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Transit of Mercury In Libra (September 21, 2014) - Get Ready To Touch The New Heights!

Mercury is transiting in zodiac sign Libra on September 21, 2014. Fate of all natives will change to some extent with this transit. Will this change take you toward prosperity and fame or will it pull you down? Know your fate with this article...

Transit of Mercury In Libra and its effects on all zodiac signs.

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Stress and work pressure of daily life is increasing day by day. With this stress and hectic schedule, tension and struggle are also rising. The prime and major reason behind our ill health is this stres. Though a better tomorrow can come with coming time; still, creation of a disciplined lifestyle lies in our hands. In the competition of going beyond others, the situation is going worse. Think for a while that in the beginning of the month, you are confident about the day which will prove excellent for business meeting. Or you come to know about that day, which is good for familial relations. A lot of problems and tensions will come to an end if we plan our month in advance by keeping in mind its auspiciousness and inauspiciousness. 

To head toward such a life, astrology can help to a great extent. On September 21, 2014, after leaving its own sign (Virgo), Mercury will transit into Libra, the sign of its friendly planet Venus. How will this transit effect you? If we tell you about it priorly, you can surely manage possibilities of life. 

Let us throw a light on the effects of Mercury transit in Libra:

Aries: Arians, Mercury transit may lead to situation when your love life may get revealed. It is suggested not to mix your personal and professional life. At work front, you may become the victim of a controversy; hence, stay alert. Mental stress may rise which will lead to increase in anger. Any auspicious event may take place at home. 

Taurus: Transit of Mercury in Libra will give you mixed results. It would be good to carefully analyze the situation before taking major decisions. You may face skin disorder; therefore, it would be good to take good care of health. However, things will go great at work front and your opponents will face defeat. It would be good to keep an optimistic approach. 

Gemini: By nature, Gemini natives are lovers of activities like dance, writing and acting. During this transit phase, you will get opportunities to showcase such talent. Coming to your professional life, transfer or relocation to some new place is likely to happen. Because of your emotional and loving nature, you will enjoy a harmonious married life. 

Cancer: For the people born under the sign Cancer, Mercury transit is bringing a uniqueness in their nature. However, someone’s behavior and false concern for you might frustrate you. As Mercury is associate with alcohol, this time period may provoke you to get indulged in habits like drinking. But, it will be good to maintain distance from these things. 

Leo: Lions, with Mercury’s transit into Libra, you will turn religious. Looking at your stars, it can be concluded that you will take interest in literature and things related to arts. This will be the time when your relations will improve and you will get support and affection from your friends and siblings. 

Virgo: For the people of zodiac sign Virgo, Mercury will bring rise in entertainment, fun and frolic. During this time, you will be very calculative while doing anything. It seems that your commenting nature will be on peak and you will give your views on almost everything. With the impact of this transit, you are likely to be envy of others. 

Libra: Due to transit of Mercury in Libra, the atmosphere at your home will remain pleasant and a state of harmony will be there. Talking about professional life, it seems that you may plan some strategies against your colleagues at work place. However, stay alert or you may face some serious allegations. Looking at your stars, it seems that you will feel inclined toward poetry. 

Scorpio: Mercury transit in Libra is not that favorable for Scorpions. It is suggested to devote time in religious and spiritual deeds. Also, keep a check on your expenses else you may spend unnecessarily. Before speaking anything, think carefully otherwise your words may hurt others. 

Sagittarius: Disputes with seniors may crop up. You might face problems in your personal life. Friends and well wishers may not help during this time; therefore, try to be independent. Though there won’t be any serious issues, but problems like headache and cold might trouble. Practice yoga and meditation in this phase. 

Capricorn: Your selfish attitude and clever nature will be at its peak. According to Mercury transit, you will do anything and everything to achieve success. It is suggested to drive carefully during this time. Also, keep a control on your expenses and try to save as much money as you can.

Aquarius: With the blessing of Mercury, you will enjoy good time with your spouse. But, take good care of your parents health. Mercury transit in Libra is good for your financial life and you will accumulate wealth and property. For the students, this is a good time to participate in competitive exams. 

Pisces: Unfavorable days will come to an end with transit of Mercury. This is the time when you should control your habit of thinking too much over everything. You are likely to get happiness from children. You will get support of seniors. During this time period, you will enjoy peace and harmony at home. 

By: Rekha Kalpdev

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