Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trim Your Belly Instantly

Are crash diets and intense workouts helping you in no way? Are you fed up of following the strict fitness regime? Well, no need to stress yourself anymore. In today’s article, we bring to you some easy exercise steps which will help you to tone your belly and trim your waist.

Yoga to reduce the belly fat

We all have that dream of flaunting a toned and slim belly, but most of us are not that lucky. If your existing daily routine and gym exercises have given you zero results then you need to bring a change in your schedule. Want to know how? Here are some easy tips:

Cat Cow Pose (Marjarasana)

 Tone your abdominal muscles with cat cow pose

Cat Cow is performed with hands and knees directly under the shoulders and hips, respectively. Make sure that your spine is straight and neck is in neutral position. Now, inhale and drop the belly while lifting the neck gazing toward the ceiling. Now, exhale and rest the tops of your feet on the mat. Round your back while dropping you head toward the belly button. Repeat similar steps at least 5 times.

Why Practice Marjarasana?

  • To tone abdominal muscles
  • To enhance flexibility of spine

Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana)

Prevent troubles related to backache with cobra pose

To start cobra pose, lie on your stomach and place your forehead on the mat. Hands should be under the shoulders. Now, with the help of your back and belly muscles, raise your upper body. Keep your head up and elongate your neck, looking at the ceiling. Now, lift your hip to about 2-3 inches off the mat and hold hold the position for a few seconds.

Why Practice Bhujangasana?

  • To trim abdominal muscles
  • To get relief from backache
  • To maintain the strength and elasticity of dorsal spine

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Boat Pose (Navasana)

Strengthen your thighs and abdominal muscles with boat pose

Sit comfortably on the mat and lift your legs up in the air. Using your hands, try to reach your toes, making your body forming a V-shape. If you are a beginner then you can bend your knees. Try to feel this yoga in the lower abdominal area. Hold the is position for 30 seconds.

Why Practice Navasana? 

  • To strengthen your thighs and abdominal muscles
  • To improve digestion
  • To enhance the concentration level
  • To stimulate thyroid glands, prostate glands, and kidneys

Bow Pose (Dhanurasana)

Enhance elasticity of spine with bow pose

Lie comfortably on your stomach. Now, bend your knees and lift your thighs up from the mat. With the help of your hands, pull your ankles, pulling your feet toward chest. Keep pulling until your trunk forms an arch. Legs and chest should be above the mat and only stomach should touch the mat. Feel the stretch in your chest, stomach, and back.

Why Practice Dhanurasana?

  • To enhance the vitality and elasticity of spine
  • To reduce abdominal fat

Abdominal Lift (Uddyiana Bandha)

 Improve working of heart with abdominal lift

Stand straight with your feets apart . Now, slightly bend your knees, lean forward a little and place your hands just above the knees. Inhale forcefully, pushing your abdomen forward. Now, exhale by pushing the stomach inwards. Without taking another breath, try to push in the stomach more, making it hollow. Hold your breath in this position for approximately 10 seconds. 

Why Practice Uddyiana Bandha?

  • To improve the functioning of heart 
  • To cure problems related to liver and constipation
  • To strengthen the abdominal muscles
  • To tone the nerves of solar plexus region

We are sure that these Yoga Asanas will definitely help you to get back in shape. Stop wasting your hard earned money in those expensive gyms and try these Yoga poses to get the toned and attractive belly. 

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