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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tarot: Psychics’ Way Of Communication

Tarot Cards
Tarot Card Reading is based on the predictions made by the selection of the Tarot cards. A tarot card reader is basically a psychic who chooses a Tarot card to predict the future. The concept of Tarot Card Reading is basically meant for psychics. Tarot Cards are just the medium to help psychics listen to their intuitions.

A Tarot Card Reader should first know about Tarot Cards in detail before making predictions. Each card contains the prediction. Tarot Card Reader should have the mind to understand the signs and description given by a Tarot Card.

Click here to know about the basics of Tarot Cards - What Are Tarot Cards?

The process of Tarot Card reading is not very difficult. Not even like the game of playing cards. Cards are spread and then picked up in a proper format to make the predictions. There are basically 3 types of spread:

  1. 5 Card Spread
  2. Celtic Cross Spread
  3. Eclipse Spread

Each spread has some set of cards; for example, 5 card spread consists of 5 cards and each card signifies something. The entire thing has been described and all the spreads are mentioned in detail here - What Is Tarot Card Reading?

As of now, you have all the stuff to understand the logic of tarot cards and making predictions. However, if you are interested to know more about Tarot, you may click here - About Tarot

Now, let’s go in bit more detail. There are total 78 Tarot Cards. These are further divided into two decks - major arcana and minor arcana. Major Arcana has 22 cards and Minor Arcana has 56 cards. The Minor Arcana is further divided into 4 decks. As the number of cards is more, Minor Arcana sometimes becomes difficult to understand. On the contrary, the cards of Major Arcana is quite easy to understand. So, to ease you, we have created a place for Minor Arcana, click here - About Minor Arcana

Tarot Card Reading is an occult science. Most of the occult sciences have some connection. Do you want to know the relation of psychic powers, Tarot and other occult sciences? Click here - Tarot & Other Occult Sciences

Love life is a crucial part of everyone. Tarot can easily explain you everything about your love life. Also, some useful predictions to improve your love life. As now, you know how to make Tarot Card Predictions, click here to get specialization in making love life prediction - Love Tarot

Apart from this, we have conjoined Astrology with Tarot. We have created a horoscope using Tarot for zodiac signs. These predictions are based on your Moon sign. Click here to read your Tarot 2013 Yearly Predictions based on your Zodiac Moon Sign here - Tarot 2013 Horoscope

Now, when we have mentioned about all we have for Tarot. We would like to take you to the place where everything related to Tarot has been collected - Tarot

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