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New Mommy On The Yoga Mat

So now, when you have given birth to your baby, a number of responsibilities have increased. Feeding your baby, taking care of your little one, planning an entire new routine and getting rid of those unwanted pounds of fat, the list is long. Well, if you are planning to get back into your pre pregnancy clothes then this article is just for you. 

New Mom practicing Yoga after childbirth to reduce baby fat.

Giving birth to a child is the most beautiful time of a woman’s life. But, you can't deny the fact that after the birth of the child, a lot of things occupy the mind. Out of all these things, the foremost thing is taking best care of the baby. But, how will you do it, if you yourself are not fit and prepared? Don't panic and relax, as this is the time when practicing some forms of Yoga Asana will help you in shedding that extra fat. So, what are these steps which can take you back into your pre-pregnancy form? Here, are they: 

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When To Start Yoga After Delivery? 

Before starting Yoga after delivery, it is always good to consult a physician or doctor. Generally, it should be started 3 months after delivery, though it varies from mother to mother. 

Which Yoga Asana To Practice?

The Tiger Pose

Tiger Pose Yoga or Vyaghrasana to shed baby fatTiger pose is a very common form of yoga suggested to women after delivery. To perform the yoga, be on your arms and legs on the mat. Fold one leg in crouching position (with knees bent and upper body forward and downwards). Now, straighten the leg and then bring it back in the folded position. On each leg, perform this Asana for ten times.

Other name: Vyaghrasana

Benefit: Tiger pose helps in toning the lower part of the body. 

The Triangle Pose

Triangle pose Yoga or Trikonasana to get rid of baby fatTriangle pose is practiced with standing on the feet having as much distance between them as possible. Now, bend on your left side and touch the mat. Make sure that your right hand is raised up. Now, repeat the same on the right side. Practice this yoga for 10 times.

Other name: Trikonasana

Benefit: Practicing triangle yoga helps in reducing the fat deposits from the waist and nearby areas.

The Cobra Pose
Cobra Pose Yoga or Bhujangasana to cut baby fatMost of the women complain of back pain after delivery. To help them deal with this pain, cobra pose is recommended. To start the Yoga, lie flat on your stomach. Now press the pelvic area of your body while inhaling deeply. Raise (a little) the upper region of your body, distributing the pressure (strain) equally on the lower back.

Other name: Bhujangasana

Benefit: Cobra pose is done to cure back pain. 

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Why Practice Yoga After Post Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling and to make sure that the baby is healthy, mothers leave no stone unturned from their side. However, after pregnancy, body undergoes certain modifications and changes, which result in an increase in weight and cellulite. If you have just stepped in the beautiful world of motherhood, Yoga is definitely something you need. Want to know why? Here are the reasons:

  1. Yoga is the fastest way to shed the weight accumulated during pregnancy. 
  2. With Yoga, mothers can get back into shape without going on diet and starving their body.
  3. Practicing Yoga makes the body gentle and supple.
  4. Regular Yoga after delivery balances the rate of metabolism.
  5. Muscles, especially abdominal muscles, get stretched during pregnancy and with Yoga, you can tone them back.
  6. For a healthy lifestyle after pregnancy, regular practice of Yoga is the first step.

With this article, we hope to help every woman who has just become a mother or is going to be one very soon. Follow these simple tips and continue your life, the way you used to live before pregnancy. 

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