Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sun Transit in Capricorn and Makar Sankranti Today!

Sun Transit will affect these 7 zodiac signs! Read the astrological effects of Sun transit in Capricorn and Learn What is the significance of bathing and donation on Makar Sankranti?

The lord of the Navagrahas will transit into the Capricorn on January 14, and the planet will transit after a period of one month in Aquarius on 13th February at 03:02 pm. Let us know the effect of the Sun transit in the Capricorn.

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The transit of Sun in the sign Capricorn will enforce an increase in the professional power and social position of those belonging to the Aries sign. Your conduct will have a commanding and dominating expression. Read More...


As the Sun transits in the sign Capricorn your determination towards your goals might increase tremendously. A long tour during this period is also on the cards. Read More...


This Sun transit in the sign Capricorn might drain you off your energy more frequently. Major-minor health issues are also likely. Try to critique your actions before performing them during this period. Read More...


The move of the planet Sun into Capricorn sign might induce bitterness and irritation in your behaviour and conduct. Your spouse’s conduct might endorse specks of ego and rudeness. Read More...


Leos might witness a decline in their health as the planet Sun would set off to enter the sign Capricorn. Minor issues such as fever and headache should not be taken lightly during this period. Read More...


Those belonging to the sign Virgo and are eager to pursue higher education in a foreign land might make the best of the transit of the planet Sun in the sign Capricorn. Read More...


The movement of the planet Sun in the sign Capricorn might crop disharmony in your domestic life. Major issues in your personal and professional life might arise due to your aggression and impatient nature. Read More...

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Abstain from endorsing your overconfidence during this transit period as it might prove to be lethal for you. As the Sun will move to the sign Capricorn, tiffs with colleagues and younger siblings might begin to crop up unnecessarily. Read More...


The transit of the planet Sun into the sign Capricorn might unveil financial gains for you during this period. Your behavior with people might exhibit increased bitterness and agony which might turn your relationships sour. Read More...


You might constantly be hot under the collar while the planet Sun makes a transit in the Capricorn sign. You might also suffer from minor health issues during this period. Read More...


The transit of the planet Sun in the sign Capricorn might give long trips to the natives of the sign Aquarius. Read More...


Due to the change in the position of Sun, your efforts would double up, due to which your earnings might manifold. You’ll be more concerned about yourself, rather than the world. Read More...

Now Let's know about the festivities happening Today

Makar Sankranti 2018

Makar Sankranti is a major festival associated with Hindu religion. This festival is celebrated during the transit of Sun in Capricorn. According to the Hindu calendar, Makar Sankranti is celebrated when Sun enters the Capricorn from the Sagittarius in the month of Paush. According to the English calendar, this date usually comes every year on January 14th. From this day, the northern phase of Sun starts, hence it is celebrated as Uttarayan festival as well in some regions of India. In South Indian states, Makar Sankranti is celebrated as Pongal festival. Climate change begins only with Makar Sankranti. Autumn gradually decreases and spring arrives. Since this day, the days start getting longer and the nights become smaller.

It is also important to know - the Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan will occur after 17 days of Sun transit in Capricorn. It is believed that after more than 150 years, the rare full Moon Eclipse will occur on January 31, 2018 which, according to astronomy, is called "blue moon". This lunar eclipse will be seen in many countries of the world including India, and it will have a big effect everywhere.

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Religious and mythological significance of Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti has great significance in India with a religious and cultural perspective. According to mythological beliefs, on the day of Makar Sankranti, Sun goes to his son Shani’ place. Since Saturn is the lord of Capricorn and Aquarius, therefore, this festival is also associated with the unique meeting of father-son.

According to another legend, Makar Sankranti is celebrated as the victory of Lord Vishnu on the Asuras. It is said that on the day of Makar Sankranti, Lord Vishnu had struck the dead bodies of Asuras on the Prithvilok and buried their heads on Mandara hill. Lord Vishnu’s victory began to be celebrated as Makar Sankranti festival from then.

On January 14, the Sun will transit in Capricorn. Capricorn is the zodiac of Saturn and Saturn is the son of lord Sun, despite being father and son, there is hostility among each other, so this event can get some bustle as per astrology.

Know the significance of Makar Sankrati and its Muhurat in detail: Makar Sankranti 2018


Pongal is an important Hindu festival celebrated in southern India especially in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Pongal is majorly celebrated by farmers. On this occasion, after chopping down the paddy harvest, people celebrate Pongal's festival to show their gratitude. Pongal festival is celebrated in the middle of January, the first date of Tamil month called 'Tae'. This festival, which lasted for 3 days is dedicated to lord Sun and Indra Dev. People express their gratitude towards God for good rain, fertile land and better crop with Pongal. On the first day of this festival, garbage is burnt, on the second day Lakshmi is worshiped and on the third day animal wealth is worshiped.

Know about Pongal festival in detail: Pongal Festival

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Uttarayan is a festival celebrated especially in Gujarat. This festival is celebrated on 14 and 15 January on the arrival of new crop and season. On this occasion, kite festival is organized which is famous all over the world. Fasting is done on the festival of Uttarayan and granules or “chakki” of sesame seeds and peanuts are made.

Sun is considered to be the factor of soul, father, ancestor, high government service and respect, therefore Sun transit is of great importance. The auspiciousness of the Sun in the horoscope provides growth to the native. At the same time, due to the inauspicious effect of the sun, loss of respect, painfulness to father, and trouble in job etc. could happen. The ill effects of sun worship can be avoided by worshiping Lord Sun.

Importance of Uttarayan period in Hinduism

In Hinduism, the movement of the Sun from south to north is considered to be very auspicious. It is believed that the rays of the Sun, when the Sun moves from east to south, are considered bad, but when the Sun starts moving from east to north, then its rays increase health and peace.

Know about Uttarayan in detail: Uttarayan Festival 2018

We, at AstroSage wish you all a very happy Makar Sankranti! We hope that peace and prosperity will always be there in your life.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Venus transit in Capricorn and Lohri Festival Today

These 9 zodiacs will get fate with this transit! Read the effects of Venus transit in Capricorn. Also know about the significance of Lohri festival which is celebrated today..

The lord of happiness and marital bliss, Venus is transiting in Capricorn on January 13. The effect of this transit of Venus will be on all 12 zodiac signs in terms of job, business and marital life.

Predictions are based on Moon sign. Find yours: MOON SIGN CALCULATOR

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें


Venus will be making its way to your tenth house or the house commonly associated to things like profession & action. Domestic life could be full of the joys of the spring as love, care and harmony would be prevalent all over. Read More...


Venus will move through your ninth house, the house of wisdom & faith. It shall directly impact your luck quotient as you would receive some news, go in your favor. Read More...


Venus will move into your eighth house or the house of sex, death, regeneration & transformation. Needless to say, It will step up sensuality in your life. This is the time period when you win over your urge on splash spending. Read More...

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Venus will move into your seventh house, which is commonly associated with partnership, both business as well as for pleasure. This is a period to get a jump on the action and romance with your partner. Read More...


Venus will move into your Sixth house or the house of health. If you want to reach the summit, you’ve got to mount the charge accordingly, meaning that you will have to put your head down & burn the candle at both ends. Read More...


Venus will take its position in your fifth house also known as the house of pleasures. It is a time to paint the town red with prosperity and happiness. The things that you start with shall meet with instant success. Read More...


Venus will move into your house of happiness, relations & property or the 4th house. Your domestic life would be in tandem and you would enjoy all the snugness there is in personal life. Read More...

Know about the Makar Sankranti 2018 Muhurat: Makar Sankranti 2018 Muhurat


Venus will move into your third house, or the house of skills, efforts & younger siblings. You would find yourself inclined towards arts, music and other artistic interests. Read More...


Venus will move into your Second house which is responsible for your bank balance, communication & speech, as well as family. Your bank balance could see a sharp shoot as you would be literally raking in tonnes of money. Read More...


Venus would be moving into your sign, which certainly means that love, affection, attachment and sensuality will be the bee in your bonnet. It is an ecstatic time for love matters, as you would be closing in on some really memorable moments. Read More...


Venus will move through your Twelfth house which is largely associated with house, hospitals, bed comforts & family issues. You will spend a fortune on luxuries and other exclusive & rare materials. Read More...


Venus will move through your Eleventh House which usually consists of ambitions, achievements as well as income. Talking about income, against all odds, you would make a killing, substantially chipping in plenty. Read More...

Lohri Festival and its Significance

The Lohri festival is one of the major festivals celebrated in northern India. Especially in the state of Punjab, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. On this occasion, people organise bonfire outside their houses and celebrate with giddha and bhangra dance around it. People enjoy a lot during this festival and exchange revri, peanuts.

Know about this festival in detail: Lohri 2018

We, at AstroSage wish you a very happy Lohri. May this festival bring lot of happiness in your life.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Don’t know your correct birth time? “Birth Time Rectification” is the Solution!

Is your birth time accurate? Always get incorrect predictions from astrologers? Know your accurate birth time using Birth Time Rectification. 

Birth Time Rectification or BTR is a very important method in terms of Astrology, in which a person’s exact time of birth is accurately ascertained. It is a complex and time taking method which involves perfect astrological knowledge and information regarding events and incidents. It is also of prime importance for an astrologer to be proficient and highly qualified in order to practice BTR.
Importance of Birth Time Rectification

We often get in contact with people who do not know their exact time of birth. Also, most of the time, birth certificate provided by a doctor involves time that does not match with a person’s horoscope. As a result, differences occur in between future predictions and turn of events in the life of a person. For example, doctors often provide birth time at an interval of every five minutes, lets say 10:05 or 10:10. It is not necessarily the exact time of birth as a person can be also born at 10:06 or 10:07. Furthermore, majority of doctors focus on the birth of a baby and not time and hence, provide an estimated time period which causes difference in birth time. So, we have Birth Time Rectification or BTR, an important means to avoid all these problems and situations. With this, the exact time of birth of a person can be ascertained, which an astrologer uses to provide future predictions and guides them.

Birth Time Rectification Methods (Paddhati)

As per Vedic Astrology, there are various methods of Birth Time Rectification that has been given by our highly skilled sages and hermits. Some of the main methods are as follows:

  • Parashar Method
  • Varahamihir Method
  • Kalidas Method
  • Kerala Jyotish Method
  • Method based on Events
  • Krishnamurti Method
  • Nadi and Bhrigu Method
  • Prenatal Epoch Method etc.

Using above methods, Birth Time Rectification of a person can be found out. Apart from these, various expert astrologers have invented different astrological techniques that can also be used for BTR.

For Birth Time Rectification, the Ascendant of the person (girl or boy) is required. Some expert astrologers are able to find the position of Ascendant and other planets just by acknowledging the physical appearance of a person. When Ascendant is discovered, then using Krishnamurti Method, birth hour and minutes of a person is estimated.

According to Birth Time Rectification method given in Uttara Kalamrita by Kalidasa, following three activities are carried out:

  1. Nakshatra Shuddhi
  2. Stree-Purusha Janama Shuddhi
  3. Lagna Shuddhi

Under Krishnamurti Method, many astrologers also use RP System for Birth Time Rectification. Following are known:

  1. Day Lord (Vaar Swami)
  2. Moon Sign Lord (Chandra Rashi Swami)
  3. Moon Constellation Lord (Moon Nakshatra Swami)
  4. Ascendant Sign Lord (Lagna Swami)
  5. Ascendant Constellation Lord (Lagna Nakshatra Swami)

Using aforementioned methods, we can perform the exact Birth Time Rectification of a person. Other than these, there are various other methods that can be used to perform this task.

As BTR process can takes time, Horary Astrology can be used as an immediate solution to cater to one or two queries that need quick attention. In this method, an astrologer provides precise, focused and accurate answer based on the exact time when the question was asked.

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Monday, January 8, 2018

Weekly Horoscope (8 - 14 January, 2018)

As per the position and influence of Planets and Constellations this week, Indian politics will bustle with several activities. Difference in opinion and viewpoints may increase tussle between government and the opposition. At some places, government may also face several criticism. This can be concluded through the ongoing controversy in Maharashtra. Despite all of this, the government will remain in strong position. Neighboring countries may also try to create some problem. North India may experience changes in climate this week. Now let’s take a look at how this week will go for different Zodiacs? How your prospects will prosper in job, business, education, love, marriage and family life?


Pay attention to your’s and your father’s health as it may decline. Avoid controversies and disputes. Hard work is the key to success, so give your best to achieve it. You will get support of your senior at workplace. Monetary gains on charts for you. Your reputation will increase and you will be appreciated in society.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week you will experience mixed feelings. You may plan a long tour with your partner. The position of Mars in seventh house of your Zodiac may increase your aggression and might affect your marriage. With God’s grace your married life will be good.


REMEDY: Offer yellow rice with Saffron to children and elders.


There are chances of financial benefits or losses. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary trips. Engage yourself in religious and spiritual matters. You will get success in legal matters as well as disputes. Your child will feel spirited and happy. Things may not go as expected which may let you down. Students will reap rewards for their hard work.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: You may experience mixed feelings this week. Pay attention to your partner’s health as they may face physical pain. Avoid fights in love and married life. If you are married, then take care of your spouse as they may suffer from health related problems.


REMEDY: Feed rice pudding to cow.


This week promises success in job and business. There are possibilities of a job change which will be beneficial for you. Your family life will be happy and joyous. In middle of the week, you may feel some mental stress. Your socializing skills may result in more social connections, which will profit you in future. This seems a good week to repay old debts. Students may expect good results.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This may not be a promising week for love related matters. Patience is the key as you may enter in a fight with your love partner. Make sure that you speak wisely. If you are married, there is a strong possibility that your spouse will benefit at workplace and this will make you happy and elated. There may be minor brawls, but your bond will grow stronger this week.


REMEDY: Offer Basil leaves (Tulsi Patra) to Lord Hari Vishnu.

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The beginning of the week seems favourable for Cancer people. You will feel spirited and energetic. However, there are chances of some disputes with your siblings. Pay attention to your mother’s health as it may stress you. Buying a new property seems a possibility. Your mental stress can affect your health, therefore, avoid them and live a stress-free life. You will be appreciated at workplace and business. Students have to work hard to achieve success in competitive exams.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: It will be a casual week for love matters. To make your bond stronger, spend some quality time with your partner and appreciate their feelings. If married, do not distrust your partner. If that happens, talk to them and avoid misunderstandings as it may affect your married life.


REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva and offer white flowers to him.


This will be a good week for the natives of Leo. Monetary gains from different sources seems a possibility. You will feel excited and happy. Family life will be as usual. Spending some good time with your family will strengthen your relations. You may plan some changes at workplace. Take care of your siblings’ health who will support you in every way possible. Students will study as per their interests and try to master more than one area. They will also participate in technical and creative activities.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week promises mixed results for love related matters. Some will find love this week, while others may get separated from their partners because of fights. If married, your spouse will get success and this will make you happy. There will be several moments of happiness for you this week.


REMEDY: Offer mustard oil mixed with black sesame seeds to Lord Shani.


Virgo natives will have a highly occupied week. You will try to accomplish incomplete tasks along with the new ones. Your income may increase. Your family life will flourish well and you may hear some good news. You will gain financial benefits from your father. However, your mother’s health may cause you anxiety. So, pay attention to her health. You will excel in job and business, but distractions at work may affect your performance. Your kids will follow their heart and do what they like. Students may face some issues with their studies.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week seems discouraging for love relationships. Misunderstanding may create distances between couples or they may have to go away from each other. Patience in relationship and conversation with your partner will be your saving grace. If you are married, you will hear some good news from your partner.


REMEDY: Feeding grains to birds is beneficial for you.


Avoiding ego in life and keep on working will be beneficial for Libra people. So, keep it in check as it may cost you dearly. Take a delicate approach to handle your relationships. Avoid being stubborn. Prospects seems cloudy in business and workplace. There may be ups and downs in family life. Meeting new people will grow your social circle. You will have fun with your friends. Pay attention to your siblings’ health as it may decline. You will get opportunities to go on several short trips. This week also seems favorable for students.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a great week for love birds. New relationships may blossom around you. People in love will feel happy and elated. They will spend some quality time with their partner. If married, your partner will remain dedicated to you. This will make your bond stronger and compatible.


REMEDY: Distribute Batashe (Prasad) in the temple of Goddess Durga.

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Scorpio natives will feel financially secure and happy. Your income may increase and so will be your expenses. Keeping a tab on them will be beneficial for you. There may be chances of monetary gains. You may spend some money on religious activities. Pay attention to your health and follow a balanced diet and routine. Some of you may get opportunity to travel abroad. Students will reap rewards for their hard work. Your supremacy will increase at workplace. You may get financial benefits from government departments.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week, you will experience mixed feelings. You may plan a casual or religious tour with your partner. Your bond will grow stronger. Married people will get full support from their partner in family related matters. Pay attention to your spouse’s health as it may decline.


REMEDY: Feed bread (Roti) with ghee to a cow.


The native of Sagittarius will pay more attention to their job and business. As a result, you may get promoted at workplace. You will also get new source of income along with monetary gains. Avoid engaging in more than one task as it may affect your performance. Focusing on your health at weekend will be beneficial. Your children will excel in their respective field. You will outshine your opponents and will get success in every arena.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This seems a promising week for love matters. You may plan a trip or go on a picnic with your partner. You will feel attracted and intimate towards each other. If you are married, your partner will remain dedicated to you. This will bring more romance in your life. Avoid little scuffles and focus on your relationship.


REMEDY: Plant a Banana tree on Thursday and worship it.


Keep a tab on your expenses as it may increase. Pay attention to your health as well. Your supremacy and status will increase at workplace. Your skills and knowledge promises great results in job and business. This also promises great prospects in your favour. Income may be low this week, so, maintaining financial balance will be beneficial. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Students may get chance to go abroad for higher studies. Your siblings will support you at every point.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This will be a casual week for love related matters. Your relationship will blossom with your partner. Avoiding unnecessary doubts will strengthen your bonding. If married, you will get full support from your spouse. So, spending some quality time with them is preferable.


REMEDY: Offer pudding or Batashe to little girls on Thursday.


You will feel inner peace. Monetary gains on charts for you. Spiritual tasks may interests you. Your desires will be fulfilled. If there is an incomplete task, then it will get completed. There are high chances of promotion at workplace. You may go on a trip this week.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week seems favorable for love matters. You will go on a trip this week or may enjoy a meal together. New relationships may knock on your door. You will have fun with friends. The married couples will spend quality time together.


REMEDY: Donate dry rice (sukhe chawal).

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Your morale will increase in work area, but there may be some exceptions. However, with a right approach, you will expertly control the situation. You may find mixed results in family life. There will be an ordinary increase in income, but your expenses may grow faster. Pay attention to your as well as your child’s health. You will rise in the spiritual area. Take precautions while driving.

LOVE PREDICTIONS: This week seems promising for love matters. You will spend good time with your partner. Because of some unknown reasons, you may get in a fight with your partner. If you are married, then life partner will fully support you in your work. You will feel happy to meet your in-laws. Avoid any kind of fight.


REMEDY: Donate black Sesame Seed (Kaale Til). It will be beneficial for you.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Mercury Transit in Sagittarius Today, Know its Effects

Your life in 2018 will be full of surprises! Mercury, being an auspicious planet and one of the factors for high intellect, speech, excelled vocational skills and so on, will be making a transit in Sagittarius sign on 6 January, 2018 around 08:01 PM and will remain until January 28, 2018. Lets see how well and worst its effects will be in the new year.

Predictions are based on Moon sign. Find yours: MOON SIGN CALCULATOR


During this transit period, you might face hindrances in your work, but withstanding those may set you free from all the obstacles. Read more...


During this transit period, probable chances of childbirth is presaged. Attaining success in one’s undertakings and endeavors is foreseen. Read more...


During this transit period, a dullness might persist on your face and lack of confidence would prevail. Moreover, you would be pretty devoted to your spouse. Read more...

How to make 2018 better? Get kundli based horoscope predictions and find the answer: 2018 Trikal Samhita


During this transit period, you would be praised and commended by all. With the onset of this transit, you would display a sense of hard and smart work. Becoming renowned and famous is foreseen. Read more...


During this transit period, you might learn new things and you would possess a zeal to grasp every bit of knowledge. Read more...


During this transit period, you might have multiple gains from miscellaneous sources. An increase in your family members is foreseen probably due to the visit of relatives to your house. Read more...

What does stars have for you in 2018? Read to know: Horoscope 2018


During this transit period, you might go away from your home as a result of your own bad karma. Your opponents might supersede you and a decline in the favors from the government is presaged. Read more...


During this transit period, you would experience multiple gains and success in your undertakings. Accumulation of wealth is also presaged. Read more...


During this transit period, you might face hurdles in journeys and expeditions. Loss of wealth is presaged due to the wrong suggestions of wicked people around you. Read more...

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During this transit period, you might face health issues and distress in your married life. You might experience a loss in respect or status due to your enemies and opponents. Read more...


During this transit period, you would have monetary gains. Moreover, you would enjoy comforts with your spouse and children. Read more...


During this transit period, you would have an upper hand over your opponents. You would enjoy good monetary gains in the course of this transit period. Read more...

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

January 2018 - Monthly Horoscope

How January 2018 will treat you? Here are monthly horoscope predictions and explore various aspects of your life, such as love life, wealth, health, marriage, profession and so on for the month of January.

Weekly Predictions are based on moon sign. Know yours: MOON SIGN CALCULATOR


This month is likely going to bring money to you, which means your financial conditions will be better. This is because Saturn will transit into Sagittarius, which will enhance your chances of getting good luck. Read more...


Try to bring a change in your behaviour in order to get a better hold of things. You might have to struggle with mental tensions in the beginning of the month. Read more...


You will have a remarkable power of remembering whatever you encounter during this month. This will help you in accomplishing your tasks with ease and obtaining the desired results. There are chances that there might be some problems in getting money. Read more...

Read predictions related to stock market: Today’s Sensex Nifty


Your mind is likely to get distracted during this month. You will be occupied pondering over one thing or the another all round the month. This might increase your confusion and worries. Read more...


You will be a powerhouse of energy during this month. Your optimistic thought process will help you move ahead of others in the competition of life. You will try your best to complete your tasks and do your work effectively. Read more...


Your memory will be good and you will be packed with energy. You have the ability to achieve success in any field. You will have a thirst for knowledge during this month. Read more...


You might get distracted from your work during this month. Your problems might increase due to your work overload. Your decision-making abilities can be adversely affected. Read more...

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You will be successful if you continue to make efforts at your workplace. Do remember that doing work in haste would not help you finish it in time, but will affect the quality of your work, leading to problems. Read more...


This month might bring you mental unrest and stressful situations. Interruptions may arise in whatever you plan to do. Read more...


If you are planning to start any work this month, executing the plan would turn out to be in your favour. If you are leading any work with confidence, chances are high that you will succeed in it. Read more...


It is foreseen that you will get many chances to make money during this month. There will be a sense of satisfaction in your mind and you will experience mental peace. Read more...

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In the beginning of this month, you may be confused and stressful. With the passing of time, you might become more confused. There might be a decrease in your materialistic comforts. Read more...

Monday, January 1, 2018

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