Friday, February 7, 2014

How Venus Is Related To Your Marriage?

Venus, the planet ruled by the Goddess of beauty and love, is the significator for marriage and life partner. Being the governor of love life, the planet affects all the 12 houses in one or the other way. Read this article to know how Venus rules your married life.

In our horoscope, Venus is the Karak (significator) of married life and life partner. However, if we talk about Venus and Jupiter, a few astrologers as well as the common people have a lot of confusions about both these planets. This is because some of them consider Jupiter for life partner and Venus for marriage. But, I would like to clear that Jupiter is the planet of expansion and therefore, it expands the family. Venus is the Karak (significator) of marital happiness and life partner. Love, emotions, understanding, and sexual pleasures are represented by Venus. Apart from Venus, we need to analyze the 7th house and it’s lord. 

Let’s see what Acharya Varahamihira has said about Venus:

दधिकुमुदशशांककांतिभृत स्फुटविकसतकिरणो बृहत्तनु: 
सुगतिरविकृतो जयनवितः कृतयुगरूपकरः सीताहृदयः

This means that if Venus is huge, good in speed, unaffected and pure like curd, lotus, and moon then it blesses the native in all ways. Placement of Venus in your horoscope describes your married life and life partner.

If Venus is placed in 1st house, the native is expert in sensual activities. Also, the native is famous and popular among females.

Placement of Venus in 2nd house makes the native eager for physical contact, happiness, wealth, and prosperity. These native have chances of involving in extra-marital affairs. 

Venus in 3rd house makes the native obedient to his wife and he likes sensual pleasures.

If Venus is placed in 4th house, it blesses the native with domestic happiness and vehicle. 

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If any malefic planet is affecting Venus, the native is likely to go for live-in relationship. 

If Venus has occupied 5th house, the native becomes over-sexual. The native goes for love marriage, if Venus is not affected by malefic planets.

Venus in 6th house makes the native characterless and he may suffer from sexual diseases.

Venus in 7th house gives good married life and the native is blessed with a good wife. Such natives are likely to get involved in sexual relation before and after marriage. 

If Venus has occupied 8th house, it boosts the love relation of the native. However, if Venus is affected, it can give hidden sexual diseases.

Native whose Venus is placed in 9th house is favored by the luck of his wife. But if Venus is afflicted by malefic planets, it affects the married life in a negative way. If Venus is connected with Moon, it makes the native to have relationship with unmarried girls. 

If Venus is placed in 10th house, it makes the native over sexual and the native gets benefits from ladies. A strong Venus blesses the native with huge income even with small efforts. However, a weak Venus does exactly the opposite.

Placement of Venus in 11th house blesses the native with property from ladies. He makes relationship with many ladies and chances of marrying twice are also there.

Venus in 12th house makes the native highly sexual and he spends on pleasures. Also, the native is interested in arts and music.

The results of Venus given above are as per general standards. Other aspects of sign and planets can change or modify these results. For any specific prediction, we need to analyze the complete horoscope with other aspects of Venus. 

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