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Sun Transit In Aquarius (February 12, 2014)

Sun, the King of all the planets, will transit into Aquarius on February 12, 2014. Predictions say that it will turn Uttarayan on February 14, 2014, bringing some positive results. To know what this transit has for you, read this article. 
Sun transit in aquarius is taking place on February 12, 2014.

The King of the planets, ‘Sun’ is transiting into Aquarius on February 12, 2014. It will turn Uttarayan on February 14, 2014, when it will transit into Capricorn. Sun in Uttarayan has been praised to deliver benefic results. Following would be the likely effects of the transit on the different zodiac signs (as seen from the rising ascendant/Lagna):


Benefits from education/academic front are foreseen. In case you are married, then benefits from/to the children are very much there. Pleasant change in the income pattern are possible. It is a good time to showcase your talents to your boss and seek related benefits.


Excellent transit with regards to professional life. Sun would be casting its extreme brilliance to deliver professional excellence. You may get benefits from your seniors/boss. The family atmosphere would be very charged up and there may be some auspicious occasion in the family.


There may be some long distance pilgrimage taking place during this transit. Your efforts are likely to bear good results and you would be lucky all round. You would be running high on energy level. This is also a time for fresh activities/endeavors.


Sun would be transiting in 8th house; therefore, you may face some problems in issues related to placement. We suggest you to take good care of your father, during this time. Also, you should act smartly at professional front, keeping an eye on your boss/senior’s behavior. Avoid getting into any conflict. 


Now is the time when you will spend some quality time with your spouse. Do not focus on small issues, as they may hamper your happiness. It may be a good time for those who are looking for suitable alliances to get married.


Your enemies would be at bay. You would inculcate a complete fighting back spirit. Before making any expenses, seeking advice from someone will help you. At this time, take good care of your father. Spend wisely and act competitively in all situations. Avoid any kind of nasty encounter with the law.


Your children are likely to gain importance during this transit. You should appreciate your children, if they make you feel happy. Also, it is a good time for conducting Puja/Hawan and Mantra recitation. You may gain financial profits from speculations. 


During this time, be careful while driving. You may find difficulties in balancing your professional life and personal life. It is advisable to seek support from your father regarding your decisions. Praising your boss during this time period will help your professional life.


Some short distance journey is on the cards and don’t be surprised if it happens to be a pilgrimage. During this time, you may become short tempered. It is advisable to focus on unfinished business/tasks. This is a good time to enter a government project, if you are into business. Your father is likely to get benefit, during this transit.


You should stay close to your family and take good care of them. Some sudden events are likely to take place. During this period, keep a check on your words. Trying unnecessary efforts to impress others to get your work done will not help. It is advisable to stay low during this transit.


Your spouse is going to act a pillar of strength and support. Appreciate his/her closeness, during this transit and reciprocate in similar manner. If you are into business then your business partner will act as a strong ally. At this time, try to spend more time with family and friends rather than in isolation. Appreciate all the good things around yourself.


During this period, be careful in your loan/debt transactions. Also, be cautious while lending money to someone. This is a good time to get rid of your enemies. Your father is likely to go on a journey/tour. At this time, take good care of your father’s health. 

Stay Blessed !

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