will be created. You will meet new friends. There are chances of going on a trip. Your love relationship will also strengthen during this period. Married Couple will have a good time. Your marital life will be blissful and happy. You will feel in love with your spouse.

REMEDY: Recite Hanuman Chalisa.



You may get busy with loads of work. So, don't be hasty and work at your normal pace. Struggles in beginning may give you financial benefits in the end. Avoid useless gossipings at work. People employed in government departments may gain monetary benefits. Family life will remain as usual. You may spend money in religious activities. Your luck will be favourable this week. You will remain devoted to your work. Your children will support you. Students will perform well in their studies.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will remain a casual week for love matters. You may spend less time with your partner due to your busy schedule. If you are in love with a colleague, you will spend quality time with him/her. If you are married, you will have a good time with your spouse. Though avoid any kind of dispute as it may result in your spouse’s temper.

REMEDY: Serve and feed flour dough (Aate ka Peda) to a cow.



You may make some changes at workplace. If you are looking for a job, then your search may be over. Your hard work will be paid off as your income may increase. Your expenses may also increase in the end days of the week, so keep a tab on them. Family life will remain peaceful. Parents’ health will also be in good condition. These are good times for your children. You may have a pleasant trip in this duration. Students trying for higher studies may get successful.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Your love relationship will blossom this week. You may go on a trip with your partner. You will also get opportunities to meet him/her and may have lunch or dinner together. Some lucky people may get married with their beloved. However, married couples may not have a promising week and may feel unhappy and moody.

REMEDY: Wear green clothes and gift the same to a girl.


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Natives of Cancer may get blessed with a home or may have some property related gains. Family life will remain peaceful and happy. Your relationship with your father will become strong. You need to be patient as your decision-making ability may get affected. You may try to change your job or chances of a transfer may also be a possibility. Spend wisely as you may loss some money this week. Children will get success in their domain. Students will have to study hard to get good results. Management and technology professionals may gain monetary benefits as well.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a casual week for love matters. Your partner’s temper may affect your relationship, so act wisely. Make them happy and try to lighten their mood. If married, avoid any kind of dispute with your spouse. Pay attention to their health as well.

REMEDY: Offer blue flowers and worship Lord Shiva.



Your luck may get favourable and may bless you with materialistic comforts. There are chances of buying a new property or a vehicle. You may feel anxious. There are chances of unwanted trips as well. You may participate in religious activities. Your family life will remain happy and blissful. Students may face some challenges. These are good times for your children. You may get success at workplace along with some monetary benefits. Respect women and spend some of your income on your spouse as well.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: Challenging times are upon you. Be loyal and honest in your relationship. Don’t upset your beloved about unnecessary things. If married, love and arguments will be a constant part of your journey along with pampering each other.

REMEDY: Donate a mustard oil filled vessel after seeing your shadow in it.



You may gain benefits through business partnership. There are also chances of monetary gains. But beware as money loss may occur. It is recommended to act wisely regarding money-related scenarios. You will take interest in religious activities. You may also plan a trip. There may be some troubles in family life. You will reap rewards for your hard work. You may shift from your current location this week. A birth or a wedding may occur in your family. Pay attention to your mother’s health. There are strong possibilities of financial gains. You will get success in legal matters.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week seems gloomy for your relationship. There are chances of disputes. Be patient and try to resolve issues with sound conversation. Married people will get support from their spouse which will strengthen your relationship.

REMEDY: Recite Shri Vishnu Sahasranama.


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Try to avoid unnecessary disputes. Your decision-making ability will get better. Skill and intelligence is your forte and will help you achieve success in every task. Monetary gains on charts for you. Avoid shortcuts to gain success at workplace. Stop being lazy. Avoid meat and alcohol. Good times for your child to grow and prosper. Students will achieve good results for their hard work. There may be some tensions in your family life, so be patient and act wisely. Your health will be better this week. Avoid using bitter words.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This seems a promising week for your love life. You will get support and devotion of your beloved. You will also spend some quality time with him/her. A new relationship may also start during this period. Married people will get support and love of their spouse.

REMEDY: Offer green grass (Durva) and worship Lord Ganesha.



You will feel energetic and will take challenges head-on. Your leadership skills will improve and you will act religiously. Siblings will support you. However, pay attention to their health as it may decline this week. You may remain busy servicing your guests. Avoid unnecessary expenses as there are no change in your income. People working in government departments may get official residences. Your children may go overseas for further studies. Students will have to work hard this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a normal week for love matters. Your love for each other will increase, but you may have to go away from each other due to some unknown reasons. Try to continue your conversations through mobile and messages. If married, you will get happiness through your spouse and your marital life will remain blissful.

REMEDY: Apply Saffron tilak on your forehead daily.



The natives of Sagittarius will have a blissful family life. There will be peace and harmony in your home. Your income may increase and there are also chances of monetary gains. The earnings through rent will also increase. You may change your job or a transfer may occur. Pay attention to your health as you may suffer from insomnia or eye pain. You will get support from your siblings and colleagues at workplace. Due to some reasons, you may feel restless. It is recommended to remain calm and confident. Children may have to go away from you. Students must study hard.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This seems a promising week for your relationship. Avoid any kind of dispute with your partner. If married, you will spend some good time with your spouse. You may go on a trip together as well.

REMEDY: Water the Peepal tree.


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You will feel excited this week. You will gain respect and monetary benefits at workplace along with wishes that will get fulfilled this time. Increase in income will make you happy. There are chances of some auspicious activities in family. Family life will remain blissful. Pay attention to your health. Children will feel high-spirited. Students may get good results during this period. Married people are likely to gain some benefits from in-laws. They may also gain monetary benefits through government or its departments.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a casual week for love related matters. There are strong possibilities that the weekend will be good. You may introduce your beloved to your parents. Married couples will have to act with patience. Avoid any kind of doubt in your marital life.

REMEDY: Plant Pomegranate tree.



Your authority will increase at workplace. But beware as someone may create a plot against you. Good thing is that you may gain sudden monetary gains this week, though your expenses will also increase. Consult a doctor for insomnia and eye related problems. You will make great efforts to get good income. Your children will remain devoted to you and will support you as well. Students will achieve good results with concentration and devotion.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a casual week for love matters. Your bond will get as strong as your Love. Your partner will initiate things first with you. Do not keep secrets in your relationship. If married, your spouse will remain devoted to you. Avoid ego for a happy married life.

REMEDY: Plant a Shami tree and irrigate and worship it. 



You will feel mixed emotions this week. You will spend more on materialistic comforts. There are chances of a long trip. You will be benefited from foreign relations. Try hard to get success in work or business. Family life may get disturbed, so be patient and act wisely. Monetary gains on chart for you. Children will act according to their will. You may spend some money on resolving matters related to disputes. Students have to study hard to achieve success.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This seems a promising week for love related matters. Your beloved will support you at every point. This will give a new meaning to your relationship. You may also plan a trip with him/her. Marital life will remain happy and blissful. However, take care of your and your spouse’s health.

REMEDY: Offer Vermillion and worship Lord Hanuman.


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Chinese New Year 2018 Starts Today - Year of the Dog

Year of Dog has special treat for all zodiacs, Know here! This is the time for Chinese people to enjoy, celebrate and pray to the God for a prosperous life ahead. So, join them in their festivity and welcome Chinese New Year 2018 with a spree of merriment.

China is among the most ancient civilizations of the world, which is situated in the eastern part of Asia. It is world known for its rich heritage, festivals, cultures, Feng Shui beliefs, potent teas, cuisine and what not. The most rejoicing among them are Chinese festivals that starts with the celebrations of Chinese New Year. This is the Year of the Dog, last being the Year of the Rooster, and is beginning from February 16.

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Predictions - What this Year has in Store for You

Astrologers has predicted that Chinese New Year 2018 will be quite promising for everyone. People will take interest in domains like agriculture, religious and spiritual activities, real estate, as well as environment related matters. This will also offer them the future prospects for growth and development. Now let’s take a look at Chinese Horoscope 2018:

RAT: This is your time to grab the opportunity that destiny has thrown your way. Do what you love and success will follow. Read More...

OX: 2018 is offering you the chance to complete all the pending tasks that you have left for the future. This is also the time to broaden your skills and learn new things. Read More...

TIGER: Focus and determination are the main keys to success. So, make up your mind and get success in things that interests you. Read More...

RABBIT: There is no time to rest as these are the times to take challenges head-on. So, be prepared and act strategically. Read More...

DRAGON: Having a positive perspective towards life will bring warmth, love and success in your life. Read More...

SNAKE: This year is full of unexpected surprises and twists that can knock at your door anytime. So, brace yourself for this jumpy ride. Read More...

HORSE: This year demands that you must focus all your energy and passion in the right direction which is necessary for your successful future. Read More...

SHEEP: You need to be flexible and robust to accommodate the changes that this year may bring upon you. Following your instinct will be beneficial during this period. Read More...

MONKEY: There are numerous challenges round the corner. Now is the time to follow your heart and act accordingly to come out as a winner. Read More...

ROOSTER: This year has lots of surprises for you that may be good or bad. But facing them courageously will be your forte. Read More...

DOG: 2018 is the Year of the Dog. It demands that you should channel all your energy (Chi) in achieving your life’s objective. Read More...

PIG: This year promises to make life easier and full of love, happiness and tranquility for you. Though, the ride may get bumpy but sticking together is the key to a happy life. Read More...

Welcome to a New Prospering Year

With the turn of traditional Chinese Lunisolar Calendar, beginning of a new year in Mainland China commences. It generally occurs on the day of New Moon falling in between Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. As per Chinese traditions, this is also the year of yet another Animal which is Dog, the 11th Chinese Zodiac Animal. This big event is celebrated in countries like Vietnam, Korea and other East Asian countries.

Chinese New Year 2018 is the starting of the Spring Festival as well which is an essential part of harvests and for prayer offerings. The celebrations for the festival goes on for two weeks and concludes on the 15th day of the first Chinese month, also called the Lantern Festival which is on March 2. New Year is believed to bring lots of happiness and prosperity with its beginning. During this time, people worship deities and appease ancestors for their peaceful afterlife.

Celebrations - Time for Merrymaking and Fun

Chinese families gather for a family reunion dinner in the evening preceding the first day of Lunar New Year. From next day onwards, preparation for the grand event starts. People clean their homes to make way for good luck and fortune, decorate homes and windows with red colour paper-cuts and couplets, light fireworks after midnight, visit family members and give lucky money to children on red paper envelopes. On the day of Lantern Festival, which is also the last day of new year celebration, people also light Chinese Lanterns and perform Lion Dance.

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Beliefs - Introduction to a Great Future

Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year, is one of the most diverse, colourful and spirited festival that is celebrated all across the world. This is also the time for Spring festival that goes on till the eve of Lantern Festival which holds a strong religious significance as per Chinese Astrology. People considered this day to be highly auspicious and celebrate it devotedly for a successful and great future. During this time, people clean their houses thoroughly to sweep away any ill-fortune lurking indoors and welcomes the positivity in the form of good fortune. Globally, Chinese New Year is celebrated with lots of enthusiasm and zeal. People from around the world come to China to watch their grand fiesta and even join them in their merrymaking festivities.

Thus, Chinese New Year 2018 is more than just the beginning of a new year. It is a hope for great prospects and numerous opportunities for people. We, at AstroSage, wish our readers a great and prospering Chinese New Year and hope that the facts provided above have been informational for you.

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Partial Solar Eclipse today at midnight, Know its Effects

Remedies to avoid malefic effects of Solar Eclipse! The first partial Solar Eclipse of 2018 will occur in middle of the night between February 15 and 16. Indians will miss the opportunity to watch this celestial phenomenon as Eclipse will only be visible in certain parts of Southern Hemisphere. This eclipse of Sun have always has a strong influence on humans and the environment where its visibility has occurred.

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हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Solar Eclipse Timings and Visibility Zone

Date Time Type Visibility Zone
February 15 - 16 From 00:25:51 till 04:17:08 in morning Partial Eclipse South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Antarctica

Note: Solar Eclipse is not visible in India and will occur in middle of the night between February 15 and 16.

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Astrological Influence of Solar Eclipse

According to Vedic Astrology, this Solar Eclipse will appear in Shatabhisha Nakshatra and Aquarius sign. Since Shatabhisha is the Nakshatra of Rahu, so this eclipse may cause problems for the people associated with it. Solar Eclipse will also affect the people of the countries where its visibility will occur. However, Indians will remain immune to its effect as it is not visible in India.

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Sutak Kaal - Inauspicious Time Period of Solar Eclipse

A certain time period that occur during an Eclipse is considered inauspicious and is called as Sutak Kaal. During this period, the atmosphere of the Earth is filled with negative energies and certain measures are followed to avoid the malefic effects of this kaal.
This time the Solar Eclipse is not visible in India, so its influence will not be effective here. However, the places where it will be seen, the Sutak Kaal will be applicable. The inauspicious period, or Sutak, of Solar Eclipse is not applicable on elder people, childrens and sick people.

Know remedies for Sun related problems: Surya Puja Vidhi and Mantra

Things to Follow during Solar Eclipse

  • Take a bath before eclipse, perform Havan (Yagya), prayers and rituals in middle (during Grahan) and donate charity in the end.
  • Avoid touching idols of Gods and Goddesses, and Basil plant.
  • Take a bath when Solar Eclipse ends. Then, bathe the idols of deities in holy water and worship them.
  • Eat fresh food after Sutak Kaal ends.
  • Do not waste the food prepared before Sutak Kaal. You can put Basil leaves in it to make it clean and pure.
  • During the Eclipse period, pregnant ladies must not go outside. Also, do not use needles, scissors, knives, etc for cutting or peeling any item.
  • Chant this mantra during Solar Eclipse:

"ॐ आदित्याय विदमहे दिवाकराय धीमहि तन्नो सूर्य: प्रचोदयात् ”

We hope that our information on Solar Eclipse will prove to be very beneficial for you. AstroSage wishes you a prosperous life and a great future.

Mercury Transit in Aquarius today, Know its influences on all Zodiacs

Benefic effects of Mercury transit in Aquarius for all Zodiacs. Mercury is the planet of wisdom and intellectualism. A person who is favoured by this planet has high intellect, cognitive personality and are generally efficient and practical. They perform each task with great enthusiasm and achieve their objectives successfully. The transit has occured today at 03:32 AM in the morning and will remain till 07:02 PM of March 3, 2018.

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Read here to know how this transit of Mercury in Aquarius will influence other Zodiacs.

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The transit of planet Mercury in Aquarius is expected to give a substantial boost to the income of Aries natives. Read More…


This transit might urge you to plan a blueprint for a new business that may lead to new promising future prospects. Read More…


Your lucky stars will remain in your favour with this transit and will prove to be beneficial during this period. Read More…

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You can expect heightened inclination towards spirituality during this transit of Mercury in Aquarius. Read More…


This transit is expected to bring good fortune for your marital life as your relationship with your spouse will improve during this period. Read More…


The transit of Mercury in Aquarius may not be beneficial for you health conditions. Read More…

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It is predicted that this transit will bring intellectual gains for you and will help in increasing your income. Read More…


The transit of Mercury in Aquarius may call hard times for you as there are possibilities of some problems in your life. Read More…


You will feel highly determined to face challenges that may come your way during this period. Read More…

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Mercury transit in Aquarius is expected to give promising prospects and benefits to the natives of Capricorn. Read More…


You may feel inclined towards spiritual activities, but your health may dwindle and tone your spirits down to minimum. Read More…


Mercury transit in Aquarius will provide you ample opportunities to take on the challenges head on. Read More…

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AstroSage hopes that this transit of Mercury in Aquarius may bring loads of opportunities and good luck to you and wishes you a great future.

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