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Weekly Horoscope 2014 (August 25 - August 31) - Know The Secrets Of Success For This Week!

Here is the weekly horoscope predictions from August 25 to August 31. Get an insight about your work, love, finances, and upcoming endeavors. Pt. Hanumman Mishra will tell you about your fortune. Read to know more about it.

Weekly Horoscope 2014 from August 25 to August 31 for all the Zodiac Signs.

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The entire week will be favorable for you, but you may feel worried regarding your own or your childs education. It would be good to avoid indecision. It is not a good time to show anger to your children or loved one. Your hard work will bring results by the middle of the week. Success is foreseen in endeavors. Though the weekend seems favorable for spending quality time with your spouse or partner, but it is suggested to avoid controversial things.

You will not get favorable results this week. First part of the week is likely to give mental stress. There can be some defects in the household appliances, especially, electronic appliances. It is suggested to drive vehicles carefully, during this time. Middle of the week can create troubles related to children or education. On the other hand, weekend will bring some improvements. It would be good to avoid unwanted controversies at this time.

The starting days of the week are favorable for you. You will think of taking better care of your health this time. You can plan for doing exercise. Short trips are foreseen this week. However, in the middle of the week, you may get tensed due to some personal problems. Also there may be some problems related to mother’s health. Try to develop harmony between your friends in the weekend.

The week will give mixed results. During this time, make sure to weigh your words before you speak. It is suggested not to let rigidity come in your voice. This is the time when family matters should be handled calmly. There could be some profitable trips in the middle of the week. But, weekly horoscope is suggesting that not to take any decision in misconception. There can be some worries in the weekend. Talking about domestic matters, caution is a must.

Generally this week will be favorable for you. You will get success in your work. You will enjoy comforts and luxuries. During this period, you will have a flickering state of mind. However, keeping control on your anger is necessary. Taking care of your health is also important, at this time. Coming to your financial life, you should deal with it carefully in the mid of the week. Save yourself from frauds and lies. In the weekend, you may go out for some entertainment; however, avoid going on risky trips.

This week will give you satisfactory results on the basis of your hard work. But, there can be some unwanted expenses in the starting of the week. Due to some problem, you may feel some disturbance in sleeping. You will get to hear some good news in the middle of the week. But, someone can put allegations on you, at this time. Work with complacency and courtesy in the financial and family issues, during the weekend. Avoid unpleasant conversation with anyone.

Moon is in the eleventh house in the beginning of the week; therefore, possibilities of profits are strong. You will get the support of your friends and relatives. There are chances of getting surprise gifts this week. But, avoid unwanted expenses and travelling in the middle of the week. You may also have to go for long distance travelling this week. There can be some disturbances in sleep. The conditions will be in your favour in the weekend, but you need to exercise restraint. Don’t be emotional this week.

The starting of the week is favorable for you. You will get success in most of your works. There will be increase in your reputation. Elders will support you and you can do new experiments in your daily routine. A good profit is foreseen in the middle of the week. But, there can be some problems due to wrong way or using shortcuts to earn money. Caution is needed in every issue, during the weekend.

This week you will get favorable results, provided you work smartly. You will take out some time for religious and social work in the starting of the week. Rise in your name and fame is foreseen in the middle of the week. The week is also auspicious in terms of finance. Office colleagues will be seen favoring you. In the weekend, you will achieve success in your endeavors and will enjoy profits of various types.

The starting of the week can be less favorable in comparison. Consciousness is important in every issue during this week. Specially, be careful in financial issues. The middle of the week will be favorable for you. You may go for long distance travelling. You will be successful in your work. Weekend will give you favorable results. People will admire you. As a result, you will feel better.

This week will give you mixed results. There can be some problems in love or married life, in the starting of the week. You have to be peaceful in all the issues related to personal life. Patience is required in the middle of the week. Avoid anger in every issue. It will be good to avoid big tours in the weekend. Although, you can be benefitted by joining some religious work.

You can make your week better by working carefully. You will be full of enthusiasm in the starting of the week. Your planning and hard work will pay you back. In the mid of the week, luxuries and comforts will increase. You will get the opportunity of going out with your partner or loved one. There will be betterment on employment grounds. But, transparency in things is very important this time. Work carefully in every issue during the weekend. It will be better to worship god instead of getting disappointed.

By: Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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