Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Venus Transit In Scorpio: Effects On You

On October 2, 2013 at 14:54 Venus is transiting from Libra to Scorpio. This change of Venus will affect all the zodiac signs. In astrology, Venus signifies material pleasures; say – prosperity, bliss, wealth and expenditure. As per the birth chart of Kaal Purush, the eighth house that is eighth sign indicates pain to the females. Political tension is going to rise. The market of argument will stay engaged due to a female politician or a female may cause trouble to the politicians or the government. Grains price may fall down. Inflation may settle down or the rate of speed of inflation will stay slow. 

Venus Transit In Scorpio

Let’s see how this transit of Venus in Scorpio will affect you:


This transit of Venus may not benefit you much. You may get to hear some unsatisfactory news. In this time, you need to stay patient. Loss of wealth is also possible. You need to stay alert while making investments. Also, you need to be in good relations with your partner. 


Works related to partnership will be completed. You will get support from the life partner. Unmarried people have chances to get married. Time is also beneficial for love matters. Your physical attractiveness will increase. However, some old matters may intervene. Avoid giving fuel to the old matters.


You may get the money that had been stuck long ago. However, other people may try to create obstructions in your work. Still, you will get relieved from diseases as well as enemies. Time is more beneficial for those who are working as an employee. Honor and respect will increase. However, avoid any tiff with female community.


Positivity will prevail in knowledge and wisdom. Chances of receiving sudden wealth are seen due to your wisdom. You will get the bliss of progeny. Time is good for the students under this sign. Still you need to take special care of your health. Time is also positive for love matters.


Domestic troubles will stay at bay. You will get benefit from the matters related to property and vehicle. Stuck ventures and planning will get accomplished. Instability in mind will also go away. You may add some more accessories to your home. There are chances of some new business opportunities for you. You may bring a new vehicle home.


You will get benefit from friends and brothers. Your other closed ones will also benefit you. Still, you need to keep a control over your anger. You will get benefit from travelling. Time will stay good for property as well as investment. Don’t let old issues begin with a new angle.


Happiness will prevail in domestic life. A generic change will be seen in life. Comfort will increase. Time is neutral for financial benefit as well as investment. Still you need to keep good relations with your seniors and keep a control over your speech. This will keep your workplace as well as social life pacified.


Time is good for you. Your attraction power will improve. You will get financial benefit but expenditures will also rise. Enemies will not trouble you. Comfort of vehicle as well as other comforts will increase. Love will increase with your spouse or love partner. You will get positive results in the matters related to love.


Venus’s change of sign will give you neutral results. You may travel across distant places or abroad or may get benefited by people staying at distant places. But, your expenditures may rise this time. You will have to stay in good terms will friends and relatives. Otherwise, tiffs with them are possible.


Transit of Venus is quite positive for you. You will get benefit in trade and business. Your income will also rise. Stuck money will be released. Along with this, chances of new deals are also possible. Transit is also positive for married life as well as love matters.


Transit of Venus will bring positivity in your working life. You may get busier in business. As a result, you won’t be able to give proper time to your family. Social respect will also increase. You may get benefit from bank or ruling sectors.


Time will stay positive for you. Long journeys will prove to be beneficial. If you were planning to go abroad, then this transit of Venus will prove to be beneficial for you. You may get benefit from the ancestral business. Still, avoid taking any decision in excitement. Time is also favorable for spiritual deeds.

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