Saturday, October 20, 2012

Horoscope 2013 Free Android App Announced

FREE Horoscope 2013 App for Mobiles and Tablets

AstroSage announces another new freeware “Horoscope 2013” for your Android Phones and Tablets!

2013 Astrology Prediction is now available on Android Mobile Phones & Tablets via AstroSage’s FREE New App “Horoscope 2013” in English as well as Hindi language. A full-fledged freeware “Horoscope 2013” will let you know your predictions for Love, Career, Money, Health, Education and Family with specialized section on Remedies for predicted problems.

What’s New in Horoscope 2013?

Horoscope 2013 Android App is absolutely different from its previous version, Horoscope 2012. This time, it will predict all the things such as family, love, career, money, health and education separately. The best part of Horoscope 2013 App is that it gives you remedies too. So, don’t be disheartened with any unfavorable condition indicated by your prediction, just follow the suggested remedies and things will be fine.

Let’s know more in detail - “Horoscope 2013” Free Android App first asks you for your preferred language – English or Hindi. After that, it takes you to the page showing icons of Zodiac Moon Signs. Don’t worry if you are not aware of your Moon sign. Just touch the option saying “Know Your Moon Sign” and enter your details. Next, you may read your prediction for the year 2013.

This app has subdivisions into various categories for your ease, such as Love, Career, Health, Education, Money and Family. Each category gives you specialized prediction on each topic; all you need is to touch the desired option. Further, if you find in your prediction that unfavorable conditions are being formed then you may overcome them via our suggested remedies in the category named ‘Remedies’.

Now, if you want to know the prediction for your closed ones. You don’t have to go on back page. Just touch the option saying ‘Change Sign’. You may also share this app with your friends by touching the ‘Share’ icon. Further, you will get to know more after downloading it.

Click here to download this Freeware – Horoscope 2013 Android App

AstroSage has created a niche in the huge market of Android Apps by innovating unique astrology apps. “Horoscope 2013” is a new addition to the unprecedented apps of AstroSage. Some of the unparalleled creations of AstroSage are AstroSage Kundli, Horoscope MatchingLearn Astrology and many more.

Click here to download this app - FREE Horoscope 2013 Android App

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