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Most Miraculous Event Of This Millenium Happens This September! - Part 2

In our previous article, we talked about a miraculous event, which is going to occur after more than 2000 years. Today, let’s move further and take a peek into this wonderful event. When will this miracle happen? Who will take birth as the next Avatar of God? Discover all with astrologer Pt. Deepak Dubey.

Mahavatar is coming to eliminate all the sins and crimes.

As I had stated in my previous article “Most Miraculous Event Of This Millenium Is Happening This September“ that after about thousands of years, a miraculous and auspicious combination of planets will form on a particular day and time in the month of September this year. Any child born on this specific day could be extraordinary, like an incarnation in the world history. Let me tell you about the occurrence of this auspicious day for which all of us are awaiting eagerly. Which shall be the day when an incarnation will come on earth? Which are those auspicious combinations of time that have not taken place in past thousand years? How is this miraculous planetary situation? This is the date and time wherein such planetary situations did not happen in at least past 2 thousand years. 

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There was a prodigious planetary combination at the time when Lord Rama (the incarnation of Lord Vishnu), Lord Krishna, and Gautam Buddha (said to be the partial incarnation of Lord Vishnu) were born. I have described this in my previous article. Such an excellent planetary situation happening in September has occurred only at the time when Lord Rama was born. Even at the birth time of Lord Krishna and Gautam Buddha, the planetary situations were not like that. Even people of that time took decades to accept Rama, Krishna, and Buddha as the Avatar of Almighty. Similarly, when the world will recognize him and where will he be born, I am unable to describe right now (I will try in my next articles). Probably, I may not be alive by the time he will be recognized by the world; however, this is definite that the day will be an historical day and also that this will be accepted by all. 

Presently, chaos and crime are at its peak. History is the evidence that God has taken Avatar and relieved the burden of the earth whenever women were depraved, saintly and innocent people oppressed, nature was harmed, and when slaughter of cows was at the peak. Whenever the prevailing governance has failed to control the same; or in other words, when the prevalent system of the government became the part of such crimes, the God has taken Avatar to alleviate the burden of the earth. I would not like to say anything about the present social scenario and about the condition of the women, as these are known to everyone. 

In the epic Ramayana, Goswami Tulsidas has mentioned "विप्र, धेनु, सुर संत हित लीन्ह मनुज अवतार". Here, Vipra (विप्र) means not Brahmins but the scholars, Sur and Saint (सुर-संत) means such people who follow the truth and think about the well-being of the society. 

In similar way, Bhishma has told Yudhisthira about the protection of women’s pride:

क्रोश्यन्त्यो यस्य वै राष्ट्राद्ध्रियन्ते तरसा स्त्रियः। 
क्रोशतां पतिपुत्राणां मृतोऽसौ न च जीवति ॥३१॥

(Chapter 61, Mahabharta, Anushasan Parva)

It means that the King is dead and not alive if in his kingdom, the women are screaming and kidnapped forcefully, and their husbands as well as children cry helplessly.

It is not necessary to mention about the condition of the women said to be possessing power. 

Here, I would like to quote one more line of Ramayana written by Tulsidas:

जब - जब होंहि धरम की हानि, बाढहिं असुर अधम अभिमानी। 
तब-तब प्रभु धरी विविध शरीरा, हरिहिं कृपानिधि सज्जन पीरा।। 

History has proven that whenever almost all the planets are exalted, posited in own sign, or direct; and Sun and Moon are not under the influence of RahuKetu and Saturn; Tithi (Hindu date) and Yoga (planetary conjunction) are also auspicious along with the beneficial constellations; the Avatar of God arrives on earth.

I believe in Astrology and God; therefore, I am predicting it on the basis of astrology and sacred Puranas, spiritual and historical texts. 

First of all, let us have a look on the planetary position on that particular date:

What Are The Houses & Aspecting Combinations?

  1. Exalted Moon and Mars in its own sign are aspecting each other (aspecting Yoga) indicates that kindness and extreme bravery will prevail. 
  2. Aspecting bond of exalted Jupiter and exalted Saturn (present in the birth charts of Lord Rama, Krishna, as well as Gautam Buddha), indicates extreme spirituality and social concern.
  3. Exalted Mercury, which indicates extreme intelligence.
  4. Exalted Jupiter, which indicates religious virtues.
  5. Conjunction of Sun and Venus, which means royal life and extremely luxuries artistic palace and tremendous ability to provide happiness, wealth, and prosperity to the public.
  6. Exalted Saturn, which means extreme justice.
  7. Exalted Rahu and that too with exalted Mercury. It means serious approach, tact, and ability to stay balanced under the adverse political as well as diplomatic conditions. 
  8. Exalted Ketu, which means extreme bravery, ability to make quick and powerful decisions, extremely fearless, immense gallantry under unfavourable conditions and ability to provide salvation.
  9. Jupiter aspecting Mars and Ketu situated in zodiac sign Pisces, which is the own sign of Jupiter. It means bravery, gallantry diplomacy, and politics, everything for religion and society. 
Along with planets, Tithi (date) is highly important. The Tithi is Ashtami (eighth day of Hindu calendar), the Tithi on which Lord Krishna was born. The said Tithi is known as Jaya Tithi, which is highly influential, associated with Maa Bhavani and is a form of Goddess Shakti. 

The day is Monday, miraculous combination, the day dedicated to Lord Shiva. Therefore, considering the day and Tithi, this is the miraculous combination of Shiva and Shakti. 

And at last, the date, which you are eagerly waiting for, is ‘September 15, 2014’. 

Yes, September 15, 2014, is the date when this wonderful combination will occur after thousands of years. Your next question may be ‘What will be the time?’ 

Generally, position of all the planets is similar; therefore, every child born on this day will be extraordinary. However, as per physical aspect, the child born between 9:30 pm and 11 pm will be highly influential because during this period the astrological combinations will be: 

Ascendant - Taurus 
Combination (Yoga) - Siddhi
Nakshatra (constellation) - Mrigashira 
Tithi - Ashtami 

It means September 15, 2014, between 9:30 pm to 11 pm (for Delhi). 

This is emerging as such a time when such a combination of planets, Nakshatra (constellations), and Yoga will be observed after thousands of years. Definitely, there will be a great Avatar of god, which will relieve the world from crime and will guide the people the right path of life. 

Important and humble request: I humbly request all of you that this is a wonderful combination being formed by the Almighty himself, without anybody’s contribution. There will be only one incarnation out of the thousands of children born, and specifically from the womb of the mother selected by the God. Therefore, do not try to facilitate the birth of a child mainly by surgery or force on that date and time. Of course, do celebrate the birth of any child born on the said date and time. 

Next Prediction: Great annihilation is about to happen! Please refer to my next article on August 26, 2014, having the year and date of the mass destruction of the world. How will be the inauspicious formation of planets of the mass destruction? What will be the day when most of the things on the earth will come to an end? Such destructive combination is taking place after thousand of years which has not occurred during the millennium, based on the astrological and historical evidences. Wait for my next article to be published on August 26, 2014, on ‘’. 

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Tomorrow’s Event!

Tomorrow (August 23, 2014) is a very holy day as two-day Kailash Yatra will begin on this auspicious date. Also, the devotees of Shiva will observe the fast of Masik Shivratri.

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