Monday, January 2, 2017

Weekly Horoscope 2017 (Jan 02- Jan 08, 2017)

Know your fate in the first week of January. Enlighten yourself about your week through our Weekly Horoscope 2017 predictions, strictly based on the Vedic Astrology. The predictions are prepared by our learned astrologers, and based on the moon sign in one’s horoscope. Read on and get yourself enlightened about your coming days..


The week presages monetary gains in your life. You’ll be determined and hardworking towards achieving your goals. A social gathering could take place at your home. Going for an excursion or a trip is possible for some. Your sensuality would increase this week, and you’ll be involved in numerous romantic encounters. You’ll outsmart your rivals in this duration. 

Love Horoscope: This week looks good for love affairs. If you’ve been thinking of confessing your love to someone, the time is beneficial. For those who’ve been thinking of getting married, the time is brilliant. The start of the week will be amazing, as you’ll be able to spend quality time with your partner. The time is crucial for taking important decisions. The mid of the week will be average, with the end rejuvenating you and guiding you towards a new light in life. 

Fortune Star: 4.5/5

Remedy: Hand out kheer to little girls at a temple on friday. 


This week your main focus would be on your work and getting at the top your game. You’ll be determined and focussed to achieve your pre set goals. Opposite sex will support you in this duration. You need to maintain cordial relations with everyone that you come in contact with. Domestic life could face some issues. Your behaviour would be fluctuating this week. You might be hot under the collar as well. 

Love Predictions: The week promises you to give great results. Although, you’ll need to create a balance between work and love life. If you’re in love with a colleague, the time advises you to be cautious. People would try to tarnish your image in this duration. The week would start on a low note but with the days rolling, you’ll start getting the hang of it. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: On saturday, chant hanuman chalisa.


Going on a journey or trip with family is highly probable for some. Marital life might have to face some challenges and would require your patience. To lead a harmonious domestic life, you need to love your family and tie them with the string of caring and loving attitude. At work, you’ll have good command over your work and would make sure that every work gets done and that too on time. 

Love Predictions: Week seems average for you. There are slight chance that you might go on a trip with life partner. The week would start on a slow note, but the mid of the week would be brilliant. If you’re in love with a colleague, chances of success are at its peak. The end of the week will be tremendous for you, as your lover might plan something nice for you. 

Fortune Star: 4.5/5

Remedy: Gift perfume to your spouse. 


The week could lay some mental stress on you. You’ll be tensed and suffer from low health and energy. This period advises you to avoid making any big decisions. The health of your child might decline. The period would lure you towards spirituality and occult sciences. Going for a pilgrimage is also possible for some. 

Love Predictions: This week looks dull for you. You’ll be high spirited, but chances are that your partner won’t be in a mood to celebrate, that could sour yours too. Do not promise your partner anything that you won’t be able to fulfill. Maintain transparency in your relationship. Going for a nice dinner date is possible for some. The start would be weak, but the week would gain momentum with the coming days. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Pay homage to Lord Shiva and meditate. 


You’ll be egoistic in this duration and brimming with overconfidence. This week you could make some decisions that would come and bite in the back later on. Marital life will be a mix of aggression and love. Your children would be the harbinger of some good news. Education would go on smoothly. 

Love predictions: The week would produce you mixed results. You’ll be tempted to meet your partner daily, but your schedule would make it difficult for you. Communication would be possible only through electronic means. Refrain from having any arguments with your partner about money related issues. The week would start on a sweet note, with an average middle, but the end would bring you two closer and improve the quality of your day. 

Fortune Star: 2.5/5

Remedy: Offer water to the Sun before 8am


You’ll be wise and informative in this duration. Your intellect would outshine everyone else. Spouse will be supportive in this duration. You’ll be glad of their love and help. Health might decline in this duration. Your rivals will have to take a backseat, as you run things your way this week. Some natives might think of purchasing a vehicle or a property in this duration.

Love Predictions: Although the week looks good for you, you are advised to refrain from too much dexterity. Avoid getting pompous. You might be under someone’s surveillance, so keep this in mind while confessing your love to someone. The start of the week would be mixed, with a dash of fights and issues. The mid would straighten out things for you. With the week end, you’ll need to keep yourself restricted. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Feed green fodder to cow on wednesdays.


This week will be full of love and romance for you. You’ll be happily content with your life and live each day with the undying spirit of achieving higher. Some clashes can be expected in your relationship, if your raise your voice or be disloyal. Income would increase for some; with an elevation in the determination and courage in your attitude. With an added work pressure, you might feel burdened. To curb that, meditate and practice yoga. 

Love Predictions: The week will be average for you. Some issues might create a wall between you and your partner. Stay cautious about your tone and make sure that you don’t say any demeaning thing to your partner. You need to keep yourself restricted in the beginning of the week. Mid week will bring in some jingle back in your life. Married couples will have a brilliant time in the week end.
Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: On friday, offer crystallised sugar lumps(mishri) to little girls.


You’ll be committed to your partner in this duration. Some people might even think of going for the nuptial bond. At workplace, you might have to face some controversies and issues due to your callous attitude. It’s advised that you take the high road and do not get your name tarnished in the name blame process. 

Love predictions: You’ll get great results in your love life this week. Those who’ve been wanting to confess their love to someone, can do that in this time. You’ll be glad to find things working out for you after so long. Partner would be willing to take things your way. Keep your safety in mind when you go to meet them. The mid and the end of the week would give you delightful results with you spending quality time with your partner. 

Fortune Star: 4.5/5

Remedy: Chant mahamrityunjaya mantra.


With the onset of this week, you could expect your temper getting out of hand. You might feel sudden mood swings and bitterness. Despite of this, you would rule out any chance of problems with your decision making prowess. At vocation, you’ll get glory and recognition, due to your continuous efforts. Chances of you becoming a workaholic are high. With this you might feel a bit stressed out and act irrationally at times. 

Love Predictions: The week would be great for you. Although you’ll have to maintain transparency in all your relations to keep them on the right track. Going for a pilgrimage or visiting a religious place with your partner could bring you two together. The beginning of the week will be pleasant, with the mid almost seemingly dull when compared to the start. The weekend would bear great time for you. You’ll be able to spend time with lover and make them realise your love. 

Fortune Star: 3.5/5

Remedy: Indulge in charity and philanthropic deeds.


The week presages lucrative gains for you. You’ll get good income hike in this week and will be pleased to get support from all your senior officials and colleagues. A social gathering could be possible for some. Love life might have to face some troubles. Natives might have to go on an undesired trip this week. You need to understand the value of spirituality and meditation in life. 

Love Predictions: The week would start on an amiable note. Natives in love with a colleague would feel the love in the air. You’ll be pleased with the response that you’ve been getting from your partner. A brunch or a lunch date could happen for some at the beginning of the week. Although, a movie looks more probable for you in the mid of the week. Week would end on the bright side, with you enjoying the warmth of your relationship.

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedy: Wear rose quartz bracelet or pendant.


This week will catch you in a grey area. You’ll be in a confused state; lack of concentration would make you feel exasperated. You need to keep a tab on your temper to keep clashes and confrontations at bay from your relationship. You’ll be determined to achieve, which would bring out your competitive streak out. Some losses are predicted for you in this week. Despite of all the drawbacks and problems, don’t let your hope die for a better tomorrow. 

Love Predictions: The week will be glorious for you. Abstain from creating scenarios that could harm your relationship with your lover. Act in a simple and rational manner. The time requires you to act mature and adopt a practical demeanour. Be open towards your partner, and tell them whatever you feel. The beginning would be romantic, with the mid of the week average, and the end on a sweet note. 

Fortune Star: 4/5

Remedy: Offer akshat(unbroken rice) to Lord shiva on Mondays


This week your partner would be in a very peppy mood. You’ll be surprised by their commitment towards you and would treat them with love and affection. Financially, you’ll get lucrative benefits from everywhere. A long journey could be on the cards for some. Due the workload, you might have to face some anxiety and stress, that could lead to insomnia. 

Love Prediction: This week would yield you average results when it comes to love. The beginning of the week could be dull. You could feel sudden blues hitting your mood. You could go for a trip in this week that would make it hard for you to be in contact with your partner. The mid of the week will brings things back on track. Partner will respect your feelings and make sure that you’re happy at all times. By the weekend spend some quality time with beloved to spark up your relationship. 

Fortune Star: 3/5

Remedy: Meditate to blow off your stress.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

January Monthly Horoscope 2017 for you

Know what the month of January 2017 brings forth! With the new year, AstroSage brings to you January Monthly Horoscope predictions. Read on to know about what the coming month would bear for you..

The below mentioned predictions are based on the moon sign. To know your Moon sign, click here: Moon Sign Calculator

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें


This month would bring in financial gains for you. You might get success and glory at your vocation. To know about your love life in January, click here: January Aries Horoscope.

Remedy: Wear red to increase the auspiciousness.


Chances are that you might meet some old friends in this month, and reminisce all the old glory days. Health will be peachy. Know in- depth about how you’ll fare this January, here: January Taurus Horoscope.

Remedy: donate sweets to little kids.


Rivals will be dealt with in this duration. You’ll come out as an achiever and winner, due to your calm nature. The in-depth analysis of January horoscope is here: January Gemini Horoscope.

Remedy: wear a brass kara/kada.


Focus and determination is the need of the hour for you. Work hard in order to achieve something big at work. Know about your domestic life and lucky dates for the month of January, here: January Cancer Horoscope

Remedy: get yourself an aquarium or a fishbowl and feed the fishes regularly.


Senior officials will recognize your efforts, due to which glory is assured for you at work. A pilgrimage is on the cards for you this month. To know about your january love horoscope, follow the link: January Leo Horoscope

Remedy: Perform Surya namaskar regularly. 


Foreign lands could yield you profitable benefits. Due to anxiety and stress, you might complicate your life. Spouse would be supportive and help out of the tough period. Know about the detailed analysis of your horoscope, here: January Virgo Horoscope.

Remedy: Donate stationery to the needy.


Education will go stupendously for students. Something that you’ve been trying to achieve for a very long will earn wings. But career could face some problems, to know about your horoscope in detail, click here: January Libra Horoscope.

Remedy: Donate white clothes to women.


This month would lure you to spend large amounts of money on luxuries and comforts. Mother’s health might decline this month. Know about your love life and health in the new year: January Scorpio Horoscope.

Remedy: refrain from liquor consumption.


Love life will be exuberant. Your partner would understand your predicaments, and lend a caring ear to you. Finances could face speedbumps. Worried about the month and new year, click here: January Sagittarius Horoscope.

Remedy: meditate and follow spiritualism.


Familial relations will be cordial. Harmony would prevail at the household. Health will be peachy. You won’t face much problems in your well being. To know the in-depth analysis, Click here: January Capricorn Horoscope

Remedy: Avoid the consumption of non vegetarian foods.


Your family will be your pillar of strength in this month. Health could give you some troubles. Know about your career and finances for the month of January, by following this link: January Aquarius Horoscope

Remedy: Do not demean others


A supportive family will help you achieve great things in life. Father’s health might degrade in this duration. To know about your love life and career, Click here: January Pisces Horoscope.

Remedy: give your heart and soul in arranging someone’s marriage or any auspicious event. 

AstroSage wishes you a very Happy New Year.

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Here comes Horoscope 2017 for you!

Let’s check the bouncy and smooth wisdom of 2017! Now, you can know what is ahead of you. Horoscope 2017 has been designed to provide you an yearly analysis. The predictions are based on Vedic Astrology and it will inform you about your career, love, education and various other aspects of your life in the year 2017. You will be aware of a pleasant event or maybe an uncanny circumstance, you just need to look at the Horoscope 2017.

Aries Horoscope 2017

Aries Horoscope 2017You will get extremely happy this year. However, you need to control your excitement, as it may involve quick decision making, which won’t bring benefits. This year you will accomplish in various prospects. Do not spend recklessly, save some income for your future. This year may not be satisfactory for your family. Health issues can come up. As per horoscope of Aries 2017, you will enjoy prestige and recognition towards the end of the year. You are going to receive various endeavors to flourish, however it entirely depends on you that how you mould things in your corner. You may experience trouble while connecting with others, as your attitude may seem unusual to them. Mostly, you will spend your time in recreational activities. Your Children will require your support in various fields. READ MORE

Taurus Horoscope 2017

Taurus Horoscope 2017Woman will bring more success in your life. Their support will help you in finding success even in the most difficult circumstances. Your expenses will remain steady. You will spend most of your amount on amusement and buying the luxuries of your life. There can be a new source of income, which will bring rise in your fortune. You will be more confident, such that you will not escape from any challenge. In case there are too many hurdles in your way, you will get through them by the mid of this year. Investments of any kind will prove to be beneficial. According to the the predictions of Taurus in 2017, you will find a lot of support from an elder in the family and from higher authorities. READ MORE

Gemini Horoscope 2017

Gemini Horoscope 2017You may come across unusual sightings towards the beginning of the year, however you will eventually cope up in due course of time. Your family will enjoy financial stability. You will win against all the odds. Investments won’t yield good results. Appreciation for your efforts will provide you joy. Family and friends will support you throughout the year. Keep your personal life confidential. Gemini Horoscope 2017 predicts that you will notice an inclination towards spirituality, which will bring success for you. Someone you had lost faith in may try to revive their relationship with you. Your accountability will bring profit for you. You should not get involved in betting or anything that involves high risks. In case you are involved in any legal disputes, the result will fall in your corner. READ MORE

Cancer Horoscope 2017

Cancer Horoscope 2017You will receive ample of support from others this year. There can be some issues in your life till April,2017. Happiness will be received from family members. In fact you must plan a vacation with your family this year. It will be gratifying. You have to be wise while purchasing something of a great value, eg:- a property. Avoid exchanging money with anyone, as you may never receive the return. This year your business will flourish. As per the Cancer Horoscope 2017, you will have to face the consequences of quick decision making, so it is better that you don’t make any decision in excitement. You will enjoy comfort at home and may also plan to go on a pilgrimage. READ MORE

Leo Horoscope 2017

Leo Horoscope 2017You need to be more cautious about your health. You may also enjoy surprises, such that you will prosper beyond the possibilities. Those who own a business will enjoy maximum gains this year. You need to be a little patient because all the success will possibly come to you post the middle of the year. Your children may undergo health issues. Spend time with your partner, make this year a good one for both of you. As per the Horoscope of 2017, you will plan to go abroad for higher studies. The best part is that you will prosper in academics this year, so it will be beneficial for you in case you plan to study in abroad. Some happiness will be offered to employees as well,as they will get appreciated by higher authorities. Your hard work will result in your favor. You will succeed in every trade. This year will be blissful. READ MORE

Virgo Horoscope 2017

Virgo Horoscope 2017The beginning of the year may not give you positive results. As per the Vedic Astrology, you may incur losses in case you are planning to make an investment. You have to be very diligent while spending money. Look around for better opportunities and seek the best one of them all. Things will fall at place post the middle of the year. If you are an artist, it looks like you are going to receive tremendous appreciation for your art. According to the horoscope of Virgo in 2017, you will encounter various job opportunities, though it will be challenging for you to choose the better one. You will receive ample of support from higher authorities. Promotion is on your cards this year. Incase you are hiding something from your partner, it is the right time to come clear. You may not share compatibility with your family members this year. You will notice an inclination towards spirituality. READ MORE

Libra Horoscope 2017

Libra Horoscope 2017You cannot depend on money for everything, but it is a challenge to live without money. You won’t be facing issues though, as your finances look good this year. New investments may yield higher benefits. However,make sure that you analyze properly before making any investment,as there can be multiple equities. Always take an advice from your elders, and apply them too. You have to be more cautious in money matters, as there are chances of theft or cheating by a dear friend or a trustworthy person. Your enemies will try to push you to limits, you have to avoid them as much as possible. As per the Libra predictions for 2017, you should refrain from spending recklessly. Someone in the family may require your attention due to bad health. Spend as much time as possible with your partner. It will help you in maintaining peace in your married life. Also, do not get involved in gambling, it can ruin your happiness. READ MORE

Scorpio Horoscope 2017

Scorpio Horoscope 2017This year you should save more, rather than spending excessively. Though you will find different sources of income but it is better if you cut down on your expenditure. The health will favor you this year and you will be more courageous. The disputes from the married life will be eliminated. Your friends will benefit you this year. As predicted by the Scorpio forecast of 2017, you will be wise in making decisions. You will encounter happiness during various courses this year. The success of your children will make your life eventful. You will enjoy more gatherings this year. This year is auspicious for those who are planning to pursue higher studies. You will receive enormous love and support from your family. You will find new people around you. READ MORE

Sagittarius Horoscope 2017

Sagittarius Horoscope 2017Those who own a business, this year will prove to be promising for you. As per the predictions made by the astrologers, the end of the year will be crucial for you. You need to avoid quick decision making during this time. There can be issues with the finances during the first few months of the year. In academics, students will bring excellent results. Horoscope of Sagittarius in 2017 predicts that this year the employees may receive various benefits from the higher authorities, as promotions is on your cards this year. You will be appreciated by your colleagues and other people around you for your hard work. It will give an unexpected rise to your career. Maintain a positive relationship with your boss, because chances of great benefits are expected from them. You may also plan an expedition, as this year looks quite favorable for a vacation. READ MORE

Capricorn Horoscope 2017

Capricorn Horoscope 2017While you will enjoy some gains, there can be losses as well. You need to control your expenses. The money that you will save today will benefit you in future. You have to be more careful while exchanging money. Businessman will enjoy comfort this year. You may get surprise benefits from your family. As per the astrology of Capricorn in 2017, students will receive various benefits. Those who are preparing for their competitive examinations will be amazed to know that they have bright chances of scoring good marks this year. Their will be many opportunities for the working class people. You will receive praise for your efforts. You will be backed up by your family members from time to time.You may go overseas, to attain higher education. READ MORE

Aquarius Horoscope 2017

Aquarius Horoscope 2017This year will be moderate for those who fall under this zodiac sign. You will be impressed with the quality of your work. Your enemies will come closer to you. Money will remain stable. It is very important for you to analyze your current situation before you offer a helping hand to the other person. Otherwise, it can bring discouragement in your life. Control your expenses, as over expenditure may create an issue for you. Your property will add to your income. As per the Aquarius predictions for 2017, you will prosper in your business this year. You have to make sure that you maintain honesty with your business partner, otherwise it may result in loss of business. You will enjoy a healthy time this year. The employees will receive appreciation for their efforts. Keep working hard, do not get disheartened at any point of time, because you will definitely receive positive results in the end. This year looks alluring for the youth, as they will find jobs in their respective field. READ MORE

Pisces Horoscope 2017

Pisces Horoscope 2017You have to be very careful this year. Each step that you take must be properly analyzed, or you will end up taking a wrong decision. There is no need to rush into anything. You have to plan everything properly. You may find new source of income by the middle of the year. Do not trust anyone in the first meeting. Know the person well and then decide if you want to build the relationship or not. According to the horoscope of Pisces for 2017, you will be a tough challenge for others. Keep secrets to yourself. To receive better results, you should work harder. You will receive prestige and recognition for your hard work. You should learn more innovative skills, it can become a new source of income for you. You have to be very careful before you decide to leave your current job. There can be negative implications. Overall, you will have a good time this year. READ MORE

Friday, December 30, 2016

Numerology Reading 2017

What your number holds for you in 2017? Let’s see! In Vedic Astrology, and particularly in Numerology, every numerical digit has a significance of its own. In Numerology, each number from 1 to 9 has a special and unique meaning to itself. Numerology predictions are made on the basis of these numbers and what they depict so as to describe the present and near future of an individual. Know your numerology number through your date of birth and be acquainted with your horoscope forecast for the upcoming year!

Belonging to the Number 1 category as per their Numerology Index can expect ample of opportunities for professional success in the year 2017. Students can expect stupendous results this year. Also, domestic life of folks belonging to Number 1 looks satisfying. Read on to know more!

Numerology Number 2

Number 2 people can expect complete support and guidance from the planet Jupiter in the year 2017. Professionals and businessmen are expected to be triumphant in their professional endeavours this year while students can expect to succeed with flying colours. You will be able to enjoy utmost happiness and support from your kin this year. To know more, read on!

Numerology Number 3

Folks of the category Number 3 can expect mediocre results this year as they will be under the safe haven of the planet Uranus. Investments might need a second thought during this period and maintaining your private life will be of utmost importance for you. Love life is predicted to be blissful and joyous for those belonging to the Number 3 category. Read on to know more!

Numerology Number 4

Those belonging to the Number 4 category can expect their year to be full of creative endeavours as they will be blessed by the planet Mercury in the year 2017. Exceptional success is predicted for professionals and businessmen this year. Students from the background of Mass Communication and Journalism will be able to make the most of this year. Love relations and friendships will brim your life with happiness and contentment. Click here to read more!

Numerology Number 5

Folks of the Number 5 category will be inclined towards everything that is even remotely associated with beauty, technology and luxury as they will be under the influence of the planet Venus in the year 2017. Professionals and businessmen from the fields of automotives, arts, pottery, management and music are expected to gain exceptional success this year. Love relations are predicted to prosper this year. Swimming and yoga will be beneficial for those belonging to this category. To know more, read on!

Numerology Number 6

People belonging to the Number 6 category will be able to make the most of the year 2017 as the planet Neptune will turn every situation in their favour. Exceptional professional success and hard work is foreseen in this year. Students from engineering background are expected to get ground breaking success in the year 2017. Domestic life looks promising, your health might need attention though. Click here to read more!

Numerology Number 7

Those belonging to the category of Number 7 can expect victory over their foes and competitors this year as their ruling planet will be Saturn. A serious no-nonsense attitude will keep the working professionals and businessmen determined and goal-oriented in the year 2017. Students pursuing research and sciences may look forward to exceptional results. Lots of gifts and precious moments of love are foreseen for the folks belonging to the Number 7 category. Read on to know more!

Numerology Number 8

People associated with Number 8 are predicted to be brimming with positivity and passion this year as Mars will be their reigning planet in the year 2017. Chances of kick-starting new business endeavours might be slim while those associated with property, machinery and raw materials might need to practice caution. Students might face hurdles this year. Peace and affection can be expected at the domestic front, nevertheless. This year might prove to be a test to its core for those belonging to the Number 8 category. To know more, click here! 

Numerology Number 9

As the Sun will be the governing planet in the year 2017 for those belonging to the category of Number 9, much courage and achievements can be expected. Promotions, business journeys and humongous profits are on the cards. Students are predicted to excel in their endeavours and family life seems to be full of happy and blissful moments. Your love relation is predicted to be brimful of passion and affection towards each other. Read on to know more!

We at AstroSage, feel obliged to have helped you get acquainted with your astrological forecast via Numerology for the upcoming year. We wish the best for your future endeavours in the year 2017!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Lal Kitab Horoscope 2017 - Lets You Know About Your Future in 2017

Lal Kitab Horoscope for 2017, will provide you thorough information about your life. You will be informed about the positive and negative aspects of your life. Also, the remedies have been mentioned to reduce the effect of issues that you may encounter in your life. Let us have a look at the predictions mentioned in Lal Kitab for your Zodiac Sign this year :-


Joys and amusing affairs will keep you busy this year. Lal Kitab predicts that this is the best time to make the most of your love affair with your partner. Destiny will mostly favor you in 2017. Read More...


You will receive the spotlight this year, make sure that you don’t let it go. As per the predictions of 2017, this year will give a boon to your happiness. But you need to keep a check on your health. Read More...


The fruit of your efforts will be sweet. This year will bring better opportunities for you. The horoscope of 2017 suggests you not to focus on finding love, rather be more diligent towards your career. Read More...


The due respect will be received at work. As per the predictions mentioned in Lal Kitab, this year will be auspicious for students. There can be problems in your personal life, be more careful before you make allegations. Read More...


The wise men will receive all the appreciation and you will be among those wise people. As per the Lal Kitab astrology 2017, you will be an achiever and your success will remain undisputed. Stay resolute throughout the year. Read More...


This year you will be healthy and wealthy. There is no stopping you from succeeding this year. As per the Horoscope of 2017 you may initiate a dispute with your partner. You should clear your differences with each other. Read More...


Maintain harmony at work and in your personal life too. According to the predictions of Lal Kitab, you will find it easy to adjust in any surroundings. You will enjoy a romantic time with your partner this year. Read More...


In case you are planning to invest in business, you have to be very careful before making any purchase. Lal Kitab predicts that your love affair may not flourish this year. Do not stretch a dispute, it can cause permanent loss of a relationship. Read More...


Though you won’t refrain from hard work, it may still not yield the desirable results. Though this year will provide you the comfort of your family. According to Horoscope 2017, you may get gratified by a unique gesture from your partner. Read More...


You will be in demand this year. It can be related to work or familial affairs. Lal Kitab predicts that there will be more work this year, which may also involve going to different countries. You will feel fresh all the time. Read More...


There will be prosperity and growth this year. According to Lal Kitab 2017, you will remain healthy and also it looks like the right time to approach your crush. This year will be filled with amusement and delight. Read More...


Get ready to encounter the time of your life, as this year will bring success for the working professionals. Lal Kitab suggests you to be particular about your health. An old friend may become your life partner this year. Read More...

These predictions can make your life better. Analyze them and live your life to the fullest. You can also make a difference in your dear ones life. Lal Kitab provides you the information related to your life and the remedies to find the conclusion to all the issues that you may come across during this year.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Venus transiting in Aquarius, know how will it affect you and your loved ones

The planet of charm and beauty, Venus will move into the Aquarius sign from Capricorn on Thursday, the 29th of December, 2016. Symbolising creativity, art, glamour, luxuries, comforts and sensual pleasure, the Planet Venus administers a great hold on our lives. With the year almost coming to an end, the sensuous planet will change its sign and move to the whimsical planet, Aquarius. With this article, we hope to answer all your concerns and queries about the Venus Transit in Aquarius 2016.

The planet will remain in Aquarius till its arrival in Pisces on Friday, the 27th January 2017. This movement of Venus will impact our lives in umpteen ways, so the best way out will be to gauge our path and plan for the Transit.


Venus would move into your eleventh house, which symbolises comforts and luxuries of life. Business would flourish and yield you lucrative results.


With the planet of love transiting in your 10th house, you’ll enjoy a jovial time period with your partner. You’ll spend quality time in the warmth of your family’s love.


Venus will transit into your 9th house, which presages trips and excursions for you. You’ll enjoy learning and developing new skills to sharpen your creativity. 


The planet of wealth and welfare will move into your 8th house, the house of life and longevity. The period might bring stress and tensions in your life.


Venus would move into your 7th house with the transit. Promotion is highly probable at work. Singles might find someone intriguing in this duration. 


The materialistic planet would move into your 6th house, which indicates wealth loss. A dispute could also sour your mood in this duration. 


Planet Venus would move into your 5th house which symbolises intellect and education. The period would strengthen your bond with your lover. You’ll feel the sensuality and passion boost.


The planet of luxuries and comforts will move into your 4th house. Familial relations would get better. Any auspicious news could brighten your mood in this period.


Venus would move into the house of skills and labour, the 3rd house in your zodiac. This event would boost your efforts and toil at work. You might go on a short journey as well.


The significator of wealth, Venus will move to your 2nd house. A family get together is highly probable. You might fancy going out for a nice dinner with family.


The planet of love will transit into your moon sign, signifying a boost in your love life. You’ll be blissfully in love with your partner and cherish every moment with them. 


The planet of comforts and sensuality, Venus would move to your 12th house. The transit presages health issues and expenses for you. Your rivals might try to tarnish your image, so be cautious.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Tarot Horoscope 2017, Grasp the unexpected of the year 2017!

Founded during 15th century in Italy and recognised as an astrological science in 18th century, Tarot card reading has come a long way. It predicts your future while judging your emotions and revealing the probable situation. Let’s check how Tarot can affect your zodiac.

Aries Tarot Reading 

Those belonging to the Aries sign might find the upcoming year 2017 to be quite full of struggle, hard work and achievements. Though you might feel that the memories of the past are weighing you down, you will always find the strength to overcome every obstacle in your path towards victory, success and autonomy. Your domestic life might also demand careful attention and ardor. To know more, click here!

Taurus Tarot Reading

Folks belonging to the Taurus sign are expected to enjoy being their energetic and dynamic self. Those pursuing a career in Media and Communications will be able to make the most of this year. You will be able to gather all the love and support from your loved ones to make way for the necessary changes in your life. The year 2017 does not seem particularly rewarding for your love life. Read on to know more!

Gemini Tarot Reading

People belonging to the Gemini sign can expect the year 2017 to be full of wit and sagacity. You will get ample of opportunities to embrace your generous and social self and make your contributions towards the society and mankind. Your hard work will be aptly rewarded this year. Your financial sturdiness is expected to keep you in high spirits throughout the year. Know more here!

Cancer Tarot Reading

The year 2017 might test and reward those belonging to the Cancer sign, simultaneously. Honesty and the ability to push oneself to the extremes will fetch you exceptional results this year. You will be able to find a sliver of hope in the worst possible situations and will make the most of it. Memories of the past and worries of the future might keep you anxious and distressed in the upcoming year. Read on to know more!

Leo Tarot Reading

Your creative self will have the opportunity to rejoice in the year 2017. People belonging to the Leo sign are predicted to enjoy a lot of travel this year. Love relations might seem overburdening but you will be able to find a way to maintain the balance in your life. Thoughts pertaining to your future will excite you rather than making you anxious. Your energy, positivity and sheer courage will introduce you to immense success and fame in the near future. To know more, read on!

Virgo Tarot Reading

Folks belonging to the Virgo sign are expected to face tremendous work pressure which might keep them away from their family as well. Your consistent efforts will bear fruit in the year 2017 and you will be able to prove your worth effectively. This might not be the right time to go on with any marriage plans. Keeping a tab on your temper and giving a second thought before taking important decisions will help you in the long run. Click here to read on!

Libra Tarot Reading

Those belonging to the sign Libra need to be cautious before making any decisions and commitments. Neglecting your responsibilities might lead to tiffs with close ones. Your efforts might go unnoticed initially but they will surely be rewarded appropriately when the right time comes. Your past association might guide and introduce you to spirituality and eventually, happiness. With adequate patience, strength, will and positivity you will be able to achieve your goals and aspirations in the year 2017. Read on to know more!

Scorpio Tarot Reading

To those belonging to the sign Scorpio, financial supremacy will be of utmost importance in the year 2017. Your professional life seems to be extremely successful but personal relations might lack the much required warmth and support. This year will introduce you to your ability to push yourself to the extremes and give your best shot to achieve what you long for. Your fondness for a luxurious life is expected to grow boundlessly this year. Click here to read on!

Sagittarius Tarot Reading

People belonging to the Sagittarius sign are predicted to feel content and blissful as all that they desire for is a basic and simple life. Your efforts and skills will fetch you the toughest of goals in the year 2017. You will be able to prove yourself worthy by gaining victory over all your competitors. Abstain from getting distressed easily and take charge of your life and happiness. Click here to read more!

Capricorn Tarot Reading

The upcoming year 2017 will give ample opportunities to the Capricorn borns to develop their ways and skills leading them upwards in the success ladder, professionally. Your ever positive and loving approach towards everyone and every situation will help you turn around situations in your favour. The upcoming year will grant you the vision to be able to realise bigger purposes in life and help you fulfil them. To know more, read on!

Aquarius Tarot Reading

As an Aquarius born, you prefer to maintain honesty and warmth in your close relations. You strive hard to achieve whatever you aim for and are consistent with your efforts and hard work. The year 2017 will prove to be extremely gainful for you. You will be able to enjoy adequate availability of resources in the upcoming year and will be able to make the most of this year to prove your professional worthiness. Your love life seems to be full of romance and contentment. Click here to know more!

Pisces Tarot Reading

The year 2017 is predicted to be full of teachings and morals for the Pisces borns. You might feel uninterested in tracing back your footsteps but this is the time when you should reconsider your behaviour and attitude towards different people and situations. This year will coach you to respect your caliber and hard work and make the most of it. Love relations developed in this duration will prove to be long lasting and blissful. You will be able to cross through the barrier of your fear and make your way to a peaceful, fearless and successful tomorrow. Read on to know more! 

We at AstroSage, feel obliged to have helped you get acquainted with your Tarot Horoscope for the upcoming year. We wish the best for your future endeavours in the year 2017!