Monday, February 17, 2014

What Astrology Says About Your Profession

Now, no more disappointments, no more regrets about your career. To be a successful person in any profession, be it an engineer or doctor, astrology can help. Want to know how? Our astrologer, ‘Ram Hari Sharma’ , through this article will answer the question...

Know your profession possibilities with the help of astrology.

Every boy and girl has an aim of working in their preferred filed, as working in profession of one's own interest increases the success possibilities. However, sometimes even after choosing the field of your interest, disappointments are faced. This is something which happens with most of the people and therefore, it is very important to know the profession which will bring success to you.

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें…

Everybody has different abilities,however, it is very hard to decide the best one. As a result, we sometimes take wrong decisions and thus, face failures. But, astrology is a subject through which we can predict the best profession for us. 

Nowadays, after completing high school, most of us find difficulty in choosing the right career for us, be it doctor, engineer or business person. In this matter, astrological Yogas of Kundli (birth chart) can help us in finding the answers. Let's discuss how can astrology help us in this aspect. 

In the birth chart of native, effects of different planets on ascendant, ascendant lord, 10th house, and 10th house lord, helps in deciding the right profession such as doctor or engineer. Positioning of planets in various signs also helps in choosing the right career. If there are many planets in movable signs then the native gets success in career associated with intelligence and perfection. Such a native has to travel a lot due to his profession. On the other hand, if the planets are posited in a fixed sign then the native indulges into a stable profession such as doctor. Lastly, if planets are posited in dual natured sign, then the native is a teacher by profession, which involves stability as well as travelling. 

Now, I will throw a light on conditions required for becoming a doctor. These conditions are: 

According to chapter 24 of Jyotish Ratna: 

  1. If Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Rahu are strong in the Kundli and are related to 10th house, 11th house, 2nd, or 7th house, then the native becomes a doctor. 
  2. Conjunction of Sun and Mars in 10th house makes the native surgeon. 
  3. Positioning of 4th house lord in 10th house makes the native medicinal expert. 
  4. Sun plays major role in the possibilities of becoming a doctor. Hence, relation of Sun with above said houses and planets help the native in becoming doctor. 
  5. Mutual relation between 4th house and 6th house gives the native intelligence of curing the diseases. 
  6. If Rahu and Ketu either aspect 10th house and 10th house lord, are in conjuction with them or share exchange of signs then the native becomes a surgeon.
  7. Conjunction of Saturn and Sun in 10th house makes the native dentist. 

Let's understand it with an example. Below mentioned is a Kundli of a native who is a doctor in Indian Airforce. She was born on July 2, 1963, in Mumbai at 8:05 in the morning. We are giving her birth chart and navamsa chart. 

In the birth chart, Sun, Rahu and, Jupiter are strong. These are associated with 2nd, 10th and 11th house, which is mentioned as the condition # 1 in the above mentioned conditions. According to the above mentioned 5th point, Mars, being the 5th house lord, is aspecting Jupiter. In this way, 5th house and 6th get associated which gives the native extreme intelligence to cure diseases. In reality, the concerned native is a very good doctor. In the above given navamsa Kundli also, there are clear signs of becoming a doctor. In this way, we can analyze any Kundli to predict whether the native will get success after becoming a doctor or not.

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