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Is Your Spouse Cheating On You?

Having a married life based on loyalty, respect, and trust is the best thing a couple could have. But, are you that lucky couple? Is your marriage safe and your spouse only yours? Get answers to such questions through this astrological article by expert astrologer Acharya Raman

Know how astrology will tell you whether your spouse is loyal or not.

We witness so many incidents in our life about a person being fooled or cheated by his/her partner. Here, the word “cheating” is used for the one who is cheating his/her spouse; having someone else in life; or you can say, having an extramarital affair. I understand that this is a sensitive issue, but as usual, AstroSage has always given you content of class and therefore, this is my effort for the same. The prime house for marriage is the seventh house, which is also a house for legal agreement. 

Let us first read what Shree KSK said about a “chaste wife”: If the sub-lord of the seventh cusp is neither Mars, Venus, nor Saturn; also if the sub-lord of the seventh is not deposited in the constellation of Mars, Venus, Saturn; or occupying one of the signs belonging to Mars, Venus, or Saturn; the girl will be chaste. KP Reader-4, 1996 edition page 100.

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Our readers already know that Venus controls sex, Mars gives the power of initiation, and Saturn is a separative planet as well as a natural malefic by nature. Though KP System does not entertain traditional Vedic astrology in many respects, it simply says that any planet in a benefic form will give benefits and vice versa to the particular native.

KP System is the only system which is applicable universally and which works on fixed rules.

Aren't there many instances when we hear that the wife or husband of a native is having secret romantic relation with someone? Why does it happen? Sociologically, there can be many reasons enumerated like lack of time, extra sex desire of the native, one’s inability to understand the physical needs of the partner, or bad behavior of partner. Though these are sociological stuff, but here we are interested to know the astrological parameter of it. You can use AstroSage’s brilliant software for preparing birth chart and judge the person yourself.

Let us see what is said by great Lt. Shree B. V. Raman about the same. Extramarital affair with keeping seventh house in focus, I will give selected inferences:

Seventh Lord In:

  1. Third house: If afflicted, the male native may have relations with the wife of his brother, and the female native may have relations with the husband of her sister. Kindly note, they should be heavily afflicted.
  2. Fourth house: If the seventh lord is afflicted by nodes, the character of the spouse may be suspicious.
  3. Fifth house: If afflicted, wife of the native may deliver someone else’s child. This combination also gives love marriage.
  4. Sixth house: If afflicted and Venus is also weak, the native may be an impotent person, who will marry a jealous and sickly wife who will deny him the marital pleasures.
  5. Eleventh house: May marry twice or may have plurality in relations.

Planets In seventh House:

  1. Sun: The native will be morally degraded. His spouse may be of a dubious character and he will have losses due to women.
  2. Moon: The native will be oversexed and jealous. He will beget a beautiful wife, but will like other’s wives. 
  3. Ketu: The native will be a evil doer, will have attraction toward widows.
Let us see what Shree KSK has said about plurality of partners: Page - 82, same book.

  1. Venus and Uranus forming evil aspects gives pleasure with girls who are to be married.
  2. Moon forming bad aspect with Venus signifies pleasure with other’s partner.
  3. Moon, Venus, Uranus, and Neptune in 1, 2, 5, 7, 11 means enjoying with others. Saturn keeps it confidential, whereas Mars and Mercury threaten that one will carry on without delicacy or fear, even though it is an open secret. If Jupiter forms good aspect, there is no complication. But, if Jupiter forms evil aspect, child may be born and other party may take law in hands, drag the person to court, and the pleasure ends in pain.
There are many combinations given by the scholars of Astrology. But, when do they fructify? Even a beggar is born with Raja Yogas, and millionaires are born with no Yoga at all. When the superstar of the millenium, Amitabh Bachchan was born, at least one person would have also taken birth in the same hospital on the same day. Also, many people were born worldwide, but only he became what he is today. We don’t know who those others were. I agree that the cusp sub-lord will change, creating a change in the destiny of people born at different places, but what about those who were born in the same room and at the same time, on the next bed, which was just a meter away?

The answer lies in the Hindu theory of Karma and rebirth, “We reap what we sow.” As KSK said, “Karma comes first, God comes next. None can dodge fate.” Readers may refer KP Reader-4 for the same.

It was only Amitabh Bachchan destined to be what he is, there will be none other. There will be no other Bill Gates, Sachin Tendulkar, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, Lata Mangeshkar. The same theory applies to one and all living organisms. If you have done bad deeds, you will reap bad. Don’t expect good after committing sins.

This is the reason that people get such partners who cheat them, fool them, and make them suffer the most painful thing, breach of trust. A married life is supposed to be a heaven. Is it? 

In our day-to-day life, we come across so many gossips about affairs of surrounding people. However, most of them may be false, but some are true. 

When it will happen is another question. During the certain Dasha, people do such deeds. After the Dasha is gone, the acts are stopped. Dasha is the most important factor. One may have the Yogas to become a Prime Minister, but some one else becomes because the former didn’t got the right Dasha at the right time. The classical example is the outcome of the Lok Sabha Polls of 2014 of India. This is what is destiny.

Let us now take few charts to substantiate the words of the two greats:

Know how astrology will tell you whether your spouse is loyal or not.

The seventh csl is Mercury, which is in the sign of Venus, conjunct Mars; Moon and Venus both are afflicted by Rahu-Ketu axis. The native had many affairs before and after marriage. He also had a failed love affair, which was for a very long time. The seventh lord, Moon is in star of Saturn. Venus is in sign of Mars. Mercury is in star of Rahu, which is conjunct Venus and in sign of Mars. Thus, this horoscope is confirming the sayings of Shree B. V. Raman and Shree KSK.

Know how astrology will tell you whether your spouse is loyal or not.

The seventh csl is Sun. It is in star of Saturn. It is in sign of Mars. It is conjuncting Mercury. Venus is aspected by Saturn and Mars both. It is also aspected by retrograde Jupiter. This native actually had a child from one of the girlfriends, was taken to police, and the matter was settled by social forces. He married twice, as his wife was having an affair prior to her marriage with him. As said earlier, you get what you sow.

The seventh csl is Mars himself. It is star of Sun, which is conjuncting Venus in sign of Mars. Saturn is aspecting Mars. The seventh lord, Saturn is on the axis of Rahu-Ketu. The native had extramarital affair from Venus-Saturn period, and is continued in Sun Dasha too. Venus in Aries in 3, 10, or 11 house sometimes gives such incidents in its Dasha or Bhukti Antara. I am not aware of earlier incidents.

Know how astrology will tell you whether your spouse is loyal or not.

The seventh lord Venus is in 11th house, conjunct Mars, and aspected by Saturn and Jupiter both. The native had an affair with the person of other religion and also married him/her. Now, wants to come out of the marriage on grounds better known to him/her only.

Know how astrology will tell you whether your spouse is loyal or not.

The seventh csl is Rahu. It is in a dual sign, in the star of Sun and sub of Venus. Sun is aspected by Saturn. Sun is deposited in sign of Venus and Venus is having direct aspect at the seventh house. The native is married and has excess of plurality in relationships.

Thus, we see that many of the combinations are fulfilled and the natives are doing as said by the scholars of astrology. I have used charts of males and females both from different sects of society. For obvious reasons, the birth details cannot be disclosed, as they are regarding their personal lives.

The aim of writing this article is to show that you are not the one who is controlling everything, because fate which is fair to one and all. These natives had many extramarital and premarital relations, and got wedded to only such type of people. As I said, the most important factor is Dasha, which they had in their prime time. Thus, got indulged in such type of acts. One should follow the right path in life, not only for the happiness of present, but also for the next birth.

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