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Yoga Asanas For Moms-To-Be

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences for every woman. The journey of these nine months brings variety of changes and emotions to deal with. During this time, every woman needs love, care, support and affection of her family. To make this experience smooth and enjoyable, yoga can help a lot. Here are a few quick tips...


Every woman has a dream to experience motherhood, to carry her baby in her arms and to live every moment of his/her childhood. If you are also planning to enjoy this incomparable journey or if already in the process, then below mentioned information is worth a read. 

Yoga Asanas During Pregnancy

Bhastrika Pranayama: While practicing Bhastrika Pranayama yoga, sitting in Vajrasana position should be preferred. After successfully forming the preferred position, keep your hands on the knees and close your eyes. Breathe-in completely with both nostrils till the lungs are full. Now exhale forcefully. Always remember to apply force while inhaling and exhaling. It should be done for 10-15 times daily. Practicing Bhastrika Pranayama yoga during pregnancy regularly helps in normal delivery of the baby.

Anulom Vilom: This form of yoga is also known as ‘alternate nasal breathing’. To begin Anulom Vilom, close the right nostril and inhale through the left nostril. Now, close left nostril and exhale through the right nostril. Continue in the same way by changing the nostrils. Remember to breath slowly and deeply.

Butterfly Position: Sit on the floor and fold your knees. Adjust your legs in a position in which the sole of right feet touches the sole of the left feet. Now lift your bent knees up to the chest in the same position. Try moving the legs in the same way in which a butterfly moves its wings. In the beginning, this yoga should be done for 30 seconds and later it can be practiced for 1-3 minutes. Butterfly position of yoga during pregnancy helps in normal delivery of the child.

Pelvic Tilt Asana: During pregnancy, back pain is quite common. To get relief from it, practicing this Asana is very effective.

Virabhadrasana: This Asana strengthens the joints and helps in improving the balance. Also, it eases sciatica and backache.

Shavasana: It should be done once the yoga session is complete. Shavasana is done for final relaxation.

Note: Always make sure to practice yoga only with proper guidance of a yoga expert. 

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Yoga Precautions During Pregnancy

First Trimester: During this period of pregnancy, standing poses are advised. Standing forms strengthen the legs, generates energy, enhances circulation and reduces leg cramps.

Second And Third Trimester: This time period demands concentration on breathing exercises and meditation. Asanas leading to fatigue and overwork should be avoided.

A pregnant woman should prepare her mind and body for labor and birth. Doing so helps in concentrating on health, which is very important during this time. It is believed that practicing yoga during pregnancy keeps the body supple and active. Not only does it assures smooth delivery but also minimizes the common symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness. We hope that this article comes of good use to all the women who are going through this wonderful experience of mother-to-be. 

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