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Mercury Transit In Virgo (August 29, 2014) - Whats This Transit of Mercury Has For You?

Mercury, the giver of intellect, mind, and speech is transiting in zodiac sign Virgo, tomorrow. For almost every native, especially for the students, Mercury transit is quite noticeable. To know the extent of auspiciousness this transit has, read this exclusive article by expert astrologer ‘Rekha Kalpdev.’

Transit of  Mercury In Virgo and its effects on all zodiac signs.

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Mercury will enter Uttara-Phalguni Nakshatra (constellation) of Virgo on August 29, 2014 during the mid-hours of 15:39. It is likely to remain at the same position till September 20, 2014.

Whenever a planet changes its zodiac sign, then there are also changes in the results given by that planet. In this condition, the results from other planets also change automatically. The reason behind these transformation of planets is positioning, conjunction and aspect of planets with each other. According to astrology, Mercury is the significator of intelligence, speech, astrology, mathematics, business, writing, accounts maintenance, teacher, book seller and communication. This transit of Mercury will definitely leave its impact on the natives associated with above said professions. It may be possible that some will be benefitted and in that condition, they may forget to thank Mercury. While for others, this transit may not be favorable.

Now, the awaited time is over to know the results of Mercury in Virgo. Here, we will tell you that this transit of Mercury will be fruitful or not.

Note: This Horoscope prediction is according to the Moon sign. Click here to know your Moon Sign - Moon Sign Calculator

Let us unveil the impact of Mercury transit on your sign by reading at the effects of Mercury transit in Virgo- Mercury Transit In Virgo (August 29, 2014)

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