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Transit of Mars In Scorpio (September 5, 2014) - Auspicious Or Inauspicious?

After leaving its inimical sign Venus, Mars will enter in zodiac sign Scorpio on September 5, 2014. Fortune teller predicts this transit to be exciting and adventurous one. But how much thrilling it is in real? Discover the answer with astrologer Rekha Kalpdev.

Transit of  Mars In Scorpio and its effects on all zodiac signs.

For a student, first day of college is quite exciting as well as uncertain. Thousands of questions swirl in his/her mind. The same situation is faced by a farmer while sowing seeds on his piece of land. Whether the seeds will return any harvest or not, is the main reason behind his concern. The success rate of efforts done behind these tasks, depends on future. A similar kind of incident is going to take place in the space. On September 5, 2014, after leaving its inimical sign Venus, Mars will transit into its own sign Scorpio, under Chitra Nakshatra (constellation). Transit of Mars in Scorpio will prove fortunate for every individual is not sure; however, this transit is full of passion, excitement, thrill, and courage. All this will happen because all these qualities are found in Mars. During transit, Mars gives auspicious results when is present in third, sixth, and eleventh house from Moon. The results are not that favorable in other houses. Let us know how much favorable or unfavorable this transit would be.

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This horoscope is prepared keeping in mind your birth sign.

With Mars transit taking place in eighth house from your birth sign, avoid using your physical stamina unnecessarily. It would be good to stay aloof from disputes and conflicts. To maintain harmony in the family, don’t lose temper in excitement or anger. Instead, be cool and composed. Rahu posited in sixth house, is giving you ways to solve unfavorable matters through cleverness and strategies. This time is fortunate for conjugal life. The same can be said for professional life as well. However, diseases and loans might increase troubles. Students of arts and music will get opportunities to widen their knowledge. This time is good for beginning formal education in these subjects.

Mars posited in seventh house or house of marriage, fails in giving its benefic results. Mars after being posited in seventh house is influencing your birth sign. During this transit period, anger and excitement will develop in you. As a result, personal relations are likely to get affected. It would be good to keep conjugal problems out of the bedroom. Try to solve disputes outside the court. Familial conflicts related to property may crop up. During this time, take good care of your mother’s health. For business matters, this time is quite favorable.

Transit of Mars gives good results in sixth house. You will successfully gain control over diseases and loans. With bold attitude, you can confront your enemies. Expenditures are likely to increase. Hidden secrets may get exposed in love affair. It is suggested to keep transparency in relations, else hidden secrets will come out. As there won’t be any lack of efforts in your ability and hard work; therefore, finances will go grow strongly. Decline in wealth is foreseen due to repaying back of loan. Luck will favor the people involved in service.

Mars will stay in fifth house from your birth sign. Positioning of Mars is not considered favorable here. Mental stress and problems are foreseen in your love life. It would be great to control temper in every situation, as it will help in dealing with unfavorable situations. For people related to studies, is it suggested not to lose senses due to overconfidence. Talking about health, ups and downs are foreseen. You may face issues like headache and eye problems. Difference in opinion is possible with friends. Luck will help you in gaining control over the ongoing situation. For the employed natives, this is an excellent time for job change.

Positioning of Mars on house of happiness will disturb your happiness. Also, maternal bliss is likely to get affected. You may have to go away from your birth place or native place for quite sometime. Your efforts in business may not show up expected results. Lack of leadership may act as a barrier in success. Average results are seen is domestic happiness as well. Uncertainty may hit your love life. Planets may bring fragrance of love in your life, provided you remain optimistic. Tiffs with spouse over some issues may bring troubles, this may create disharmony in family.

Anything done with dedication and courage, will give you success. With the help of Mars during this time, you will be full of passion and energy. Your leadership qualities will improve and you will get success in taking your team toward the desired target. Harsh and sarcastic words may bring bitterness in your marital life. Dedication and passion is seen in you for accomplishing tasks on time. Profits will reach to you with a slower pace. However, you will feel contented with achievements.

Disputes of paternal property may affect harmony in the family. You will have fun and joy by spending time with friends. Financial happiness would be at its best. It will increase your wealth too. During this time, your focus would be on income. Domestic issues and conjugal issues may take time in resolving. Give both priority and time to them. Diseases will remain under control. Financial gain is possible via loan. However, you may face problems in giving time to your love life.

Results of Mars are not expected to be in your favor. Instead of taking decisions with excitement and overconfidence, go for intelligence and experience. Avoid investing in risky areas. Financially, this time is very strong. Hurdles are foreseen in love life. Due to work load, you will find difficulty in giving desired time to your relationships. As a result, problems may come up in relations. It is suggested to take good care of your mother’s health. Natives who are beginning their professional journey, will get success in getting job. Self confidence will reach heights with first salary.

Mars transit is unfavorable for conjugal life. As a result, your marital life may lack prosperity. However, this time period is good for winning over enemies and getting success in competitions. Success in efforts is also foreseen. But, your relations won’t remain well in family and at work front. Due to workload and lack of rest, you may feel tired. This time is not favorable for name and fame as well. You may face false allegations at work front. As a result, you will feel concerned about your reputation.

This is the time when every problem related to finance and family will get solved. This will open up new sources of income for you. To expand business, you may have to go on some important journeys. The auspiciousness of this time will help you to showcase your talent and experience. You may also get profits from contacts established outside the country. You will try your best to control unwanted expenses. However, your love life is on the edge of danger. Influence of Mars will suppress your emotional side and your real side will get unveiled. At this time, your faith and belief in spiritualism will fade.

Aquarians, refrain from engaging into unnecessary conflicts at work front. It would be good to remain silent on controversial issues. Interest in someone from opposite gender will affect your love life. Also, you may get into a secret affair. Workload and less achievements may lead to thoughts of changing the place. It is suggested not to let carelessness come in the way of health of your parents and thus, take good care of their health. Due to unfavorable Mars, you will become short tempered and you will calm down slowly. Now is the time when you should not take any decision in anger. You are likely to receive present and gift from your in-laws. As per predictions, you may give debt to someone.

You may perform any religious deed. You may have to work for longer duration at work front. Due to problems in getting salary, your positive attitude may get affected. However, this is the time when your experience will pay rewards. Support from seniors is there for you. For people trying for government jobs, this is an excellent time. It would be good not to trust anyone blindly in partnerships. Talking about domestic and married life, this phase seems average. To overcome hurdles of professional life, you may think about some training.

To reduce malefic effect of Mars, remedies related to it are performed. Whether Mars transit is giving negative results or Manglik Dosha is there in the Kundali, these remedies are helpful in both conditions. Other than this, these remedies also provide fruitful results to the natives suffering from major period (Maha Dasha) or sub period (Antar Dasha). Here we are giving you some unique remedies for Mars. We hope that you will get auspicious results of Mars through them.
  1. Observe fast on Tuesday and while observing it, do not consume salt.
  2. Visit Lord Hanuman’s temple to appease Lord Mars.
  3. Chant one rosary (Japa Mala) of Hanuman Chalisa or Maha Mrityunjay Mantra regularly.
  4. Donate Deep (lamp) in Hanuman temple and chant Bajrang Baan on every Tuesday.
  5. Take jaggery and Masoor Daal on tuesday.

By Rekha Kalpdev

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