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How Colors Can Change Your Life?

Colors: something which fills our life, influence our mind, actions, behavior and ideas. Do you know that wearing the right color on the right day can help you in gaining success and fortune? Keeping these points in mind, Manjul Mishra has come up with this article on how colors can change your life.

Lucky color for each day to change your life.

Our life is full of colors and to some extent, they are associated with our mood, emotions and activities. It is interesting to know that each color is related to one or the other planet of our solar system. Similarly, each day of the week is also governed by one or more colors. Through this article, we have tried to explain you the auspicious colors for each day. 

Sunday: The Fun Day

Red is the color for SundaySunday is the beginning of every week. The color of the day is 'red' and therefore, wearing the color red on Sunday is considered auspicious. Other options for this day are orange, pink, and yellow. This day is associated with prosperity, harmony, fame and wealth. 

Ruled by: Sun

Mantra: Om hram hreem hroum sah suryaya namah

Monday: Hues To Cover The Blues 

Please Lord Moon by wearing white on MondayWhite is the color for Monday and the day is dedicated to Chandra Deva (Lord Moon). It is believed that wearing white color on Monday helps in getting blessings of the Lord. Other options for the day are light grey and silver. Monday is believed to be related with emotions, beauty, illusion, mystery and fertility of women.

Ruled by: Moon

Mantra: Om shram sreem shraum sah chandraya namah

Tuesday: Day Of The Lord Of Power

Orange and red are the shades for TuesdayOrange and red are the colors for Tuesday and Lord Hanuman is the God of this day. As the day is ruled by the planet Mars, therefore to impress this planet, wearing red colors are the best. Tuesday is the day which signifies courage, power, and rebels.

Ruled by: Mars

Mantra: Om kram kreem kroum sah bhaumaya namah

Wednesday: The Day Of Wisdom

Wear green and get your wishes fulfilled on WednesdayMercury rules the day, Wednesday and to impress the planet, go green. As per the Hindu beliefs, beginning any work on this day yields fruitful results. Wearing green on Wednesday will help you fetching the blessing of Lord Vitthal (Avtar of Lord Krishna) too. 

Ruled by: Mercury

Mantra: Om bram breem broum sah budhaya namah

Thursday: The Day Of All Yellows

Grab luck and wealth with yellow, the color for ThursdayThursday is the day to wear the color ‘yellow’. According to the beliefs, worshipping Lord Vishnu and planet Jupiter on Thursday, brings fortune and wealth. The day gives health, wealth and prosperity. 

Ruled by: Jupiter

Mantra: Om gram greem groum sah gurave namah

Friday: The Day Of Love

Celebrate Friday, the day of love, with the color blueFriday is the day for the Lord Shukra and to appease the Lord, wearing blue, sea green and white is recommended. To fetch positivity, white colored flowers should be offered to the Lord. Friday is popularly known as the day of love, romance, emotions, and birth. 

Ruled by: Venus

Mantra: Om dram dreem droum sah shukraya namah

Saturday: Day Of The God Of Judgment

Wear black or dark shades on Saturday to please Lord ShaniSaturday is governed by Shani Deva and to impress him, opt for black, dark grey, indigo and blue colors. 

Ruled by: Saturn

Mantra: Om pram preem proum sah shanaischaraya namah

We hope that this article will help you in understanding the importance and significance of colors. Wear the right color on the right day and let luck, prosperity and contentment chase you.

By Manjul Mishra

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