Friday, September 27, 2013

Venus Transit in Sagittarius: Effects on You

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

On 30 October 2013, Venus, the significator of luxury will enter into the sign Sagittarius which is the sign of its enemy planet Jupiter. Therefore, there will be ups and downs in the market. Agriculture may be harmed to some extent. People of the country may face a few diseases but let's know the effects of this transition on your sign.

Aries: With continued efforts your income will rise. Family life will be happy and favorable. You may get promotion according to your wish. You will get honor from senior officials. Relations with parents and elders will be harmonious. In this period of time journey to distant places is possible. Your mind may divert towards spirituality.

Taurus: You will get continued support from relatives. There is possibility of sudden financial gain still your expenses need to be controlled. Avoid doing any activity which can harm your reputation. Don't let romantic thoughts disturb you. Avoid unnecessary journeys. Take care of your health.

Gemini: There would be rise in your income. Company of females would be beneficial. Your socializing nature will help you to connect with many people. Family life will be happy. You will do great in your job and business. You would be inclined towards music and fine arts but you may face minor health problems.

Cancer: You may feel tired due to excess work but things on your work front will improve. Keep a check on your expenses and take care that your relation with any female does not get affected. At this time you should avoid romantic thoughts and should take care of your health. Opponents may get strong so be careful. 

Leo: There will be increase in social honor and prosperity. Social centre will increase and you may meet old companions. You will be attracted towards towards the opposite sex. Family life will be happy. Awaited desires will be fulfilled. You will take interest is arts and music. You may get any good news through any source of communication.

Virgo: Benefits from journeys are likely. There may be increase in the number of family members. Family life will remain happy. There might be some sort of celebration in the family. Opponents won't succeed in harming you. You may get any beneficial deal. Success in efforts is assured. There will be rise in your position and honor and income will also increase. 

Libra: During this time period there will be benefits from short journeys. There will be benefits in work front too. Your contacts will increase. Everything in the family will be prosperous. You will remain excited and energetic. Your wishes will turn true as luck is in your favor. With the support of siblings and friends you will get success in your work.

Scorpio: Income will increase. You will enjoy the company of females. Fondness for delicious and costly food will increase. An auspicious event will take place in the family. You may also spend for personal commodities. You will dwell well with family members. You will handle situations very cleverly.

Sagittarius: During this time the atmosphere around you will be prosperous. With little hard work you can increase your income to a great extent. Interest in arts, music and literature is there. You will feel attracted towards females. You will feel happy and joyous. The time is also good for love and marriage.

Capricorn: Time is ordinary for financial aspects. You should be careful from enemies and opponents. You will enjoy extremely good married and love life. You will spend on comforts and luxuries. But it would be good if your control spending on materialistic things, otherwise some problems may arise. .

Aquarius: You will get happiness from family. Siblings will be helpful. Journeys will be beneficial. Relations with friends and associates from every sphere of life will be good. Though expenses will be more but also there will be earning. Awaited wishes and desires will be fulfilled. There will be success in every effort.

Pisces: There will be increase in your reputation and honor. Behavior of relatives will be good. There are possibilities of business trips. Spending on luxury items is assured. During this time you will deal successfully with unfavorable situations. You will get immense success on work front. Your relations with business associates will improve.


sunir said...

Why dont u guys mention whether this readings are based on moon signs or zodiac signs...none of your articles mentions it

Unknown said...

Sunir even I had the same question in my mind.

Unknown said...

They need to mention about the same
totally agree with u @ sunir

Unknown said...

Actually they should mention ascendant. Not the sun or moon sign.

Unknown said...

That's it... What is this forecasting about? Is it regarding Sun Sign or Moon Sign? Or is it about ascendent?

M Kishore said...

Folks, This is based on Moon sign, great good work done by this team.