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Monday, August 20, 2018

Weekly Horoscope (20 - 26 August 2018)

These 3 Zodiac Signs will be blissfully happy! Read weekly horoscope and know how different aspects of your life will flourish this week.

This week of August will be especially blissful for the natives of Taurus, Virgo and Pisces Zodiac sign. With the influence of planetary transits and Nakshatras, these natives will gain monetary benefits, go on trips and will attain happiness in their lives.

Furthermore, the week is also significant from religious point of view. On August 22, it will be Shravana Putrada EkadashiOnam on August 25 and Raksha Bandhan on August 26. Also, Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is occurring on August 24 and August 25 this week. As per Hinduism and Vedic Astrology, this Yoga is considered very auspicious for a person. Every task performed in this Yoga proves to be successful and in the most splendid way. Additionally, after fluctuations in the prices of Gold and Silver, there prices may reach sky high.

Now, take a look at below predictions for all 12 signs to know what surprises might be there in store for them this week:

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Weekly Sensex - Nifty Predictions (24/02/2014 – 28/02/2014)

Weekly Planetary Position 

During the week, Moon will be transiting in Scorpio, Sagittarius & Capricorn. Sun in Aquarius. Mercury in Capricorn, Lord Saturn, Rahu & Mars in Libra. Venus in Sagittarius. Jupiter in Gemini, Ketu in Aries. Pluto in Sagittarius. Neptune in Aquarius & Uranus in Pisces. Venus will shift to Capricorn on 26th Feb 2014.

Weekly Sensex - Nifty Predictions

PLANET MERCURY, which controls our mind (Buddhi) is transiting in Aquarius & is in retrograde position from 7th February 2014 to 28th February 2014. Be CAUTIOUS, as one is likely to take wrong decisions, resulting in financial losses, depending on its position in individual horoscope. Technical Analysts / researchers can be worst affected (since Planet Mercury is significator of this profession). Persons with Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius & Leo rashi / ascendant need to be extra vigilant.

FINANCIAL/BANKING sector will be getting astrological support. Buy BOI, SBI, HDFC, LIC Housing, BOB, Axis Bank, Karnatka Bank, Yes Bank, Sri Ram Transport, M&M Financials, SKS Micro & Reliance Capital etc on dips. 

CEMENT sector will also be receiving strong astrological support. Buy Ambuja Cement, ACC, Ultratech, Shree Cement & BirlaCorp etc on every decline.

LEATHER sector i.e., Bata, Super House, Relaxo Foot wear & Liberty Shoes etc will continue receiving getting astrological support. This sector was predicted last week also & during the week – Bata, Liberty Shoes & Mirza International moved up by 3-7% from weekly low.

TECHNOLOGY sector will also continue getting strong astrological support. Buy TCS, Cybertech, Infosys, HCL Technology, Tech Mahindra, Hexaware on dips. This sector was predicted last week also & during the week – Wipro, TCS, HCL Tech, Polaris, Hexaware, NIIT Tech, Geometric & Sonata Software moved up by 3-33% from weekly low.

AUTO sector will be getting strong astrological support. Buy Tata Motor, TVS Motor, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti & Hero Moto Copn, etc on dips. This sector was also predicted last week & during the week – Tata Motor, Mahindra & Mahindra, Maruti, Escorts, & Force Motor went up by 3 - 30 % from weekly low.

Drilling / Mining Sector i.e. Aban Offshore, Dolphin Off Shore, Global Offshore, Sesa Sterlie, NMDC & Selan exploration etc will also be getting ASTROLOGICAL support. This sector was predicted last week also & during the week - Selam Exploration & Global Exploration moved up by 12-21%.


Always be very cautious, when some main planets i.e. Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter & Lord Saturn are changing their houses. It may be that certain sectors which were continuously getting support for long time may stop receiving support due to change in position by above planets & stocks of those sectors starts coming down, resulting in losses. This is common reason, why most people loss money.

One should trade only in the stocks of that sectors which are getting very strong astrologically support.

Sectors which get very strong ASTROLOGICAL support are not normally affected by downfall in the market.

By Satish Gupta

Disclaimer: The predictions made herein are for information purposes and are not recommendations to any person to buy or sell any securities. We only use astrological analysis, so target is not based on any technical or fundamental analysis, but only on the experience of an astrologer. Its accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed. The information provided herein is not to be construed as an offer to buy or sell securities of any kind. The Astrologer and the company do not accept any liability for the use of this column. Readers of this column who buy or sell securities based on the information in this column are solely responsible for their actions. And, author won't be liable or responsible for any legal or financial losses made by anyone.